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Intimate Secrets About Miss Violet

Intimate secrets about Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

You Want to Know

You ask me all sorts of questions about my intimate secrets.  When you ask me one intimate question, I know that there are many others bubbling around in your mind.  You want to ask them, but do not want to offend me.

This is your opportunity to learn more about me.  I will be revealing information I have never written about in my blogs.  Most of this information is in response to your questions.

Close To My Body

My favorite style of panty is a French cut bikini.  I like how the high cut of the sides further lengthens my already long legs.  Plus I find they are very comfortable and look sexy.  I have this style of panty is many fabrics and colors.  My favorites are silk or stretch lace.  I am a fan of highly feminine lingerie, including my panties.

When it comes to bras, I do not have a favorite style.  I choose my bra based on what I am wearing that day.  If my top or dress is low cut, I will wear an underwire, demi cup bra.  They push my breasts up nicely so they form two tempting mounds above the neckline of my top.  If I am planning an active day, I will wear a cute sports bra in a pretty color.  With sports bras, I like them to zip up the front.  My collection of bras is highly varied.  That drawer is like a cornucopia of bra delights.

Intimate Secrets

My scent of choice is Poeme by Lancome.  It is soft, sensual and unique.  That is the perfume I wear most often.  I find that layering my scent helps it last longer.  So I start with Poeme body lotion, then the powder, lastly a spray of the perfume on my stomach, and a touch of perfumed lotion on my arms.  I walk in a gentle mist of enticing scent.  Heads do turn.

This American Mistress is a girly girl Mistress I am, I have a fondness for glitter and sparkle.  That is why I always have a dangling faceted gem hanging from my navel piercing.  You could also see me with glittery blush, eyeshadow and definitely lipgloss!  Confession time…I have glittery hair spray, and glitter body lotion too.  My toenails generally sport a lovely color with matching glitter coat over it.

What You Really Want to Know

I am not completely shaved.  To me, that is a look only appropriate for prepubescents.  Since I am a grown woman, I do have some pubic hair.  I keep it trimmed and clipped.  For years, I had a landing pad.  Recently, on a lark, I got a professional waxing and now I sport a heart shaped patch.  So pretty!

No matter how many of your questions I answer, there are always more.  This is your opportunity, outside of a session, to ask me.  I will respond and if please me with the manner you ask…I will probably answer your question right here on this blog.  Pleasing your Mistress is huge!

Everyone has dirty little secrets.  Some of mine are dirtier than others.  Now you know some of my intimate secrets.  There are more.  Watch for Part II to this post.

Sensual phone domination with MissViolet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

How You Become Feminized

Talk about how you become feminized with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Gradual or Poof!

First of all, you, like every sissy, have your own fantasy of how you become feminized.  Some see it as a process that Mistress leads them through gradually.  Others envision a magical transformation with instant results.

Let’s you and I look at some of the options for complete feminization.  Perhaps you shall walk away with some new ideas or twists to your own femme fantasy.

The Gradual Option

If this is how you prefer to imagine yourself being feminized, here are some details to consider:

  • Whose idea is it to transform you?
  • Are you willing or reluctant?
  • Do you stay apprised of each step, or are you surprised by Mistress?
  • Does your behavior incur sissy punishment?
  • What is the punishment that works best for you?
  • How does Mistress motivate you to go all-in, and keep you that way?
  • What is your end game?

Thinking about details such as these allow you to flesh out your own feminization fantasy.  Therefore this adds depth to the story and makes it feel more real.

Going With Magic

If you have decided that a magical transformation is your desire, consider these details:

  • What is the instrument of magic which transforms you?
  • Is it done as a reward or a punishment?
  • Are you terrified or excited?
  • Does it happen in small steps or one big wave of a wand?
  • What happens to you as the magic begins to work?
  • What do you want to happen after you are all girly?

Again, the more detail you weave into your personal feminization process, the more fun it is.  As a result, knowing these details ahead of time can help Mistress create an even more vivid, thrilling role-play for you to explore together.

Audios to Inspire You

I have made quite a few feminization transformation audios over the years.  Here are some I think you will really enjoy:

Magical Overnight Breasts

Click, Click Whirl…Now You’re a Girl

Clearly I am into magical transformation.  *smile*  With a creative mind like mine, this type of feminization allows for such fertile exploration.

