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What Makes a Female Superior?

Find out what makes a female superior with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet

Into Female Superiority

Since you call this service, there is a good chance that you are into female superiority to some degree.  As a lifestyle Mistress, I am familiar with many of the reasons and fantasies behind this fetish.  Today it crossed my mind that the reasons you like the idea of what makes a female superior are likely quite different than the next fan’s.

Start With the Physical

Because I am six feet tall, I know how important it can be for the superior female to physically loom  over you.  You enjoy me literally looking down on you, having your eyes at the level of my breasts, and feeling so small.

That leads to thoughts of being physically overpowered by your superior female.  It can mean being pinned down, thrown over my shoulder, or even carried.  You like knowing that I am strong and can make you do what I want you to do.

Then to the Presence

The attitude of a superior female is critical.  I look forward to hearing your comments on this.  How she holds herself, her evident self confidence, her commanding voice, and imperious tone.  All of these aspects make her a sight to gaze upon in awe.

It just would not do to have her open her mouth and sound like a cartoon character, giggle like a goofball, or generate a sense of lack of self esteem.  Hard to look up to that!

What is it for You?

Men are the weaker sex.  Ask any superior female.  Many men have approached me as if they were the predator.  I taught him a lesson.

I am eager to hear from you on this topic.  What first captures your attention about a superior female?  What are the qualities that you seek out?  Think about your ultimate superior female and tell me what it is about her that you adore.

Being with a superior female can be the core of an amazing sexy role play.  Consider it for yourself.


Sensual phone domination with MissViolet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975


How Small is Your Cock?

Everything is Relative

That is definitely true when it comes to cocks.  I have had men describe their cock as “small”, just to find out that it is 8 inches long later.  Conversely, I have had men with a gherkin in their pants brag to me about their sexual conquests.  Puh-leeze!  So how small is your cock?

It is can be difficult to come right out and give the dimensions.  I get it.  That is why I offer up objects for you to compare it to.  Such as, is it shorter than your thumb?  Is it thinner than a highlighter?  *laughing*  The answers I have received to these kinds of questions have been highly amusing.  Seeing them on cam…even better!

Condoms For the Undersized

One of my clients, who adores showing off his nearly inverted dicklet, its misshapen form, and hearing Mistresses laugh at it has really opened my eyes to the plight of the micro dick.  Let’s call this person tiny peepee.  Just writing that gets me laughing again.

Tiny peepee told me that he could not use condoms.  I was prepared to scoff at this often heard remark.  He assured me that he wanted to, but could not get them to stay on his teenie peenie.  They literally dropped right off.  Seriously!  This is the stuff that makes small cock phone humiliation such a joy!

Miss Violet enjoys SPH 800-601-6975

Do the Math

What does math have to do with a tiny cock?  It is quite simple, as another called pencil dick, pointed out.  After a life time of wistfully gazing at real man dicks, and comparing his own worthless flopping flesh, he had an epiphany.  It happened when he had the opportunity to hold his tiny dick next to a 10 inch, thick woman pleaser.

He realized that a big, thick cock is actually five times bigger than his.  How did he come to that conclusion?  Apparently a lot of study and thinking.  But he said that taking the length and girth into account, a real man cock was five times bigger than his own.  Is that true for you?  How deliciously mortifying!

Stop Being Selfish

You have a chiclet dick.  Deal with it.  Might as well put it to good use, such as entertaining Mistress Violet.  My friends like to join the fun and taunt too.

Whether you like to be viewed and called names, laughed at by a group of lovely Mistresses, or told how cute your little button mushroom is, I really get into that.  I also enjoy sensual small penis humiliation.  So man up and show me your baby carrot on Skype.  Stroke the little guy for me.  Miss Violet likes to watch. *wink*

Want to really amuse me?  Put a little hat on it.  Glue some googly eyes on the side; or paint it a unique color.  I am getting excited just thinking about the possibilities.  Find out if you are excited by small penis humiliation.

