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Confessing Your Secrets

confess your naughty secrets to miss violet

Confess your naughty secrets to Miss Violet 800-601-6975


Step Right In

LDW has a new site where you can confess all of your dirty little secrets.  It is called Erotic Confessional.  Oh, don’t play coy with me.  We both know that you have done things, fantasized about things, and want to do things that you can’t talk about with just anyone.

That is where I come in.  You see, I am one of the Mistresses who are waiting to hear your confession.  It is likely that you already know about my previous career as a therapist.  I am used to hearing the deepest secrets, and keeping them.

Too Embarrassed to Say it?

No problem.  Soon you will be able to write to us and have an Erotic Confessional Mistress respond to your naughty question or dilemma.  Don’t worry, you can be completely anonymous.  Use a pseudonym.

This is the perfect way to get expert kinky advice for your personal erotic situation.  Maybe you want to suck a cock and don’t know where to begin.  Or you have a thing for the sexy coed who lives next door to you and your wife.  You stroke your cock and watch her from your window.  Whatever it is, I want to hear it.

When One Door Closes

Because we have this great new site, I am letting go of my Kink Advice blog.  This new site replaces it and enhances it with the ability to get sexpert advice from a variety of Mistresses.

I invite you to step into my private booth.  Close the curtains behind you.  Let’s keep this just between you and I.  It is not healthy to carry around too many secrets.  You know you are dying to tell someone.  But who?  We both know I am the best choice.

Remember…what happens in the confessional, stays in the confessional.  *wink*






30 comments to Confessing Your Secrets

  • sissy slave ted

    Dear Mistress Violet,It sounds great.i have always thought that female dominance was very spiritual.and
    confession is trying to get better come clean,swipe the slate so to speak,bcome a better person.thanky ou,sincerly yours sissy slave ted

  • sissy slave ted

    Dear Mistress violet ,happyy new wishes.sincerly yours sissy slave ted

  • PB

    Ms Violet…I think this is a great idea. It provides yet another avenue for us to confess and learn more about our secrets, our kinks. Yes, I have enjoyed a few “confession sessions”, nice to know we will now have another way to confess our secrets. I have to admit, I am catholic…and I have confessed numerous sins to my priest…but until I came across LDW I never confessed my deepest / dirty / kinky secrets. And whats even better, because there is no judgement from the ladies of LDW, but rather encouragement and support, I have been able to openly explore, play out and enjoy many of them with the mistresses of LDW. Thank you!!!!

  • Forrest

    Hello mistress Violet. I think this is an excellent addition to the services provided by LDW. You already know all my secrets. There isn’t anything I have hidden from you. I look forward to creating some more secrets that only we know about( and the occasional guest mistress you want to show me off to) Can’t wait for our next session

    • You bring up an excellent thought, forrest. The sessions you and I have together ARE your secrets. I really like the idea of you confessing those secrets to another Mistress with me present to hear and add details if you leave anything out. *smile* Love that idea!

      • PB

        Forrest brings up such a great point….the fun of being shown of by one mistress to another “guest” mistress. For me, that’s probably the best thing about a 2 mistress call…having my mistress “show me off” to the guest mistress that has has never spoken with or seen me on cam before. It’s just so much fun 🙂

      • Forrest

        Thank you mistress Violet. I think that is an excellent Idea as well. Who is the next mistress friend you would like to have me show all my secrets to? We had so much fun with miss Scarlet. I would really like to session with another mistress with you soon

        • Hello again, forrest. That was a fun session. I would love to share you with my good friend Ms Meredith. If you have not already looked her up, I want you to do that now. Let me know what you think.

          • Forrest

            I think it is a wonderful idea. I think miss Meredith is a great choice. I know she has a blog with you. Her sensual style will be a fun addition. I have looked up every mistress at LDW one time or another. Every so often I just go down the list and read the blogs. Could you reach out on my behalf like last time? Thank you mistress Violet.

