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Double Celebration for Mistress

double celebration for Mistress Violet 800-601-6975

Officially a Dinosaur

As of today, I am officially a dinosaur here at LDW.  Today is my 7 year anniversary.  Woohoo!  That is a long time to be a phone Mistress.  Seven years ago today, I signed in for the first time and took my first call.  It was a roller-coaster of a ride after that.  Though BDSM was a big part of my life, I was not sure how I would feel about being a phone Mistress.

I now know that it is the most creative, energy rushing, fascinating career I can imagine.  Lucky me, I get to talk to you.  I get to know you as a person, learn about your desires, help fulfill those desires, be here for you when you need someone to talk with, act as your confessor, your girlfriend, and your friend.  Thank you for being a part of seven years of mind blasting fun!  But this is a double celebration for Mistress.

10 Days of Celebrating

My LDW anniversary is August 18th, and my birthday is August 28th.  So I like to celebrate these 10 days in style.  Crazy parties, ceremony, fun calls here, singing, dancing, toasting, all of it!  I invite you to be a part of the fun.  Let’s celebrate together.

As usual, I am likely to be signed in for at least part of my birthday.  I would not disappoint you by being absent on such a big day.  I know you want to talk with me, say “Happy Birthday”, maybe sing a song to me.  There will be spankings.  You will be getting them, as you know about my spanking fetish.  Every year, my birthday is a crazy fun party, thanks to you.  So let’s do it again.

Get Ready for This

When the 28th arrives, I will be 35 and sexy as hell.  Does that put me into the beginning of the sexy MILF range?  That could be a lot of fun.  All sorts of naughty scenarios are dancing around in my head.  I always have enjoyed luring younger men into intimate situations.  Why stop now?

I know that I am a lot wiser at this age.  Experience counts.  Not just years, but everything that happens to a person during the course of those years.  All of that adds to my ability to engage in conversation on a wide range of topics.  My intellect likes to peak the interest of your intellect.  I have done a lot, traveled a lot, seen a lot, and learned a lot.  One thing I never am is boring.

Are You Ready?

Get your dancing shoes on, chug some Red Bull, and get ready to party.  This is going to be a 10 day blow out.  Look for new audios on and  What?  You thought I just expected to get gifts and not give something?  Ha!  Not me at all.

You are already asking me what I want for my birthday.  Do not tax your mind about that.  I make that so easy for you.  If you have not visited my Wish List yet, this is the time to do so.  Not only will you see items, in all price ranges, that I would love to have; but you will learn so much about me.  Always intriguing.  *wink*   Let the double celebration for Mistress festivities begin!!!

Sensual phone domination with MissViolet 800-601-6975

Girlfriend Experience

The girlfriend experience The girlfriend experience

Hello Ms. Violets fan club! I am always happy to be here as Ms. Violet and I have a few things in common. One…we both are sensual Mistress’s who love to play with our subs. Whether that means feminization, tease and denial, or guided masturbation. Two? We both really enjoy the girlfriend experience type sessions. What does that entail? Oh, its something I think you really would enjoy. A virtual girlfriend! you get all the positives of a GF without the nagging or complications. Imagine having someone as hot and sexy as Ms. Violet or I as your girlfriend. What an experience!

Virtual Girlfriend

Ms. Violet and I both know that sometimes you need a friendly person to share your day with. A woman who is warm and caring and listens. That is what you get with the girlfriend experience!I know you know that Ms. Violet and I have many long term callers, you are probably one of them! In the long term you develop a phone-sex relationship. you get to know each other. you know that phone sex is more then sex sometimes. Sometimes, no make that many times, you really get to know each other. How perfect for a virtual relationship to build upon!

I know how good Ms. Violet is at listening. She also has a way developing the situation and giving some sound advice. Almost like phone sex therapy! Keep this ism ind next time you have a pressing matter and you need to talk it over with someone you trust!

This is what the girlfriend experience is all about! A wonderful exchange between your online GF is only a phone call away. Plus, who understands you better? you and all your kinkiness?

Ms. Violet and I make for excellent online confidants. I know that for a fact. Thank-you for having me here, Ms.V! If you have her permission, you may check me out at and after that, visit her wishlist to pamper and spoil her like a good online BF would!

