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Submissive Male Story

 submissive male storyDiscovering My Submissiveness

It is always interesting to hear about submission from the submissives point of view.  I give you this submissive male story of awakening from an anonymous male.

I was always, always, always, for as long as I can remember, drawn like a magnet to dominant women. The look, the tone, the image of a dominant female simply entranced me from something like age 11.  At least that is as far back as I can recall.  However, while I was entranced always in the beginning I just thought dominant women were appealing and I had a fetish and that these were fantasies.
As time has passed I have come to know that it is much more than that.  It is much deeper than that.  I have found that women can make me “weak” – not “just” in a sexual way, though that too.  It is more than that.  A lot more.  Women can touch something in me that undoes me.  It is like I can regress to some former childlike state.  They feel bigger, stronger, more knowing and more powerful.  I have come to realize it is
not “just” fantasy. Not for me.  For the most part it has been experiences with females that showed me who I am.

Women Undo Me

From early on I began to notice that if a woman spoke to me in a certain manner it would undo me. It would “hit” me on the deepest of physical levels.  I would feel like my brain would not work. I am not sure the very first time this happened but I will share one time here.  I had been dating a woman who was a little older and to my discovery turned out to be very dominant.  She was pretty and could be warm at times but there could also be a coldness and even a cruelty to her. At times she would be warm and yet cruel at the same time.  She could say the cruelest things but she might say them in an almost friendly way.
I never really understood the idea of being “owned” or being a “pet” when I had read about these ideas but I sort of got it with her.  It was like she could tell me what to do and I had to comply.  It was not just a mental thing. It was like a physical need to respond as she wanted.  I cannot explain it fully.  Perhaps an example will help.

Nose to the Wall

One day I was in her apartment.  I was a young man at the time and had little knowledge of some D/s concepts or language.  Coming in to her apartment she said she had seen me look at another girl and was therefore angry (I had no idea what she was talking about).  She hollered at me and sort of banished me from the apartment.  Hours later I returned with my tail sort of between my legs. I rang her doorbell.  She opened it wide and in about a heartbeat she reached out and grasped me by one of my earlobes firmly.  She led me into the apartment the way a mother might lead a boy.
What surprised me was my reaction.  I sort of “froze”.  It was like I knew what she had done and was doing but I had no ability to fight or argue or defend at all. It was a wild feeling.  I had not really felt it like that before.  She must have sensed it or something.  She led me over to a wall and told me to stand with my nose to the wall. I did.  It not like I wanted to.  It was like I needed to. It was so deep the feeling and need.  I will never forget that episode as long as I live.

Doing What I Was Told

I will share another because I think the example is more worthwhile than any explanation.  While in college I traveled to see a female friend who went to another school.  I had a crush on her and had known her since high school. She was pretty and flirty and tended to be able to wrap men around her finger.  She tended to date older guys than me. However I visited I think with some hope.  I won’t belabor the story
except to say that at one point we were in her apartment and she smilingly handed me a silky half slip. She said she wanted me to try it on for her.  I blushed and felt stupid.
I knew full well she was “asking” me to do something that would embarrass and humiliate me and that she would hold over my head in the future but I had to.  It was (again) like I was frozen.  I went sort of numb and had this feeling that was more of a need.  It was like I again needed to do what I was told.  I have had a hard time explaining the depth of these feelings.  What I know is that they are real and that women can be far more powerful than me.  The power and truth of these feelings are undeniable.  I know submissiveness is far more than
He is so right about a submissive nature being far more than fantasy.  It is a state of being for many men.  You may be one of them.  If this story resonates with you, perhaps you have a submissive male story of your own that you would like to share with us.  Leave a comment.
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What a Mistress Wants

what a mistress wants

Today, Ms Lena is guest writing for my blog.  Enjoy what this Mistress has to say!

You’ve heard that popular song, “What A Girl Wants”, right? I know you have. Well, mistresses want some things too. Let me be completely honest about what I want most as a mistress. The first thing I insist on is respect. Even though I engage in distance domination with my subs, that does not mean they can do anything they desire. A mistress’ authority must be respected at all times. When I give instructions, I expect them to be complied with fully. No excuses.