          • I am glad to hear you read the other LDW blogs, forrest. The Mistresses write on a wide variety of topics and those blogs are very entertaining. Educational, as well! Of course, we have already had our fabulous session with Ms Meredith. Things came together so quickly. That was fun!

  • I’m excited about our new site and can’t to see some of the naughty confessions that are pouring in!

  • little luke

    You already know many of my secrets Miss Violet….but, there are a few more to share. 😉

  • Peter

    you know my secret..its to have you and other mistresses dress me as girl. I’ve gone shopping with you, Ms Olivia, Ms Tia, Ms Sophia, Ms Delia,Ms Casey & Ms Meredith, with Ms Olivia I thought was going for her to pick out dresses but she had me hold all dresses for her then had me go to dressing room to try them on. I was so embarrassed I’ve been dieting and she said it paid off as dresses fit me perfect in size 4-6 she put something my shakes to cause me to lose weight as well as muscle as now I have girlish soft smooth skin and c cup breasts. Ms Tia & Ms Sophia wanted me to go with them to Victoria’s secret to go shopping for perfumes, lotions, lipsticks, blush, panties, bras. Ms Tia was trying on perfumes then sprayed me by surprise. Ms Sophia then put blush on me as well as lipstick. I was so embarrassed but they both giggled and said I look so cute and adorable. Ms Tia then got bras to try on. It caught my eye as she told me to try it on. I was stunned but they both said I smell like a girl and in blush and lipstick they took me to dressing room to try on bra, Ms Meredith saw us them and joined us. Ms Meredith tore tag the bra I had on so I had to wear it. They said they loved my new body and plan to keep me this way. They said my clothes are to big and picked out sheath dresses, body con dresses, yoga pants, girls tops ,turtle neck sweaters, mules and ankle boots to wear from now on. I always wanted to be friends with them but now its past that as by my hard on it gave me away and they got me off in dressing room by giving me lipstick kisses, I then confessed I always wanted this to happen but was scared and shy to ask. But I told them I dresses in bra, panties and got off theyy said this is way it’s going to be and will put me in chastity.if I say no they will expose me and throw me out. I secretly wanted this but now its happening.

    • Wow, Peter, it sounds like you had a very sexy 3 Mistress session. I love that scenario. Knowing your fetish for being coerced into becoming feminine, that had to be a delightfully overwhelming experience. It would be amazing to have Ms Olivia, myself, and Ms Meredith do our magic with you. *wink*

  • D

    Oh Violet, I need you! I was wondering why I have not been seeing you on. You have changed your times or schedule? I must confess… I have been homesick for you my dear! I MISS your ways, your voice… no one quite like you (my first cum eating empress)!
    I must talk to you soon. SO MUCH CUM I HAVE FOR YOU!
    Your cum eater!

    • Hey there, D! It is great to hear from you. *smile* I have missed you! Yes, my schedule is different. Now I am available 4 pm to 1 am ET every night except Monday. So no need to feel homesick. I am happy to hear you have been saving up that cum for a session with me. *grin*

  • slave rob

    Ms Violet…I think I’ve already confessed most of my deep secrets and you’ve taken them to incorporate into my training…lingerie, cum eating, strap on, and more….not many confessions left i think!

  • ppvlover

    I have to admit it felt good to confess where I want my training to evolve to. Its hard to say when I call because its already humiliating enough. Also, I didn’t know u could do 3 mistress calls! That’s scary.

    • Confession really is good for the soul, ppvlover. *smile* I am going to blow your mind…you can do a pass the penis call where you speak with six different Mistresses for 10 minutes each…six calls right in a row. Each one teasing you, having you stroke for them, directing you to eat your pre-cum. Then stopping you and passing you on to the next sexy Mistress. Wrap your head around that idea!

  • jim

    It is weird to me how scary it really feels to think about confessing. Just about being honest. It is like you know you should and that it is the right thing to do but it is really scary especially when it has to do with feeling submissive and small and liking “ladies things”. It is like this truth you have in you that you want to share but feel scared.

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