Mistress Meredith

Superior Phone Domination

superior phone domination with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Superior Phone Domination

There are so many options out there for phone sex, and quite a few for femdom phone sex too.  That is why, on top of superior calls, our company offers you a money back guarantee.  It’s true!  If you are not happy with your call, here is a phone sex how-to for you, you can ask to go back to dispatch and request a different Mistress.  That first call will be free.  Just don’t try getting a free 6o minute call that way.  *wink*

But what does superior phone domination mean?  It can be subjective, so I want to make a pledge to you.  A pledge of what I will give you as my caller.

My Pledge to You

Every time you have a session with me, you will get:

  • My full attention…no tv, activities or pets competing.
  • My respect.  Just as I expect you to respect me, I will respect you as well.  Even if you are calling to be humiliated, I will respect your time, your boundaries, and your preferences.
  • My understanding, of your financial restraints, primary relationship, work, and other obligations.  I get it.
  • The real me.  I do not have a character that I play when in session.  I am Miss Violet.  The person you read about in my blogs, is the Mistress you get in session.
  • My creativity.  I have had a crazy level of creativity my whole life.  I put that to use for you in session, and for assignments between sessions.  That goes for training programs too.
  • Flexibility.  You do not have to do the same thing every time you call.  I don’t expect you to, and will be ready to go with your desires if you are ready to try something different.  I like spicing things up.

Why Is This Important?

It is important because in the huge world of phone sex and phone Mistresses, there are a lot of them that lack ethics completely, do not care about you and your safety, could not care less about creating a relationship with you, and will find ways to jack up costs in a hurry.

LDW is very selective in who comes into the family.  The Mistresses here are fine women who understand what it takes to be the best.  When you choose me as your Mistress, you can relax in the knowledge that you have selected a dominant woman who will treat you well, be happy to hear from you, and leave you feeling so much better than you did when you called in.

One Thing More

You are important to me.  You are more than simply a guy, or sissy, calling or sexy texting with me so I can make a living.  While I appreciate you choosing me as your phone Mistress, I feel this goes deeper.  When someone comes into my life, no matter how that happens, I feel it happens for a reason.  We connect and form a relationship.

It does not matter that we will never meet in person.  What does matter is the connection, the energy between us, and the bond we form over time.  I know that you probably cannot have a lifestyle Mistress.  So I like to make our relationship as real and meaningful as possible with distance domination.  My submissives, slaves, and sissies will tell you that I do a good job of that.

Thank you for choosing me.  And if you have not had a session with me yet, this is a great time to set that up.  Experience superior phone domination every session.

Sensual phone domination with MissViolet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Activate Your Mental Ball Gag: Advice from Miss Rachel

ball gag

If you’re in the market for an actual ball gag, click on the link to consider the one in the photo!

Please welcome my friend, Ms Rachel.  She is my guest writer today!

Hello again, to all the readers of Miss Violet’s great blog!  I’m back once again, at the invitation of Miss Violet, to share some of My thoughts about things that concern both Mistress and submissive.  Something that’s been on My mind lately is in regard to one of the challenges that come for both the Femdom phone sex Mistress and Her submissive:  developing a flow that prevents us from talking over each other.

When you are trained by a Mistress in the flesh, you can take visual cues from Her posture, facial expression, the action of Her riding crop if She uses one, and Her vocal commands, as to when you should speak, and when you should be still (and, of course, She can simply physically gag you).  On the phone, those options are obviously missing, and that can cause some confusion that can take both you and your Mistress out of the moment.  A good solution for this common problem is to activate your mental ball gag.

What is a mental ball gag?

Your mental ball gag is the internal sense of respect you have for your Mistress, and the acknowledgement of your place in the D/s dynamic, translated into a desire not to talk over Her.  It’s that simple.

Now, this isn’t necessarily the same as active humiliation play, where a Mistress requires you to be silent as a means of light degradation.  This is not a reference to actual bondage play, where your phone Mistress has directed you to purchase and use an actual ball gag during sessions for some other reason, so don’t go rushing out to get one just because you have a tendency to babble.  I mean, maybe do, but talk to your Mistress about it first.  *giggle*  I’m talking about the way the two of you interact in some cases before play even begins, and the development of a mental posture that translates into physical behavior conducive to the best dynamic between Dominant and submissive.

One way to develop your mental ball gag, and to practice using it, is to wait a beat after the sound of Mistress’ voice stops, before you begin to speak.  Just a simple one-Mississippi, counted in your head, should do it.  You don’t want to exaggerate the silence, because that can be as disruptive to flow as talking too much or too soon. Just a single beat will do.  This advice obviously isn’t meant to encourage submissives to be reticent or silent–just to be conscious, and respectful.

