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Public Teasing

Call Miss Violet for public teasing phone sex 800-601-6975

Miss Violet Loves Public Teasing 800-601-6975

Calling Out Your Inner Exhibitionist

You and I have a lot of fun with me teasing you till you beg for a release, or until I say “We’re done.  Goodnight.”  Oh no!  I want you to consider taking the fun public.  In a safe way, of course.

I will not ask you to get naked in public, or jack off in your car going down the freeway.  Egads no!  People get arrested doing things like that.  What I am talking about is something more discreet, but nevertheless highly exciting cock teasing.

Let’s Get Creative with Public Teasing

We can share a realistic erotic roleplay together, or be on the phone together while you are actually in a public place.  As long as you are playing safe, I’m in!

Here are some settings to consider:

  • Restaurant (with tablecloths)
  • A train
  • A park bench
  • In your hotel room, curtains open
  • Movie theater
  • Park at night
  • Restroom
  • Teasing on a Jet Plane

I cannot wait to hear your naughty ideas for a public teasing call.  Knowing how sensual and seductive I am, and the effect my dulcet toned voice has on you…just imagine what all of that in a public setting will do to you.

Prepare For a Thrilling Adventure

You can experience my soft feet and silky legs caressing your legs under a tablecloth in a crowded restaurant.  Another idea is me guiding your stroking and edging while you have your cock out in the night air, a refreshing breeze blowing, voices in the distance…just you and I under the cover of darkness.

Perhaps your particular thrill will be me stroking your cock through your pants, with a newspaper over your lap, as the train races through the city.  Lights, people, and building going by in a blur, as we rocket onward…you getting closer to the edge by the moment.  Public teasing at high speed!

Looking to Get Arrested?

If that is the case, I am definitely not the Mistress for you.  I have no interest in hearing you get hauled off to jail for some naughty fun.  I like to keep things on the safe side, so you have a great time, and are around to have more later.  So don’t get crazy and ask me to tell you to streak through the mall on a Saturday afternoon.  Not going to happen.

What I would love is to hear your ideas, your desires, and find a way to make that fantasy come true.  Let’s take the teasing public and have some incredible pulse racing fun together!

Call Miss Violet for sensual phone sex 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975


Giving a Sexy Blow Job

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Giving A Sexy Blow Job

When I was thinking about writing this guest post for Ms. Violet’s blog, I wondered what the topic should be. I had been watching cock sucking porn, so of course my mind went right to blow jobs. I love sucking cock, so I want to talk to you about it! Maybe you want to try, or maybe this story will make you feel like a voyeur!

You’ve heard how much I love to tease and suck cock from me before over on my Beg for Mistress Blog. Sometimes I share my husband, Jack, too! Some have even done calls with both of us, and  know firsthand!  I like to tease it, I like to edge it.  Sometimes I lock it up for a while, just for some fun!  One of the things I love though, is giving Jack a blow job!

DCP_3844 - CopyA Delicate Balance

Even when I suck that beautiful cock, the cock tease in me just has to come out!  I love sucking on that dick so much, that I want to make it last as long as possible.  It’s a delicate balance, and I have to fully concentrate.  I know many dominant wives who Queen their submissive husbands while they’re blowing them, but it’s rare when I do that.  He has such an amazing tongue that I would quickly lose all concentration and he’d get off much too soon.  Of course, as you all know, we now have a pretty fun ruined orgasm game I can play when I want to do that!

A Teasing Blowjob

I start just by stroking and making sure he’s completely hard, then I kiss up and down his shaft and all over his head, before I take him in my mouth.  Sometimes he tries to thrust into my mouth, to get more stimulation…and I just move away.  If he squirms, I squeeze his tight balls.  After a few hours of this, he might actually start to get a bit soft, and I just pop that cock head out of my mouth, and lick gently, and he’s hard as a rock again.  Actually, I do that licking part quite a bit…because his pre-cum tastes so good!  Sometimes, I don’t even let him cum…that pre-cum is just what I need!

Need More?

First a huge THANK YOU to Ms. Violet for having me do this guest post. Second, if you want more of me, check out my blog. Play sexy!

