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The Joys of Tease and Denial

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Teasing is Pure Joy For Me

I have to admit that teasing has always come very naturally to me.  This is a wonderful happenstance, because I find cock teasing you to be pure joy.  I absolutely love it!

There are many ways that I can tease the hell out of you too.  I am aware that you can’t resist a cocktease.  Let me run down a short list to give you some ideas for your next session with me:

I Have Ways of Teasing You

*  I can use my sensual voice to excite you, tempt you, and really get you going

*   I can talk about how good it feels for me to touch my perky breasts, and how soft the flesh of my ass is

*   I can direct you to look at erotic photos of me, as I tease you verbally

*   I can have you close your eyes, and describe in detail what I am doing to your body

Pick Your Passion

Let me assure you that I will love teasing you in any way you prefer.  Or you can ask me to surprise you, if you are a more jaded fan of tease and denial.  No problem!

Understand that all of this teasing is leading to one thing, and only that one thing:  denial.  I want you to pay very close attention to this…when you tell me you want to be denied, that is exactly what you will get.  No release of any kind for you in that session.  It will not matter if you change your mind, plead, beg…you shall be denied.

Make Sure Your Brakes Are Good

We might play for 10 or 15 minutes; me teasing you to distraction, and then sending you on your way completely denied.  The same is true if you ask me to tease you for an hour, or two hours.

At the end of that long, tantalizing tease, you will be denied.  There is not chance at all that you will get a release.  So make sure you are not too worked up when you call me.  Because I will test your sexual brakes…big time!   *screech*

Tell Me About Your Tease

What is your favorite way to be teased?  How long did you last?  You know your phone sex tease Mistress loves the details!

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49 comments to The Joys of Tease and Denial

  • little luke

    why do i think i would fail at this?

  • Mistress Amber

    Oh, I absolutely love teasing! How calm they are in the beginning and how desperate they become! Soon, they will do anything, give you anything….those orgasm junkies are jonesing and twitching for the only thing that matters in the world! How funny it is that we can speed up or slow down, rush it like a freight train or start that slow ache with just a word, a breath, or a whisper. You’re too easy, boys! So much for being the stronger sex…..who lied to you!?

    • You have me laughing loudly, Mistress Amber. They truly are “orgasm junkies”, aren’t they? It is sad that so many men believe they are the stronger sex. I look around adn wonder how they fell for it.

  • peterteasetoy

    “What is your favorite way to be teased?”

    By Miss Violet! *squirm*

    “How long did you last?”

    Four years, so far!

    Happy Anniversary Miss Violet! *squirm*

    • Thank you, sweet tease toy. Happy Mistress/tease toy anniversary to you! It has been four years of exceptional fun and naughtiness. I am wearing that red lace lingerie you sent to mark the occasion. *hugs*

      • peterteasetoy

        *squirm* You’re welcome Miss Violet! *squirm*

        You’re right, it has! And the thought of you and your hot body, in that sexy, skimpy red lace lingerie does make me think of having more naughty fun with you! *adjusts erection*

        *squirms and throbs helplessly in your sexy clinch*

        • It doesn’t take much, does it tease toy? And if I happen to be away, I can count on one of the members of my Teasing Army to keep the tease level up. It is good to be the head of a Teasing Army. *wink*

          • peterteasetoy

            *squirm* Erm, well no, no it doesn’t take much for you to distract me and lead me astray Miss Violet! *squirm*

            And yes, you do have a lot of sexy accomplices who so enjoy helping you, too! *adjusts erection*

          • I sure do. How lucky for me, and extraordinarily wonderful for you! Squirm, tease toy, squirm!

          • peterteasetoy

            *squirm* Yes, your friends are very keen on keeping me, just as you want me Miss Violet! *squirm*

          • They are! Such wonderful friends I have. I love telling them about you when we all get together. How I adore teasing you, keeping you denied for days on end…until I finally grant you your long awaited release. You are a keeper!

          • peterteasetoy

            You do tell them that Miss Violet? *squirm*

            That might be why they also seem so eager to get their hands on my denied cock, too! *adjusts erection*

          • I certainly do, my precious tease toy. *smile* No doubt they are so eager to play with you. I tell them how much fun you are!

          • peterteasetoy

            *squirm* Well, I’m glad that you have such fun with me Miss Violet! *squirm* Although telling your friends how vulnerable I am to their cockteasing charms, does continually put me in to helpless situations! *adjusts erection*

          • Which you adore! Of course. Who wouldn’t? As you know, I am VERY into denial. Teasing just goes with it so beautifully, don’t you think?

          • peterteasetoy

            Looking it from the other way Miss Violet, *squirm* denial goes perfectly with teasing! You can’t have teasing without some element of delay/denial, it’s impossible!

            They just go together like, well, a sexy, seductive cocktease and her perpetually horny tease toy!

          • I totally agree, tease toy. Tease and Denial goes together like a martini with olives, or like salsa with tortilla chips. Yes, I am rather hungry. *wink*

          • peterteasetoy

            *squirm* Exactly Miss Violet! *squirm*

            Really? You make me hungry!

          • *laughing* Oooh! Sort of like hungry for a sweet treat? I have something like that. Shall I tease you with that?

          • peterteasetoy

            Oh you do posses some very delectable goodies, Miss Violet! *squirm*

            And you know that you can tease me with any of them!

          • Really? Let’s test that. *presses one soft breast against your right cheek* How is that, tease toy?