As always, not every piece of advice is relevant for every D/s relationship, or every moment in one.  There can be some play that is intense, fast, and furious by design, where a slave is meant to become delirious in subspace.  Also, this advice isn’t meant to be an indictment against any particular slave.  I and most Mistresses realize that talking over a Mistress can happen for many reasons:  excitement, nerves, being a sissy bimbo, etc., so don’t be offended.  Just remember that you came to Us to be under the control and at the whim of a dominant Woman, and that begins to some degree from the moment She says “hello” on the other end of the line.  Activating your mental ball gag will only contribute to you getting what you came for:  complete submission.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

And once again, thank you, Mistress Violet, for asking Me to visit!

Two Mistress Humiliation

two mistress humiliation with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

How Sweet It Is

I really enjoy teasing you in session.  Talking about my body, and the sexy clothing that gets you turned on.  When I call you by the names that excite you, it gives me a thrill to hear your reaction.  You know what is better than that?  Adding another dominant woman and having a two Mistress humiliation session!

Today I was talking with “boot bitch” and he confessed that he had been anxious to do a two Mistress call with me and Mistress Cassandra ever since I suggested it last week.  He had been stalking us, watching for both of us to be logged in and available for a call at the same time.  It finally happened today!  Woohoo!

Two Mistress Humiliation

The three of us were on that call, and watching him on Skype before you can say “loser “.  It turns out that Mistress Cassandra knows boot bitch well.   That helps, as she knew just what he needed to hear to begin stroking his thick cock like a mad man.  His hand was moving up and down like a piston gone wild.  When I teased him about his swollen balls, his eyes rolled back in his head as he soared into sub space.  That got Mistress Cassandra and I laughing.

We toyed with boot bitch, enjoying the sight of the bright red rope his cock and balls were tied up in.  Nice artistic touch!  It made those balls even harder, which made it impossible for us not to slap them and see his extreme reaction.  Wow!  Clearly boot bitch likes a little pain with his stroking.  Me too!  Female supremacy and humiliation is a cocktail boot bitch adores.

Crying Uncle

The tag team teasing continued until boot bitch finally called it quits.  He had all the two Mistress erotic fun he could afford for one day.  Being the kind, understanding Mistresses we are, we excused him, but not before doling out a challenging assignment that he had to complete tonight if he wanted a release.

Lucky boot bitch is to pull up a photo of me and edge five times saying “I’m your little bitch”, over and over as he jerks off…but NO cumming.  This boot bitch craves denial.  He still needs to look at a photo of my friend, Mistress Cassandra, saying “I’m your little bitch”over and over as he goes stroke-a-holic for five more edges.  After all of that…no release at all.

Can you withstand this kind of double intensity teasing masturbation?  I wonder.  I want to find out.

Sensual phone domination with MissViolet 800-601-6975

Submissive Male Story

 Discovering My Submissiveness

It is always interesting to hear about submission from the submissives point of view.  I give you this submissive male story of awakening from an anonymous male.

I was always, always, always, for as long as I can remember, drawn like a magnet to dominant women. The look, the tone, the . . . → Read More: Submissive Male Story

What a Mistress Wants

Today, Ms Lena is guest writing for my blog.  Enjoy what this Mistress has to say!

You’ve heard that popular song, “What A Girl Wants”, right? I know you have. Well, mistresses want some things too. Let me be completely honest about what I want most as a mistress. The first thing I . . . → Read More: What a Mistress Wants

Mistress submissive Connection

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Getting to Know You

In the beginning, you come to me because you like how I look, or my voice, or my writing.  You have read the “About Me” on this blog, so you know some about me, but not much.  You are completely new to me.  I am hearing . . . → Read More: Mistress submissive Connection

Splosh Slut Idea

Miss Violet Loves Splosh 800-601-6975

Let’s Get Messy!

That got your attention, didn’t it?  *smile*  Recently, my splosh slut, Tim, called.  He earned that nick name by taking his messy session to a whole new level, and by introducing a new idea to me.  Thank you for that, Tim!

I admit that splosh . . . → Read More: Splosh Slut Idea

Small Penis Pride

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

It is all in the Balance

What balance, you ask?  The balance between being absolutely humiliated about the minute size of your penis, and loving to show it off to any women who will give it a glance.  Do not lie to me.  You know you love doing that!  Humiliated . . . → Read More: Small Penis Pride