The rules of D/s etiquette must be followed to the letter. I will always let my submissive know which name I choose to go by. Sometimes, I prefer Mistress, other times I like Goddess. My mood for the day can dictate this. Rest assured that I always give subs appropriate names, such as puny pecker pet or cum breath slut. One of the most important rules is that we never do anything that truly makes the other uncomfortable. Trust and communication are very important because we are playing in a very intimate manner.

The better our rapport with each other, the more fun our sessions will be. The best outcomes happen, when we have talked about our likes and dislikes , as well as expectations. Everyone is sure to be satisfied when we do.

I want to thank Miss Violet for inviting me to be a guest on her blog. This has been a wonderful departure. Check out my blog,

Mistress submissive Connection

mistress submissive connection

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Getting to Know You

In the beginning, you come to me because you like how I look, or my voice, or my writing.  You have read the “About Me” on this blog, so you know some about me, but not much.  You are completely new to me.  I am hearing your voice, and your desires for the first time.  So expect me to ask some questions.  This is imperative, so that I can give you a fabulous first session.  And I aim for nothing less.  I know that taking the time to create a true Mistress submissive connection will make all of our sessions more exciting and meaningful.

You will discover that I am a truly curious woman.  I want to know you:  your desires, your experiences, your fantasies.  This is not mere information for information’s sake.  I will use all of this to create scenarios, ideas, and in conversation with you.  Not just in your first session with me, but in every one thereafter.

Why You Are Calling Me

You are calling me because you have a need.  Perhaps you have several needs.  You are into a fetish such as cum eating, feminization, edging, or cock and ball torture.  It could be any number of specific needs.  Your needs might include someone trustworthy to talk about your secret desires and experiences with, or a dominant woman to act as your mentor for a personal or professional project.

One of the aspects of my work I enjoy tremendously is the huge variety.  You are unique.  Your desires are unique.  You bring something to me that is different and therefore intriguing to me.  You may have noted that I used to work in the field of mental health.  That work was also very interesting and varied.  But what I do now has that beat, hands down.

The Mistress submissive Connection

When you realize that you enjoy talking with me, and that we have the chemistry necessary to build the relationship upon, you are going to know that you found the Mistress you have been seeking.  I am a lifestyle dominant, with years of real life experience to pull from.  That plus my psychology background mean that I know how to get inside your head and figure out what you need, perhaps before you even realize it yourself.

Just because we are miles apart, does not mean that our Mistress submissive connection will be less than you would get in person.  Distance domination can be tremendously exciting.  I know ways to make it very real for you, so that your submissive needs are met; physically, mentally and emotionally.  Because all of those levels matter.  And make no mistake…you can be completely dominated by phone.

Forget the Stereotypes

You will get me.  The real me.  I will wear sexy clothing, but I do not spend the majority of my life in head to toe black leather, or latex.  I save that for special occasions.  *wink*

Come to me for real domination. Prepare yourself for the experience you have been looking for.

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Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Splosh Slut Idea

splosh slut idea

Miss Violet Loves Splosh

Let’s Get Messy!

That got your attention, didn’t it?  *smile*  Recently, my splosh slut, Tim, called.  He earned that nick name by taking his messy session to a whole new level, and by introducing a new idea to me.  Thank you for that, Tim!

I admit that splosh play is one of my favorite types of session.  That is where the caller willingly, joyfully even, gets very messy for me on cam.  This usually involves a lot of different foods, which is why this fetish is also known as food play, and I love that.  But this session was different.

Splosh Slut Idea

When we connected on cam, I looked for the usual array of colorful food products which I would be instructing him to put, pour, rub on his body…and sit on.  But there was nothing like that.  I was curious.  Not for long.

Tim reached out of the view of the cam and got a full can of shaving cream.  I thought it was whipped cream.  Wrong.  I had him spray it on his nipples and rub it around.  Then I told him to spray it into his underwear in the front until it bulged with the cream.  Next I had him spray it over his chest generously and rub it all around.  This got him very excited.  Tim had three vibrators with him, so I had a blast having him put one on each nipple, and one on his cock.  I moved them around from time to time.  Woohoo!