How You Become Feminized

Tell me about your fantasy of becoming feminized.  I love hearing your ultimate fantasy and what you dream of looking like.

Therefore, let’s dish, gurlz!

The Reality of Being Owned

Discover the reality of being owned with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

The Fantasies

You may be one of the callers who has told me how badly you want to be owned.  Perhaps you have fantasies of how that would play out.  Often I hear things like, “I want to be put in shackles, and left in a basement on a mattress on a concrete floor, behind bars”, or, “I want to be kept in a cage and barely fed”.

Other fantasies of being owned are, “I want to be taken away from my life and my job and kept as a sex slave; having to service my Mistress morning and night”, or “I want to be kept naked in the house 24/7.  The only time I would see anyone other than my Mistress is when she has a party for her Mistress friends and I have to service all of them.”

Wake Up

The problem with all of the scenarios above is that they are completely centered around the desires of the slave/sub/sissy.  What about what the Mistress desires?

When you go into service for a Mistress in person, it is all about what Mistress desires.  She will be seeking a slave/sub/sissy who best meets her needs.  Not the other way around.

There is the fantasy…and there is reality.  Let me tell you more about the reality.

The Reality of Being Owned

Most Mistresses are looking for someone to be a service slave/sub/sissy.  That means cleaning, cooking, yard work, grocery shopping, cooking, massage, serving Mistress and her friends at a party.  Why?  Because this type of service is of great assistance to the Mistress.  So if you really want to be owned, bone up on these skills.  You will become much more valuable in the eyes of Mistresses.

You can find a Mistress or Master who will treat you roughly, barely meet your basic needs, and even dole out punishment on a regular basis.  They are out there, so if that is your desire, make it clear and do not settle for something else.  The situation will not work out for either of you otherwise.

A Huge Reality

Not only will the vast majority of Dominants expect you to have a job; they will expect you to contribute your salary to the running of her/his household.  You read that correctly.  Your income will contribute to her/his lifestyle.  That is a given.  Being a slave/sub/sissy is not a free ride financially.  Again, this is about serving a Mistress/Master in person; not phone domination.

There are a few Dominants out there who are super wealthy and will support their slave/sub/sissy.  Be aware that they are seeking the most perfect physical specimens to own.  Not only superb physically, but intelligent, talented, and truly submissive by nature.  If you have all of those attributes, then you could be one of the lucky few who do get to leave work behind and focus on service.

Reality in Distance Domination

The most important thing is that you are owned by a legitimate Mistress.  Not someone who likes to act bossy and is likely narcissistic.  But a woman who is dominant by nature, intelligent enough to keep your attention, and knows how to delve into the deepest recesses of your brain.  That can be done by phone as easily as in person.

When you think about it, distance domination can provide many slaves/subs/sissies with the precise situation they need.  They get to live their fantasy completely, play in a very safe manner since you are not meeting with someone in person, and experience it when you wish.

The theater of the mind allows you to go wild and let your fetishes run free.  Then you segue back into your regular life.  It is all good.  You can be completely dominated by phone.

I trust that explaining what is fantasy and what is reality will help you decide what type of situation you really want.  At the very least, help you decide what you really want to experience and what you prefer to keep in fantasy.

Spill It

Now it is time for you to leave a comment about your fantasy slave/sub/sissy situation.  I would love to hear about how you discovered a reality of being owned.  Always curious!

Sensual phone domination with MissViolet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975


What Makes a Female Superior?

Find out what makes a female superior with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet

Into Female Superiority

Since you call this service, there is a good chance that you are into female superiority to some degree.  As a lifestyle Mistress, I am familiar with many of the reasons and fantasies behind this fetish.  Today it crossed my mind that the reasons you like the idea of what makes a female superior are likely quite different than the next fan’s.

Start With the Physical

Because I am six feet tall, I know how important it can be for the superior female to physically loom  over you.  You enjoy me literally looking down on you, having your eyes at the level of my breasts, and feeling so small.

That leads to thoughts of being physically overpowered by your superior female.  It can mean being pinned down, thrown over my shoulder, or even carried.  You like knowing that I am strong and can make you do what I want you to do.

Then to the Presence

The attitude of a superior female is critical.  I look forward to hearing your comments on this.  How she holds herself, her evident self confidence, her commanding voice, and imperious tone.  All of these aspects make her a sight to gaze upon in awe.

It just would not do to have her open her mouth and sound like a cartoon character, giggle like a goofball, or generate a sense of lack of self esteem.  Hard to look up to that!