Mistress Delia


Free Audio With May Calls

get a free sexy audio from Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Get a FREE audio from Miss Violet 800-601-6975

The Temperature’s Rising

It is only mid May and already things have heated up.  What I am about to tell you is going to raise that heat even further.  As you know, we are thigh deep into Masturbation May right now.  I decided to make things even more exciting by offering you a special reward.

Through midnight PT on May 31st, 2016…when you call me (or have a text session) for 30 minutes, or longer, you get my special edition FREE audio.  The title is “Silky Satin Masturbation”.  It is nearly 10 minutes in length and is very sensual.  It involves you, your cock (or clitty), and a few pairs of sensuous feeling panties.  So this audio will be exciting!  Check out my Audios page on this blog to get an idea of how sexy my audios are.

Putting A Smile on Your Face

I love making you happy.  That happens in session.  I like to keep that smile going by responding to your emails with a personalized, thoughtful email from me to you.  You are special to me and I want to be sure you know that.

You, as my caller, deserve rewards.  I like to surprise you with fun little thank yous, such as this special edition audio now and then.  You are reading this post now, so you have over two weeks left to earn it.

What To Do

What we do in session is mostly up to you.  Tell me your desires.  Let me know your limits.  I will take it from there if you enjoy being dominated.  If not, there are plenty of other sexy activities we can share together in session.  Guided masturbation can be strict or purely sensual and fun.  Body worship is another joyous pleasure we can explore.  I adore having my feet, legs, ass and breasts get lots of your attention.

We can role play your fantasy, talk about your erotic experiences and desires.  I can slip a pair of pretty panties on you and introduce you to the pleasures of panty boy fun.  Or we can explore your cross dressing and sissy desires.  So many wonderfully erotic pleasures!

How To Get the Audio

After your session of 30 minutes, or more, is complete, email me so I know how to reach you.  Let me know that you are ready to receive your special edition sexy audio.

I will email it to you within 24 hours of your completed session.  You can save it so you can listen again and again.  Pleasure as intense as that deserves to be enjoyed multiple times.

The clock is ticking.  18 days left to earn this limited offer sensual masturbation free audio.  Go!

Call Miss Violet for sensual phone sex 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Growing Sissy Breasts

Call Miss Violet for feminization phone sex 800-601-6975

Miss Violet Gives you Sissy Breasts 800-601-6975

At the end of this post, listen to a sample of my new feminization audio!

You Dream of It

You have dreamed of growing real breasts.  Not boy buds, but actual womanly, soft, enticing breasts.  You may have even had dreams so vivid that you wake up startled to discover that you still have a flat chest.

Eventually the dreaming is not enough and you go on to create some breasts, as best you can.

Fake Breasts

Your sissy dress is not filled out properly without breasts.  So you go bra shopping, you put breast forms in the cups, you put it on under your frilly dress and admire yourself in the mirror.  This illusion works well as long as you dressed.

What you need to do is call me so we can role play a situation where you magically grow real sissy breasts.  I can sprinkle a little fairy dust on your chest, wave my magic wand, or say a spell to change your flat chest into voluptuous breasts.  Once that happens, you are going to need a new bra.

New Feminization Audio

I created a new feminization audio about this very experience.  It is called “Rest, Rest, Rest.  Now You Have a Breast”.  You will soon find the full length audio for purchase in the Enchantrix Audio Store.

You can pay to download it and listen over and over.  This new audio is a Guided Meditation audio.  It has exquisite relaxing music in the background, and my soothing voice taking you down, down, down into the experience of magically growing real sissy breasts.  Then I take you through the experience of touching them, seeing them, and having breasts.  This is an audio you will want to have for your feminization breast worship collection.

To listen to the sample of my new audio, click the far left end of the bar below and turn up your speakers:

Enjoy darlings!

Miss Violet


Call Miss Violet for sensual phone sex 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Masturbation Games

masturbation games with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Masturbation Games with Miss Violet               800-601-6975

Big News!

Today is National Tourism Day.  Why should you find that exciting?  Because it falls within Masturbation May and I am going to help you celebrate stroker style.