The Grand Finale

Over the years, I have learned that I get immense pleasure from seeing a submissive man sit on a fancy iced cake, or a fruit pie.  So I instructed Tim to spray a bunch of shaving cream into the back of his underwear.  I made him show me as he did it, so I could see when he had a huge amount of it back there.  Between each application, I guided him through some guided masturbation, keeping that messy cock very hard.

I could sense him trembling with anticipation;wanting the same conclusion that I longed to see.  So I said, “Now sit down hard, Tim”.  He did.  I could hear the splat of the shaving cream, see it shoot out the sides between his ass and the seat of the chair.  He moaned with satisfaction, and came shortly after.  For you, this might be a really enjoyable form of erotic humiliation.

The Best Part

Most splosh play involves lengthy clean up afterward.  All Tim had to do was walk into his shower stall, and wash off the shaving cream.  There was a minimal amount on the floor or elsewhere.  I knew I needed to tell you about this idea, because you can indulge in this version of splosh even if you have less than an hour to play and clean up.  I trust this splosh slut idea will inspire you for our next session together!

Tim is a smart little splosh fan.  I am really glad he introduced me to his way of indulging in this fun, erotic fetish.

What is your favorite way to do splosh?  Do you have splosh slut ideas to share?

Small Penis Pride

small penis pride

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

It is all in the Balance

What balance, you ask?  The balance between being absolutely humiliated about the minute size of your penis, and loving to show it off to any women who will give it a glance.  Do not lie to me.  You know you love doing that!  Humiliated and excited is the state to aim for.

There is one pygmy peepee that fits this description perfectly.  He is known by many affectionate names by the Mistresses here.  I call him “nubbin”, amongst other terms.  *laughing*  Last night, when he was showing off his disturbingly small growth on cam, I had to be honest and let him know that it looked like a dried fig had been glued to his pubic patch.  He really liked that one.

Start With Small Penis Pride

I hope that you, like nubbin, have learned to accept your undersized dick.  Even better, I like to think that you have found a way to embrace your fate and make it work for you.  Sure…you cannot please a woman with that Pez dispenser.  So, you become amazing with your tongue.  All is not lost.

No doubt women have looked at your baby gherkin and looked shocked, gasped, giggled, or outright laughed.  Over time, instead of having that be complete humiliation for you, it also turns you on.  I get how that works.  So let’s put that to work in your favor.


small penis pride

Peenies on Parade

As an example, “nubbin” recently went to Munich where there are multiple public parks where you can strip down, and get some sun with no clothes on.  I asked if he joined in.  “Yes!”, he replied, with such joy and a hint of shyness in his voice.  Actually, nubbin stripped down, and strutted his small penis all over the park.

Did people notice?  Oh yes.  Did they stare?  Of course!  Did women laugh?  Absolutely.  So did some of the men.  He reports that many people were incredulous about the tiny size of a full grown man’s member.  They did not realize cocks could be that small.  But this was not quite enough small penis pride exposure for nubbin.  This is a guy who has a whole song about his peenie that we Mistresses have written lyrics to.

Next Adventure

Little nubbin went to a club in the UK where everyone is naked.  He and two women were sitting in a communal bath.  Somehow the topic of his small cock came up.  They asked “How small is it?”  He stood up so they could get a better look.  Trouble is that his shriveled button mushroom was lost in the forest of pubic hair.  They immediately understood just how small he is.

He reports that it was highly exciting and so humiliating to show his tiny dicklet off to these attractive women.  Yet, he continues to find opportunities to do so.  Clearly he likes it.  I believe you can grow to enjoy it too.  Just face it; you will never be a porn star.  You will likely never give a woman an orgasm with what you are packing…or not packing.  But there are other options for you.

Time to Confess

What have you done to bring attention and humiliation to your Vienna sausage?  I love hearing your small penis pride stories.  You never know who you will inspire.

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