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Long Term Chastity

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A Relative Term

What does “long term” mean to you?  I have discovered that it means something different to each person.  For me it means at least a month.  That is long enough to give you a real taste of long term chastity, and not so long that you gnaw your cage off in the night.

How Long?

If you blanched at the thought of one month, that is a good starting point for you.  That means you have never experienced a decent period of time having your cock unavailable to you.  It’s high time you did.

Oh…you have done a month and it was a breeze?  Then I take you to the next level.  Three months is a good step two.  You probably already know that after two weeks in chastity, the desire to stroke and to cum drops way down.  After that, it’s a cake walk.

The Longest

This might cause you to quake.  There is no length of chastity that I consider to be too long.  Two of my personal house slaves have been locked up tight for 3 1/2 years and 4 1/2 years, respectively.  Granted, they begged me for open ended chastity when we met.  I simply gave them what they desire.

I do not lock your cock up that long, unless you want it.  You are probably shocked that men would ask for something like that.  Well, they know that taking away the ability to stroke and cum allows a man to put his focus on other endeavors.  You will be better at work, get great ideas, have more follow through, get back to old hobbies, and more.  It’s true!

How It Works From a Distance

It can be done a variety of ways.  The old tried and true freezing your key in a block of ice is good.  But with the technological advances available today, there are some amazing methods that take all decisions out of your hands and put them squarely in mine.  Computer programs that issue the Mistress a lock code, which I provide to you; and an unlock code, which I keep to myself until I want you out.  You cannot get out earlier.

I hope your heart is racing.  I trust your cock is rising.  Start shopping for a cage and chastity lock.  Make sure it fits your cock; length, girth, and curve.  Proper fit is very important.  Call me to discuss this if you have any questions about long term chastity.

Once You Are Locked

You will be teased.  A lot.  Extreme teasing.  I will assign you teasing things to do that will make your chastity more of a challenge for you.  Sometimes I will take you out, put you through your paces with intense guided masturbation and edging…then right back into the cage with you.  Long term chastity will be a completely thrilling experience.

What is the longest period of time you have been locked into a cock cage?


23 comments to Long Term Chastity

  • Peter

    A lot of mistresses said I need to and should be in chastity:(you have mentioned this also as I’ve been chronic stroker for over 5 years. By you locking me up it will give you total control. The teasing would be difficult as you would have me wearing bra/panties/slip and I’m sure you would be giving me lipstick kisses. 3-4 years is to long to be locked up. The longest I’ve not got off is month. But with you and other mistresses keeping me locked and dressed would be hard to resist. Ms Melanie locked me up on our very first date as she had me in bra/panty/slip and size 6 sheath dress. Ms Delia also said she wants to lock me up also wearing lingerie and sheath dress:( by staying locked I won’t be able to stroke whenever I want to:(

    • That is precisely what chastity means, Peter. You do not get to touch, stroke, cum…unless your Mistress lets you out and gives you specific permission or instructions to do anything like that. Your cock stays locked up tight. Just the way I like it. *wink* With you, I would let you out now and then to dress you, tease you like crazy, get you worked up, then back in the cage. Now and then I would surprise you with an unexpected release.

  • Peter

    By locking me in chastity this would mean you will have total control of my cock as well as me:(

    • Of course. That is the point of chastity. Your Mistress having 100% control over your cock. I know you would thrive under that kind of control. Being the sweet thing you are. *smile*

      • Peter

        I would for you:( your to hard to resist and say no to. I feel weak, helpless, submissive and feminine with you:(

        • Inside that male body, Peter, you ARE weak, helpless, submissive, and feminine. I have known that for years! *smile* Now it’s time to find a pretty, pink chastity cage so I can lock you up tight.

          • Peter

            🙁 crying (knowing my days of stroking are about to come to and end) with you picking out pink chastity cage what will girls at salon think?:( they will see my cage through my boyshorts when I get waxed as well as me naked for massage:( they will also see bra marks on my chest also:( they don’t know that I wear bra/panty/boyshorts. They will think I’m sissy:(

          • Peter, the ladies will stare, giggle, whisper, tell the other ladies there. They will KNOW you are a locked up sissy. Finally!