Sensual phone domination with MissViolet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975


Giving You What You Need

giving you what you need miss violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

You Need it Bad

I get it.  You have specific needs…desires.  That is what led you to find me in the first place.  You want to have a great first call, so you think to visit my “About Me” page and find out what types of calls I enjoy; and what types of calls are a no-go with me.  Smart!

You will find that while I welcome a wide variety of fun fetishes and role plays, I do have some limits.  What are limits?  Keep reading.  Every healthy person has limits.  What you may not have considered is asking me if I can come up with a creative way to work with your desires while maintaining my boundaries.  Most of the time, the answer is “yes”.

Giving You What You Need

One thing I am known for is giving exceptional customer service.  You are my customer.  It is my desire to fulfill your needs, flesh out your fantasies, and blow your mind with the results.  That kind of experience is worth the exchange of a few emails.

Run your desires past me.  I will give it some thought and if I can come up with a way to fill your needs, I will let you know.  You may find that the result surprisingly is even more hot than what you had been doing before.  Sharing your desires with your phone sex Mistress is the best way to begin the relationship.

Consider This

Let’s say that you enjoy a beautiful woman sucking your cock.  Understandable.  However, being a dominant woman, I am not into cock sucking at all.  However…bear with me…I can create a smoking hot role play where I bring in a few of my sexy submissive female friends.  I direct them to suck your cock in ways that will have your head spinning.

Perhaps you long to perform pussy worship.  Again, that is not something I will allow you to do to me in session.  But…I love to be close at hand and direct you in how you worship the heart of another woman’s femininity.  Absolutely!  It is hot and I get into it.  I have mentioned it before, but I will underscore how much of a voyeur I am.  And, I am a natural director.  Do you suppose that has something to do with being a natural Domme?

No Promises

I cannot promise that I will be able to find a way to satisfy every desire you have.  But with my strong mission to give you a top notch quality session and attempt to break any previous records for how hard you came, it is worth chatting with me a bit to find out.

Read my reviews to find out what others say about me and sessions with me.  I am worth going to some effort to find a way for your desires and my limits to mesh.  Mmmm…meshing can be so very sexy.

Sensual phone domination with MissViolet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975


The Spiritual Side of BDSM

The spiritual side of BDSM with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet

My Natural Instinct

The first time I dominated a male, I was such a novice and rather nervous.  All of my attention was focused on covering that up, and on what I was doing with him.  But after that, I noticed that BDSM had a very spiritual feel to it.  My natural instinct was to embrace this as the core essence of the BDSM experience.

When I mentioned this to the other Mistresses and Masters at the club I belonged to a few years later, all but one looked at me like I suddenly went mental.  They had no idea what I was talking about.  The one person who did was a fabulous woman who had been a lifestyle Mistress for over 30 years.  We launched into a deep discussion on the topic of the spiritual side of BDSM.  I am still very passionate about this subject.

Avoid Preconceived Notions

In far too many movies, and just about all porn, BDSM is depicted as an emotionless, violent interaction.  It is rare to see a loving, caring moment by the Dominant for their submissive.  I believe this has led to most people viewing BDSM as something dark and scary.  Perhaps my innate ability to avoid preconceived notions is what allowed me to see the truth.

A genuine BDSM relationship is deeply caring or loving.  There is mutual respect, and abundant importance on trust.  There must be trust in order for the submissive to feel safe about allowing a person to have total control and access to them.  Like other types of relationships, first there is an attraction.  The difference is that the sexual interaction tends to begin very early in the relationship.

In the Midst of a BDSM Scene

When you are the submissive and in a scene with your Mistress/Master, you can expect that your pre session negotiations limits will be honored throughout the session.  They may be pushed a little bit, but never overrun.

Between experiencing erotic pain such as spanking, flogging, caning, whipping, or clamps, there will be welcome moments of tenderness.  Your Mistress will caress you, kiss you deeply, whisper words of caring, praise and encouragement, and fondle you most pleasurably.  This will be followed by another interlude of pain.  Each cycle taking you higher and higher into sub space, that place where you are floating in bliss with your Mistress by your side.

