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Two Mistress Twist

two mistress phone domination

Both of Us…In One Room on the Phone with you!

Get Ready for This

My good friend, the sultry and sexy Mistress Cassandra, now lives just a few houses away from mine.  Really!  This means we can offer you something really fun and novel.  A two Mistress call with us, while we are sitting in the same room.

All you have to do is set up an appointment, so she can walk over to my house.  We will be in my bedroom, talking to you about whatever pops your cork.  You will call dispatch and ask for a two Mistress phone domination call with the two of us.  They will know how to reach us.

What Makes This so Special?

First, usually you only get an opportunity like this when we are having a Mistress gathering.  If we feel like taking calls on our vacation, we do so.  Other than that, each Mistress is at her home wherever she happens to live.

With these special two Mistress phone sex domination calls, You will have both of us talking to you, and it will be obvious that we are in the same room.  Much less possibility of one of us accidentally talking over the other.  You will hear us both laughing together, and the sound is different when we are in the same room together.  It makes it oh so real.

Add to That Your Fantasy

You sometimes enjoy having a friend of your Mistress’ watching you stroke and joining in on the fun.  Mistress Cassandra and I are great friends and get along fabulously.  She is so much fun.  Witty, intelligent, and eager to dominate you.

Want to be ignored?  Imagine one of us talking with you while the other ignores you completely.  Then switching.  Sometimes both of us will ignore you and have our own Mistress conversation, while you listen.  We will have a blast talking about you.  How pathetic you are.  How much money you are paying for us to ignore you.  Now that’s a good time!

Two Mistress Phone Domination

We will play out your domination role play, passing you back and forth between us, ramping up the intensity as time goes by.  You can put on a sissy fashion show for us, getting our comments, suggestions, and enjoying so much girl talk it turns into a girl party!  Since both Mistress Cassandra and I are very much into chastity, we will co-own your cock.  Keeping you locked up tight, until the next time we mutually unlock you, tease you to near madness, then lock you back up again for more male chastity fun.

We can be your two Mistress cock control team.  Setting up a schedule for your sessions, your stroking/edging exercises, your milkings and ruined orgasms, and your releases.  The two of us have enough expertise to keep you fully occupied and begging for more.   And if your cock is more of a Pez dispenser, we will deliver the SPH humiliation you crave.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

You know you love to hear us laugh at you, or with you.  You will find us to be wonderfully engaging Mistresses, who enjoy having fun while we deliver the precise erotic experience you need.  Imagine our sweet laughter ringing out, overlapping one another, listening to us make comments to each other about what we are seeing on skype or YM.  I feel the mirth rising up already!

This is going to be so much fun!  Remember, you need to email both of us to set up this special two mistress phone domination call.  Mistress Cassandra can be at my house in 3 minutes.  If you see both of us on and available, send us a quick email.  She will pop down to my house and we will be in session with you live from my bedroom like that!

So don’t delay.  Set up your two Mistress phone domination session with us today!

Two Mistress phone sex domination Violet 800-601-6975


The Challenge of Being Controlled

being controlled

Ms Fiona is making a guest appearance on my blog.  Enjoy!

Being Controlled

In the wee hours of the morning you find your cock craving something that’s hard to define don’t you?   Something is stirring in your mind with a wickedly slow thumping of your pulse.   Sure you most likely have your life in order more or less.  Good job, decent life, and nothing of real note to complain about.  But there it is again that sinking feeling that persists.  Something is amiss.

Could this chimerical impetus be restlessness?  The thrill of need of fulfilling challenges eludes you it seems.  There is a potential for growth and a rekindling of that passion.  Stasis impedes inner evolution doesn’t it?  You long to get back that sexual longing and creative urge to seek out something outside of the everyday.   Still with me?

Ask yourself the following:

  • You find masturbation to be routine and dull and only fleetingly satisfying
  • Your orgasms are sparse or hurried
  • Your libido feels like it’s floundering but listless
  • Despite being very much in the driver’s seat and making decisive actions in your day-today life you yearn to submit control in safety and privacy.

Interest in Femdom

Seems that you are just in a sexual funk.  And obviously the very fact you have found me on this website shows you have at least a passing inclination and interest in femdom.  Maybe you have experience and are looking to get back into “real time in the flesh domination” or maybe you haven’t yet ventured to even pick up a phone to try distance domination.

Know this: I partake in both forms of the lifestyle which would come much to the surprise of people who see my outwardly mild side as opposed to wild streak.  Do I think being controlled is a cure-all for everyone?  Surely not.  But I know personally you can manage to have your kink cake and eat it too.