          • peterteasetoy

            *squirm* Oh, erm, *adjusts erection* yes, that works too Miss Violet! *squirm*

  • You, a cock tease? No! ~wink~ You, my sexy friend know how to make a cock dance, like a puppet on a string! With the sound of your voice and the knowing sexpertise you have, your methods are simply amazing!Plus, you know when to say “NO”! Any guy is in for an exciting treat with you at the wheel, putting on the brakes!

    • Thank you, Mistress Meredith. I have heard you in action and it was incredibly sexy. Though both of us are nice people, we do know how to get a cock to do whatever we wish. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  • I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day yesterday teasing many, many men! I imagine you covered in ultra violet amethyst jewels. Your aura is also a regal purple. The boys stand around you naked begging for the touch of the Goddess. You gently stroke them, but only enough to drive them absolutely mad with lust and devotion. It is as it should be. XOXOXO Wishing you the best of all things!

  • Hi Ms Violet!! You are talking about something very very close to my heart! Tease and the joy of it! I had so much fun teasing Matt this weekend, and he was so desperate to earn that orgasm. Yes he finally did, and you know what happened of course. He was made to gobble it down before he went back in the cage. I love your ways of teasing here, and because I know you well, these are most effective! XOX

    • Hello, Mistress Cassandra. Always a pleasure to have you pop by. Yes, you enjoy tease and denial like I do. *grin* We have had some very interesting discussions about that particular pleasure. So happy to hear what a great time you had teasing Matt. No doubt he went away locked up tight, with a big smile on his face.

  • Goddess Gia

    Empress Violet, you and I are very much alike. We love to tease and deny, but more importantly we love to ensure that all of our callers will get an unforgettable phone session experience. We love to tease until it is pure pain bliss and blue balls all over the pace, to hear them ache asking, begging for release. *wicked laugh* ahh I just love my job! Don’t you?

    • Hello, Goddess Gia. So good to hear from you. *smile* It sounds like we are a lot alike when it comes to our erotic pleasures. Perhaps some lucky man reading this will call us for some two Mistress T & D. I would love that!

  • This post makes me wish we were on a similar schedule! I miss doing those amazing tease and denial calls with you. I know I sure don’t have a cock but listening to you tell a man how to stroke his cock and then telling him to take his hands off his cock actually made me WANT to have a cock! ~laughs~ Oh yeah, tease and denial and ….. if you’re really lucky and you please the sensual Ms Violet … such a wonderful, explosive orgasm …. ~swoons~

  • TeasedM

    Ms. Violet being teased by You is wonderful.
    I still, and always will, have the ex-girlfriend fantasy about You!!
    Tied to my exercise bench and You decide to flip me over so it is more fun for You.

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    I love tease…I absolutely hate denial 🙂

    • *laughing* Really, PB? I had no idea. You are so much fun. I do love denial, but I also love having crazy fun with you. You are personable, intelligent, outrageous, and so creative! I am just going to say “acrylic plunger handle”. *giggling*

  • Teasing is indeed delicious, Miss Violet. And I have it on very good authority (via a shared pet) that you are so good a teasing and denial… to the point of insanity! I’ve also been on many calls with you where the sound of you saying, “NO” made me wet… so I know it made our shared sub harder and even needier than he already was…

    But really, I can understand why your callers really, really long to touch you… you are so very sexy and sensual that I wouldn’t mind touching you myself! 😉

    • My, my, Ms Christine. I am thinking back of some calls we did together where the sexy factor just kept racheting up…higher and higher. The two of us with one man is nearly too exciting to bear. *smile* Thank you for passing on that compliment our shared pet told you. Aw..

  • cucked

    to know id leave a call with you blue balled and frustrated makes me ache Mistress Violet. im sure you laugh at me lots too.

  • Paul

    Don’t no if you remember me mistress Voilet but it’s paul your super stroker haven’t cum in 2 weeks been edging everyday for hours long thanks for your Beuty slave Paul

  • D

    Yes on tease! NOOOOOO on denial! It is waiting toooo long! Makes me blue! But you know that from last night, right Violet!?
    THANK GOD! you were on last night! I was saved by you again! Ooooooh My was I ever!!!
    It certainly was a late-night reunion like we used to have before you schedule changed! Nice and quiet, just the sound of your cool soothing voice!
    I told you of my preDICKament, how sensitive denied balls are… and as always you were so good!
    Talking to me, exciting me, making me forget about them and instead focus on gentle stroking at first, distracting me from the blue pain in so many ways, telling me what you wanted to see, reminding me to stay in view of you and not slip off cam then asking if I was still nervous about showing my face (because you could not see it and you like to see my face while am I jacking-off, giving myself a facial and cumming in my mouth for you! But that’s our secret ssshhh!)

    You could definitely talk anyone off a ledge!
    Thank you Violet! Thank you! Damn I shot so much cum, and sooo forcefully too *wink*
    It felt soooo good to let it go finally and as always I love it with you!
    I get great pleasure eating my cum, knowing you can see it all, for you Violet! I love it!!!
    So relaxed I was laying there after I shot my creamy cum load all over myself… with you looking at me, still talking to me…telling me to eat my cum… I didn’t want the call to end!
    Thank you Violet!
    Your happy happy cum eater!
    (BTW-they are back to their normal healthy glow, the blue is gone so thank you again Violet)

    • It was another fabulous, taboo cum eating show by you, D. What a great surprise to have a session with you Sunday night. Yes, I popped in. Thought…let’s see who pops in. OMG…it was you! No denial for you. It is very difficult to do a cum eating call if I deny you. tee hee

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