You are going to need a few items for this blow out event:

  • A cream filled donut (an American classic)
  • A cup of orange juice  (to represent Florida)
  • Mashed potatoes (warm) (because Idaho is a great state)
  • Two cups of Ambrosia, a classic Southern dish (look for it in the deli section of your grocery store)
  • One mashed avocado (you just covered Arizona and California)
  • A large piece of warm deep dish pizza (can’t forget about Chicago)

What Next?

Have all of these items within reach.  Start with the mashed avocado.  You are going to use this marvelous green paste as lube.  So get it on your hand and start stroking.  Avocado is very good for your skin.  Your cock will thank you.

Next, grab the donut.  You are going to thrust your hardened man meat into the small opening used to fill the donut.  It is very small and will feel marvelous as you slowly push your eager member inside the gooey, welcoming interior.  Close your eyes and stroke until you are on the edge.  Stop.  Calm down a bit.  Stroke to the edge again.  The donut may not survive this, but it’s worth it.

On to Florida

Stick your cream covered dick into the cup of orange juice and swish it around.  It will feel refreshing and get you cleaned up a bit for the next round.  Keep this juice because you will be visiting “Florida” again.

Now push your cock into the warm mashed potatoes.  It will have a slight bit of resistance, teasing your dick to even greater hardness.  You love Idaho.  Idaho excites you.  Enter and exit Idaho over and over, until you are on the edge.  Pull out, calm down, then visit Idaho again until you are on the edge yet again.  Oooh!

You Are a Jet Setter

It is time to hop on down to “Florida” again.  Dip your cock into the orange juice, swish it around, and get it all clean.  Well, relatively clean.  You have been a busy tourist today.

I know you have been eyeing that warm piece of deep dish pizza.  It is calling your cock.  Go there.  Go to “Chicago”.  Your cock wants to have “Chicago” wrapped around it so badly.  Pick up the pizza, put it flat underneath your cock.  Wrap the edges up around your cock, so you are tucked inside.  Put both hands around that piece of pizza to keep it around you as you use it as a gooey stroking tube.  You are allowed to cum this time.  Finally!

Your Trip Has Ended

You had a grand adventure today.  Popping here and there, at points all over the country.  It was a blast, but you can do it again.  I adore having you use food to masturbate.  It adds texture, excitement, novelty and naughtiness to the average stroking.

If you enjoyed this, come visit me and let’s spend some time with my sexy voice guiding you through your own personal stroking adventure.

The trip has ended, but Masturbation May continues.  Visit Ms Marlena’s blog tomorrow, when she will be enthralling you with another sexy masturbation idea.

Call Miss Violet for sensual phone sex 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975


What Does Devotion Look Like?

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Perhaps You Wonder

You may be curious about devotion, in relation to your Mistress.  What does devotion mean?  The definition of the word is:

a feeling of strong love or loyalty : the quality of being devoted

the use of time, money, energy, etc., for a particular purpose

. . . → Read More: What Does Devotion Look Like?

Being Submissive May Surprise You

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Dominant in Life

Men like you, who are dominant at work, and in life, often need some to experience being submissive the most.  You are in charge all day long.  People come to you for answers, decisions.  You thrive on it, but it is stressful.

No doubt you work out . . . → Read More: Being Submissive May Surprise You

Miss Violet is Back

Miss Violet 800-601-6975


So Good to Be Home

After taking calls here most days for over six years, it felt very strange to be gone for nearly two months.  I had some great things come into my life.  They required my attention.  Now that things are settled down, I can get back . . . → Read More: Miss Violet is Back

Two Mistress Call for the Price of One

Call Miss Violet and Another Sexy Mistress

The Fun Continues

This month is the 13th anniversary of LDW.  Headmistress Ally has been coming up with more  ways for you to celebrate in the sexiest way possible.

Her latest promotion is “Double the Sexy”.  This coming, Tuesday, November 17th 2015, when you set up . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Call for the Price of One

FREE 10 Minute Calls Today!

Going on now!




To kick off a month long celebration of LDW’s 13th anniversary, we are featuring everyone’s favorite promotion – Free Calls Day!  On Monday, November 2nd 2015- Free Calls Day, everyone gets a free call.  And we mean everyone!  As long as you are 18+, you get a . . . → Read More: FREE 10 Minute Calls Today!