Many Forms of Domination

So if you are feeling the need to take a dip into being controlled without jumping head first or want to wade back in the deep side keep that one tracked mind the fact that there are many forms of domination and if the idea keeps you up at night and infuses your dreams maybe it’s time to take the plunge.  If you need a coach I’m here to kick your sexual drive into high gear. –

Thanks so much to Foxy Ms. Violet for hosting this guest blog. XOXO -Fiona

Sexy Sissy Summer


My friend, Ms Emma Jane, wrote an exciting guest post.  Enjoy, sissies!

Well, ladies and gurls, we’re knocking on the door of that time of year when a sexy sissy can freely and easily show off her style, figure, and lots of smooth, silky skin, just as much as she likes! So when it’s scorching outside, it’s time to flash your feminization and work it in a wardrobe as sizzling as the temperature…

Sissies Wear Short Shorts – and Skirts!

Cue up the tune and sing with me the infamous tagline from those Nair commercials!

When it’s sunny and hot outside, it’s time to kick the pants to the curb and slip into a cute pair of Daisy Dukes, clingy cotton, lycra spandex or other short shorts, that are cool, sexy, and feature those freshly waxed or shaved gams.

On the other hand, you may be one of those girls who could live in skirts year round, so you might want to wiggle your way into a smart tennis skirt, playful mini pencil skirt, stylish little pleated skirt, sexy fitted bodycon skirt or perhaps even a darling skirt romper.

Pick a strappy, midriff-baring top -fitted, babydoll or bustier-style- to complete your warm weather look. Is it the sun or you, sexy sissy, who is causing the temperature to rise?!

Swimsuits For Sexy Sissy Girls

When it’s sweltering outside and you want to work on establishing some well-defined tan lines, jumping in the pool for a dip now and again is irresistible. Once you’ve refreshed yourself in the cool water, it’s time to emerge – in an incredible swimsuit that is to die for, whether you like to dress like a stripper or a bit more modestly.

Whether you prefer a swimsuit that’s barely there or provides a little more coverage, be sure you go with a suit that suits you and your personality. Goodness knows, you can mix and match tops and bottoms for a completely customized look, whether you want a bikini, one-piece or tankini.

When you’re lounging by the pool in your fabulous swimsuit, don’t forget the sunscreen that has a high SPF and functions as a good moisturizer. You’ve got to keep those legs satiny and touchable!

Let Us Get You Pool Ready!

If you have questions and need a summer stylist to help you look your sexy sissy best, the lovely Ms. Violet and I are more than willing to talk with you and help you make the most of your summer look. Whether you want advice on what styles are most flattering for your figure, the colors that look best on you or how you can achieve the look you want -from conservative to classy to provocative to slutty- we’ve got the experience as women to turn you into THE sissy you want to be over the summer.

Once we’ve worked our sissy Mistress magic on you, you’ll feel like a million bucks and be hotter than the sun!

I want to thank Ms. Violet for inviting me over to share with her beloved girls, and I wish everyone a beautiful, fun, sexy, and very feminine summer!

Hugs and kisses to all…


Visit my blog at for more sissy tidbits!

Wicked Foot Worship

Foot Worship

It’s Common Knowledge

I have a foot fetish…for my own feet.  So I get extremely excited when my feet are worshiped.  I enjoy every aspect of this fetish.  The hands, the lips, the tongue, the cock and balls.  Oh wait!  I got so worked up, I slipped into me using my feet on your body.  That part is coming up later.  Keep reading.

Because I have a thing for my feet, I adore wearing items that enhance the feet, like sexy heels, thigh highs, ankle bracelets, toe rings, and beautiful polish on my toenails.  It all combines to make my pretty feet that much more attractive, and enticing.  If this is new to you, you are probably wondering what can be sexy about foot worship.  Oooh…let me elaborate for you!

Pleasing My Feet

You begin by gently lifting one of my feet, and seductively removing my heel.  Cradling my foot and leg in your arms, you softly kiss your way from my painted toes, over the top of my foot, and all the way up my long, toned leg.  Kissing until you reach the naked, warm flesh of my thigh.  That tantalizing 8 inches of nakedness between the top of my thigh high and my panties.

Then you take the top of my thigh high in your teeth and pull back slowly, peeling the stocking off of my leg, watching my flesh emerge and running your hands over that revealed skin sensuously.