  • Very interesting post, Ms Violet! I tip my hat to your house slaves who’ve stayed locked 3.5 and 4.5 years. I’ve gone a little over 100 days, and can’t imagine being locked for that long!

    Also interesting was your mention of the computer programs that deal out the lock and unlock codes. Does that system uses a lockbox for the key?

    • Hello jemmie! It is wonderful to see you here. *smile* My house slaves each had a fantasy of open ended chastity. I am happy to provide that to them. The programs I am familiar with do use a lockbox. Yes. Fabulous system for long distance chastity. Congrats on going over 100 days in chastity, jemmie. Not very many fans of chastity can make it to that point. xox

  • I love the idea of teasing while also remaining chaste! Very well written Empress Violet. I’ll have to look into the technological advances, that certainly sounds like fun.

    • Hello Sissy Tiffy. Welcome! *smile* Always happy to have a new sissy join the fun. Clearly you understand the pleasures of chastity. Do you have a lovely pink clitty cage? Those electronic lock boxes are amazing. I adore having full control of a cock, or a clitty. *wink*

  • fscguy

    The longest I have been inb chastity is ten days. It was pretty intense. I have gone 14 days or maybe a bit longer without cumming also.

  • I absolutely love that you have two clients that have been locked up for more then three years. That concept is absolutely new to Me. I’m curious what computer programs you use to keep the boys locked up nice and tight. I’ll have to start researching this in more depth. I’m fascinated by all of this now!! Great Blog Post!

    • Hello, Ms Simone! So great to hear from you. *smile* The guys that have been locked up for years are my personal house slaves. I have had callers locked up for over a year. That was so much fun! I cannot mention specific products here, but send me an email and I will be happy to tell you. You would have a blast with a system like that.

  • VKF

    Wow. A most thrilling post! And I love how you *knew* my heart was racing. I’m still so new, I measure in hours (88 is my longest). I’ve got a plastic one that I like, but I’ve been thinking of getting a metal one before I go for longer…

  • Mistress Violet’s pathetic chastity loser slut

    I spoke with Mistress Violet today about long term chastity today and she shared what she likes about it and what I would experience during it. I love humilation, being dominated and mind fucking. So of course after her call I agreed to go ahead with it, no matter the costs. She will have complete control over my cage and any release or length of time I have to stay in it. Mistress Violet is simply amazing in what she gets you to confess and beg for.

    Mistress Violet’s pathetic chastity loser slut

    • It is quite easy to get a loser slut to do whatever I wish. *wink* You are a lot of fun in the process. So…I say it’s time to move forward with locking you up and keeping you that way till I am ready to let you out. Is that soft whimpering I hear?

  • skylar

    Mistress Violet,
    Excuse the late post but chastity is a timeless topic. Isn’t it?
    The longest that I have been is 159 days and I am looking forward to being in your control for an indefinite period. I just wander aimlessly without a Mistress and need to just submit to You.
    Looking forward to the journey.


    • I welcome you back to my control, skylar. 159 days is good. You can go farther. I know you can. Those beads are going to accumulate and before you know it, you will have a strand of them long enough to decorate a Christmas tree. Each one representing one day in chastity. You might want to get some more beads, skylar. You are going to need them. The full moon is tonight and you go back under the lock. Perfect! Long term chastity is my passion and your state of happiness.

  • This is by far Your best picture; and, story.

    I am addicted/trapped!

    I am still edging!!

    Your legs, ass, lower back are exquisite!!!!!!

    What have You done to me?

    My heart is racing for You. You are right my cock is rising!

    Now, I am completely nude. I am coming to understand, I have NO control over my life!!!!

    I want to please You more than anything! I just want to be near You! I am starting to know how women feel.

    Just like everything else of mine, I own is now Yours. I need to learn You can take better care of it.

    I feel like crying.

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