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Spring is Here

Princess Andi and I were talking about how the signs of Spring are all around us.  Trees budding, flowers blooming, and we thought…why not include your cock in the fun?

We tossed around some ideas and came up with “The Flirty Dirty Month of May” promotion.  Sure, you know what flirty means and you well understand the dirty part.  You are wondering what this promo is all about.

Earning Sexy Rewards

Through the entire month of May, when you call myself, Princess Andi, or both of us (because a two Mistress call is double the fun!)  for 30 minutes, or more, you earn rewards.  We know what motivates your cock, and the rewards are wonderful!

First, you earn an erotic, creative cock teasing, body worship audio by Princess Andi and myself.  Once your 30+ minute call, or text session is over, email us and request your erotic rewards.  We will be happy to email them to you.

But Wait…There’s More

Since May is Masturbation Month, we want to give you two more erotic rewards.  When you receive your erotic rewards email, you will also find extra sexy photos of us.  Yes…of both of us.

That means that you only need to get this erotic rewards email from one of us.  We are both sending the same audio and the same photos.

The Perfect Storm

With all of this incentive to stroke, we know we have created a great opportunity for you to do what you enjoy most, and earn erotic rewards for doing it!

These calls can be about anything you desire:  Guided Masturbation, Feminization, Cum Eating, Denial, Tease and Delay, Chastity, CBT, Cuckolding, Roleplays…as long as it falls within our guidelines…it’s on!


You want to be the first to hear that OMG sexy audio.  Erotic audios are ear sex!  You want to be the first to gaze upon those amazingly sexy, full size, full body photos of Princess Andi and myself.  I know you do.

Well then, pick up the phone and call now.  Your access to our secret rooms is but a phone call, or sexy text session away!  The Flirty Dirty Month of May has begun!

33 comments to Sexy Audio and Photo Rewards

  • peterteasetoy

    Thank you for doing this Miss Violet! *squirm*

    Oh, wow! A cockteasing, body worship audio of you and Miss Andi! *squirm*

    And you SO know what motivates my cock! *adjusts erection*

    • Oh wow, indeed! *smile* This is going to be a really fun month. I love giving sexy rewards to my callers and texters. Is that a word? Hmmm When you get the password to that special page, you will need to adjust that erection a lot, tease toy!

      • peterteasetoy

        *squirm* Oh, I will Miss Violet? *squirm*

        You mean this already hard and swollen erection, right here?

        • Is there another I am unaware of? Perhaps a back up set? *laughing*

          • peterteasetoy

            No there isn’t Miss Violet, *squirm* although you do keep this erection very busy!

          • I know! But there is nothing wrong with an erotic audio to fill and voids. And super hot pictures just add to the teasing. I bet you are aching for that password

          • peterteasetoy

            No, there certainly isn’t Miss Violet! *squirm*

            Maybe not quite, but I do want that password, and you do have me aching!

          • I will get it to you as soon as I get that project done. My pending move is proving to be a terrible tease for you with getting that password. Oh my!

          • peterteasetoy

            Yes, this is something else that I have to wait for a ‘word’ from you for, Miss Violet! *squirm*

          • Good one, tease toy! *laughing* You are so witty.

          • peterteasetoy

            *squirm* Thank you Miss Violet! *squirm*

            You are my inspiration! Erm … *adjusts erection*

          • Perhaps I am actually your inspirection. *grin*

          • peterteasetoy

            Yes, I do believe you are, I always do seem to rise to the occasion whenever you are involved Miss Violet! *squirm*

          • I have noticed that. Oh…tease toy…after my move it became apparent that my closet just will not hold all of my beautiful clothing. So I am hanging a few things on your cock. *wink*

          • peterteasetoy

            *squirm* Oh, you are Miss Violet? *squirm*

            Well I’m confident that you’ll assist me, to make sure that none of them fall on the floor!

          • I read this comment and just burst out laughing, tease toy. I lost track of the thread. What exactly are we concerned will fall on the floor? My naughty mind went straight to your very blue balls.

          • peterteasetoy

            *squirm* Oh, you were saying that your new place was short of closet space, so you were going to hang some of your skimpy clothes, on my erection Miss Violet! *squirm*

            And I was saying that you have the skills to make sure, I don’t drop any!

          • It’s so small, I am going to have to get rid of some of my skimpy clothes. Awful! Are you offering to be my human clothes hanger, tease toy?

          • peterteasetoy

            *squirm* Oh, well you know how I do like seeing you in all your different skimpy things Miss Violet! *squirm*

          • I became aware of that right after becoming acquainted with you, tease toy. How could I miss that? That is why I put on my skimpiest clothing, if you can call it that, when I know you are coming around.

          • peterteasetoy

            *squirm* Well that would explain why you have so many nearly-there, skimpy outfits then, as I do spend so much time with you Miss Violet! *squirm*

          • You are my nearly constant companion, tease toy. My darling husband pet to be. *smile*

          • peterteasetoy

            *squirm* Yes I am Miss Violet! *squirms and swells with, erm, pride*

          • You have to swell with something, dear tease toy. Might as well be with pride this time. Hmmm…next time perhaps I will have you swell with joy!

          • peterteasetoy

            *squirm* Well you are exceptionally talented at making me swell Miss Violet! *squirm*

  • Galaxy

    Hey Violet.

    It is very kind of you to put this out for May with amazing weather and teasing skirts everywhere!

    I really look forward to having that ear sex(smile) and seeing the hot pics of you ladies!

    By the way, really great talking with you last night as well!

  • I love how everyone is celebrating Masturbation May and this idea is no exception! How fun that you and Ms Andi are going to team up for the flirty, dirty month of May! I can just hear both of your voices for some of that creative cock teasing and maybe a bit of orgasm denial? ~laughs~ He doesn’t know what he’s getting into when he calls you both but I’m damn sure it’ll be great!

    • Hey there, Ms Olivia! I love seeing you here. *smile* We are having fun with this promotion. Now that we got the password protected page issue sorted out, it is full speed ahead! Toot toot!

  • Who wouldn’t jump for incentives like this?! I may have to call in myself. Just the thought of a sexy team-up with you and Princess Andi is way too much fun to think about. And pics too? You gals are making it way too easy for the strokers out there to succumb to your feminine wiles.

  • skylar

    Mistress Violet,
    I think this whole masturbation May celebration is excessively cruel to a chastity slave. Thinking about all the various callers counting their orgasms and having all sorts of kinky fun. It’s almost too much to bear.
    I’ll have to get my password and see those pictures and get the body worship audio to increase my torment.

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