Now you lick my foot, making sure to push your wet tongue between my toes and probe in and out.  This will have me gasping and moaning softly in pleasure.  Then you use your strong hands to massage my foot thoroughly, using the saliva from your tongue as lubricant.  At this point, I will be very wet, moaning louder because you are pleasing your Mistress, and motion for you to lie down on the floor before me.

Foot Worship

Using My Feet to Please You

You do such a wonderful job on my foot, that I want to have you at my mercy so I can tease you with my feet.  I slip off my other shoe.  You feel the toes of one bare foot gently kneading your balls, and my one stocking clad foot stroking up and down the growing length of your cock.  Stretching your cock to it’s full length and girth.

Most of the time you lie with your eyes closed, focused on the incredible sensations you are experiencing.  Occasionally you open your eyes and see the intent look in my eyes, the wicked smile on my face.  It is clear that I know exactly what I am doing to you.  I know that you are getting close to the edge.  Think that is the end?  Hardly.  I love to edge you.  I will edge you until you plead with me to let you cum, and maybe longer.

Foot Worship is Fabulous

If you have a foot fetish of your own, then you already know the joys involved.  You will be calling me.  And I am looking forward to our mutual pleasure.

If this is something new for you, then it’s time you give foot worship a try.  It’s important to expand your horizons.  This might turn out to be one of your most urgent desires.  I assure you it is one of mine.  Let’s explore the pleasures of foot worship together.

Foot Worship Violet 800-601-6975


Cuckold Sex With Mistress

Enjoy this guest post by my good friend, Mistress Christine.

I Hate It When The BBC Doesn’t Show Up!

Cuckold sex with Ms Christine

Can you please your Mistress, cuckie?

First off, he’s never going to get a chance with me again, now is he my cuckold pet? Second, now I’m all horny and revved up for cuckold sex! I was really looking forward to some big, black cock. Getting drilled and filled! And now what are my options? No, I’m not unlocking that cage. Your pindick will never satisfy me. But…I have an idea! Go get my strap-on harness and the biggest dildo you can find!

A Big Black Cock For Your Cuckoldress

Oh, you got my big, black cock! So considerate of you! Why do you look so scared of cuckold sex? Oh, you thought I was going to take out my frustration on your ass? No, cuckie, I want you to put that harness on and slide that big dick inside of Me. You’re almost getting what you have only dreamed of in the past. You’re going to get to fuck your Mistress tonight!

Make Mistress Cum Cuckold

That’s it, honey, watch as I lay back and spread my legs for you. Can you see how wet I am? Slide that big black cock inside of me. Oh, that feels so good! Now start thrusting. Come one! Give it to me! I want to be pounded hard and fast! What’s the matter, isn’t this what you’ve always wanted, to fuck me silly and make me cum over and over again? You’re not going to ever be able to do it with your tiny penis, no…this is the only way it’s going to happen. Now, get to fucking, cuckie, and make Mistress cum! You knew I was a cuckold cocktease when you met me.

Tell us cuckold, do you think you could please Me or Miss Violet? Leave us a comment below letting us know… and thank you Miss Violet for hosting me today!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Public Teasing

Miss Violet Loves Public Teasing 800-601-6975

Calling Out Your Inner Exhibitionist

You and I have a lot of fun with me teasing you till you beg for a release, or until I say “We’re done.  Goodnight.”  Oh no!  I want you to consider taking the fun public.  In a safe way, of course.

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Giving a Sexy Blow Job

Audio URL

Giving A Sexy Blow Job

When I was thinking about writing this guest post for Ms. Violet’s blog, I wondered what the topic should be. I had been watching cock sucking porn, so of course my mind went right to blow jobs. I love sucking cock, so I want to talk to . . . → Read More: Giving a Sexy Blow Job

Free Audio With May Calls

Get a FREE audio from Miss Violet 800-601-6975

The Temperature’s Rising

It is only mid May and already things have heated up.  What I am about to tell you is going to raise that heat even further.  As you know, we are thigh deep into Masturbation May right now.  I decided to make . . . → Read More: Free Audio With May Calls

Growing Sissy Breasts

Miss Violet Gives you Sissy Breasts 800-601-6975

At the end of this post, listen to a sample of my new feminization audio!

You Dream of It

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Masturbation Games

Masturbation Games with Miss Violet               800-601-6975

Big News!

Today is National Tourism Day.  Why should you find that exciting?  Because it falls within Masturbation May and I am going to help you celebrate stroker style.

You are going to need a few items for this blow out event:

A cream filled donut (an . . . → Read More: Masturbation Games