The Spiritual Side of BDSM

I do realize that this type of BDSM is not for everyone.  There are those who only enjoy harsh treatment, rough experiences, and pure humiliation with no respite.  But a more spiritual interaction is my strong preference.  That is true whether you prefer sensual, strict, or a mix of both.  Any style of Domination can involve this spiritual core.

If you have never experienced this, it may be that you have not tried forming a relationship with one Mistress and allowing it to flourish fully.  Perhaps you have not yet found the right Mistress for you.  I suggest that you do give this element of BDSM a try so that you can experience the highest intensity that a Mistress and submissive can share.  The epitome of a relationship.

Have you had the pleasure of experiencing this already?  What did you enjoy about it?

Sensual phone domination with MissViolet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

The Effects of Spanking

Effects of Spanking with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Mid Spanking Moment

I love spanking.  The effects of spanking have been reassuringly predictable over the years.  Usually when I have someone over my lap, pants pulled down to their ankles, and tush on display, their penis gets incredibly hard.  I know this because it is poking down between my thighs.  I clamp my thighs around it, to both tease them and to remind them further of exactly who is in charge.

Recently I was spanking someone who told me that though they were very excited, their penis was not hard.  Here are the words they said, “Well…a brat’s stiffy is iffy”.  Of course I burst into laughter.  I had to take a few moments to gather myself to continue reddening his bottom.  Later I gave this episode more thought.

The Effects of Spanking

Like any other fetish, different people are affected differently.  This really should not have been a surprise.  I suppose that because I am so enthusiastic about tanning hineys, and my spankees have always been so rigid with ecstasy, I thought it would always be that way.

That is much like presuming that every man will produce pre-cum.  Not true.  Or every man will shoot his load across the room.  Not often true.  So much for preconceived notions.  When your reaction is to get very excited but remain limp, know that leaves room for humiliation.

the effects of spanking with Miss Violet 800-601-6971

See? Brat’s Stiffy is Iffy

Do You Think This is the Reason?

This particular spankee was being quite a brat.  Purposefully and gleefully giving me a hard time.  Mistress does not like that, so I was spanking harder and letting him know just what I thought of his bratty behavior.  It occurs to me that this guy may have put so much energy into his bratty behavior and sass talk, that he had little energy left to stiffen his cock.

Now that you know a brat’s stiffy is iffy, hopefully you will think twice about being a naughty spankee.  No doubt you want your penis to get hard…you want to cum.  It really does not matter to me.  I enjoy the sensations involved in spanking you.  I will get that no matter what the outcome is for you.  So it is on you to behave yourself.  Have a little dignity, in this most vulnerable position.  You don’t want an iffy stiffy, now do you?

Sensual phone domination with MissViolet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975


Masturbating More

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

You Want to be a Better Masturbator

We have a new website called  If you are new to affirmations, they are statements that you want to be true, but are not yet true for you.  Generally these affirmations are said to achieve a personal goal.

Knowing how much you . . . → Read More: Masturbating More

Mistress Gratitude

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

You Are a Gift to Me

This is more than simply a way to make money.  And you are more than just a client.  You really are a gift to me.

You light up my life, you show me true submission and devotion, you add laughter to my days and . . . → Read More: Mistress Gratitude

Distance Chastity

Miss Violet Controls Your Cock 800-601-6975

Distance Chastity

No one to lock you up? That is where I come in.  Chastity is one of my very favorite fetishes.  I have learned some techniques and implements to make distance chastity as “real” as you want it to be.

Being locked in chastity for your . . . → Read More: Distance Chastity

Spanking Humiliation

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

The Epitome of Humiliation

Just when I think that Over the Knee Spanky Boi has reached the epitome of humiliation with his spankings, he tells me about his most recent experience and I realize that he can take the spanking humiliation further!

He has a huge spanking fetish and goes . . . → Read More: Spanking Humiliation

Mistress Attitude

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

It’s Not a New Attitude

This is the same attitude I developed years ago when I discovered BDSM.  It is an attitude that I know you would recognize.  The Mistress Attitude.  It can be so subtle that people outside of the scene would not recognize it for what it is.  . . . → Read More: Mistress Attitude