What is it for You?

Men are the weaker sex.  Ask any superior female.  Many men have approached me as if they were the predator.  I taught him a lesson.

I am eager to hear from you on this topic.  What first captures your attention about a superior female?  What are the qualities that you seek out?  Think about your ultimate superior female and tell me what it is about her that you adore.

Being with a superior female can be the core of an amazing sexy role play.  Consider it for yourself.


Sensual phone domination with MissViolet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975


How Small is Your Cock?

Everything is Relative

That is definitely true when it comes to cocks.  I have had men describe their cock as “small”, just to find out that it is 8 inches long later.  Conversely, I have had men with a gherkin in their pants brag to me about their sexual conquests.  Puh-leeze!  So how small is your cock?

It is can be difficult to come right out and give the dimensions.  I get it.  That is why I offer up objects for you to compare it to.  Such as, is it shorter than your thumb?  Is it thinner than a highlighter?  *laughing*  The answers I have received to these kinds of questions have been highly amusing.  Seeing them on cam…even better!

Condoms For the Undersized

One of my clients, who adores showing off his nearly inverted dicklet, its misshapen form, and hearing Mistresses laugh at it has really opened my eyes to the plight of the micro dick.  Let’s call this person tiny peepee.  Just writing that gets me laughing again.

Tiny peepee told me that he could not use condoms.  I was prepared to scoff at this often heard remark.  He assured me that he wanted to, but could not get them to stay on his teenie peenie.  They literally dropped right off.  Seriously!  This is the stuff that makes small cock phone humiliation such a joy!

Miss Violet enjoys SPH 800-601-6975

Do the Math

What does math have to do with a tiny cock?  It is quite simple, as another called pencil dick, pointed out.  After a life time of wistfully gazing at real man dicks, and comparing his own worthless flopping flesh, he had an epiphany.  It happened when he had the opportunity to hold his tiny dick next to a 10 inch, thick woman pleaser.

He realized that a big, thick cock is actually five times bigger than his.  How did he come to that conclusion?  Apparently a lot of study and thinking.  But he said that taking the length and girth into account, a real man cock was five times bigger than his own.  Is that true for you?  How deliciously mortifying!

Stop Being Selfish

You have a chiclet dick.  Deal with it.  Might as well put it to good use, such as entertaining Mistress Violet.  My friends like to join the fun and taunt too.

Whether you like to be viewed and called names, laughed at by a group of lovely Mistresses, or told how cute your little button mushroom is, I really get into that.  I also enjoy sensual small penis humiliation.  So man up and show me your baby carrot on Skype.  Stroke the little guy for me.  Miss Violet likes to watch. *wink*

Want to really amuse me?  Put a little hat on it.  Glue some googly eyes on the side; or paint it a unique color.  I am getting excited just thinking about the possibilities.  Find out if you are excited by small penis humiliation.

Sensual phone domination with MissViolet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975


Giving You What You Need

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

You Need it Bad

I get it.  You have specific needs…desires.  That is what led you to find me in the first place.  You want to have a great first call, so you think to visit my “About Me” page and find out what types of calls I enjoy; . . . → Read More: Giving You What You Need

The Spiritual Side of BDSM

Miss Violet800-601-6975

My Natural Instinct

The first time I dominated a male, I was such a novice and rather nervous.  All of my attention was focused on covering that up, and on what I was doing with him.  But after that, I noticed that BDSM had a very spiritual feel to it.  My . . . → Read More: The Spiritual Side of BDSM

The Effects of Spanking

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Mid Spanking Moment

I love spanking.  The effects of spanking have been reassuringly predictable over the years.  Usually when I have someone over my lap, pants pulled down to their ankles, and tush on display, their penis gets incredibly hard.  I know this because it is poking down between my . . . → Read More: The Effects of Spanking

Masturbating More

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

You Want to be a Better Masturbator

We have a new website called  If you are new to affirmations, they are statements that you want to be true, but are not yet true for you.  Generally these affirmations are said to achieve a personal goal.

Knowing how much you . . . → Read More: Masturbating More

Mistress Gratitude

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

You Are a Gift to Me

This is more than simply a way to make money.  And you are more than just a client.  You really are a gift to me.

You light up my life, you show me true submission and devotion, you add laughter to my days and . . . → Read More: Mistress Gratitude