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Small Penis Pride

small penis pride

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It is all in the Balance

What balance, you ask?  The balance between being absolutely humiliated about the minute size of your penis, and loving to show it off to any women who will give it a glance.  Do not lie to me.  You know you love doing that!  Humiliated and excited is the state to aim for.

There is one pygmy peepee that fits this description perfectly.  He is known by many affectionate names by the Mistresses here.  I call him “nubbin”, amongst other terms.  *laughing*  Last night, when he was showing off his disturbingly small growth on cam, I had to be honest and let him know that it looked like a dried fig had been glued to his pubic patch.  He really liked that one.

Start With Small Penis Pride

I hope that you, like nubbin, have learned to accept your undersized dick.  Even better, I like to think that you have found a way to embrace your fate and make it work for you.  Sure…you cannot please a woman with that Pez dispenser.  So, you become amazing with your tongue.  All is not lost.

No doubt women have looked at your baby gherkin and looked shocked, gasped, giggled, or outright laughed.  Over time, instead of having that be complete humiliation for you, it also turns you on.  I get how that works.  So let’s put that to work in your favor.


small penis pride

Peenies on Parade

As an example, “nubbin” recently went to Munich where there are multiple public parks where you can strip down, and get some sun with no clothes on.  I asked if he joined in.  “Yes!”, he replied, with such joy and a hint of shyness in his voice.  Actually, nubbin stripped down, and strutted his small penis all over the park.

Did people notice?  Oh yes.  Did they stare?  Of course!  Did women laugh?  Absolutely.  So did some of the men.  He reports that many people were incredulous about the tiny size of a full grown man’s member.  They did not realize cocks could be that small.  But this was not quite enough small penis pride exposure for nubbin.  This is a guy who has a whole song about his peenie that we Mistresses have written lyrics to.

Next Adventure

Little nubbin went to a club in the UK where everyone is naked.  He and two women were sitting in a communal bath.  Somehow the topic of his small cock came up.  They asked “How small is it?”  He stood up so they could get a better look.  Trouble is that his shriveled button mushroom was lost in the forest of pubic hair.  They immediately understood just how small he is.

He reports that it was highly exciting and so humiliating to show his tiny dicklet off to these attractive women.  Yet, he continues to find opportunities to do so.  Clearly he likes it.  I believe you can grow to enjoy it too.  Just face it; you will never be a porn star.  You will likely never give a woman an orgasm with what you are packing…or not packing.  But there are other options for you.

Time to Confess

What have you done to bring attention and humiliation to your Vienna sausage?  I love hearing your small penis pride stories.  You never know who you will inspire.

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24 comments to Small Penis Pride

  • mike

    I have been intimated by pretty girls talking about “big ones” my whole life. Initially you do not (exactly) know if you are medium, small or tiny. I think you sort of know if you are not “big”. But along the way girls give you some pretty good ideas of what they consider big…. and small. To me as soon as a female starts suggesting you might be small or if she talks about her ‘big guy friends’ it makes you feel submissive and quiet. Some girls (I think) like to use the issue to make you quiet and agreeable. It works. As soon as a girl “knows” it is humiliating but then you have a secret that she knows. It is scary that she might tell someone else. So even though her herself knowing is humiliating there is a “worse” situation. If she chose to tell. It also makes you want to be compliant and on her good side.

    • Violet

      Excellent points, mike. How you undersized peenie men just squirm in a situation such as that. Oh dear. *smirk*

      • Jim

        In college, in the dorms and dining hall there were lots of girls around. Girls would talk about “big ones” or “guys with big ones”. Sometimes they would talk disparagingly about “little guys” or “annoying little guys” or “I know he’s must have a little one”. I would get very quiet if I was in the midst of this. Very quiet. Just look down or wait and prey for the conversation to change and that my quiet would not be noticed by one of the girls. I noticed that many guys did not get quiet. They might even joke along. I was like “wow”. I wondered if they were well sized or well endowed.

        • You went into instant observer mode. Along with instant nervous mode. *smile* I can imagine that you began to wonder if most guys had “big ones” and you were a rarity. After working here and doing so many cam calls, I can assure you that you are not alone.

          • Jim

            You are right. I went “quiet”. I did begin to think most guys had “big ones” or at least “average ones”. I would also go into nervous mode. There were some brash girls and I would brace myself for what if one of them asked me how big I was. Then I would think I can lie or pretend I did not know but then I would wonder if a girl would believe that I did not really know. I felt like if I pretended I did not know and a girl did not believe it than it would be worse. I guess that is a question in my mind – would a girl believe that – that a guy did not know his own size and whether it was big or medium or small?

          • I have no idea. How about some of you other readers? Can anyone answer this question for Jim?

  • emad

    my penis is 2 inches flaccid , 4 – 4.5 inches erect usually limp but can get erection if I play with my breasts and often it goes away quickly, some women here said this is a clit does that mean I am a ‘woman” and have to live as such

    • Violet

      It means quite a few things, emad. I cannot wait to have you in session, where I can be honest about this subject and go into depth about it.

  • little luke

    You truly are an expert at every topic You blog about Miss Violet.

    • Violet

      Hello, little luke. You would know. Over the years, you and I have explored quite a lot of fetishes. I like your willingness to try new things. *big smile*

  • Petey cream puff

    I’m small as well Ms Violet I’m about 2/2.5 when I wear women’s clothes/lingerie I get to 4/5′ it’s only way I get hard. Also pills I take help out with that but I’ve been off of them for month but will start cycle next week. I’ve been told all small penis should be locked up as well. With my bad habits I feel I need to be in chastity as well. I was against it at first but I think it’s hot how all of you do that to us sissies. I feel if I want to keep ldw relationship going I have to do this. We can only do so much feminization but I think this will add to this and keep me feminized all the time.

    • Violet

      Petey, we Mistresses do not lock up every sissy with a small sissy into chastity. Just the ones who are so very submissive, and thrive on being controlled to such an extreme degree. Like you, cream puff. *wink*

      • Petey cream puff

        How did you know I was such a sissy cream puff? Ms Rachel said chastity is in my future as well and staying dressed as a girl is a must. With this happening there is no going back for me is there? Once I’m locked I do blong to you and ldw forever. Will you allow me release once you lock me as well keep me as a girl?

        • Violet

          Hmmm…I suppose it was your desperate plea for Ms Olivia and I to completely feminize you, and your excitement when we put you in a sheath dress and put lipstick on you. *smile* I am happy to discuss the details of your chastity in session, Petey. Your chastity will be personalized to fit your needs and our whims.

          • Petey cream puff

            It will be a while before I call. I’m thinking September summer has been super busy and once Labor Day gets here I’ll call. The weather will be cooler as well. Not a fan of doing summer calls as its to hot/humid. But yes it will be super exciting once I start back up calling as you will feminze & lock me up. And yes I really am submissive as you & Ms Olivia dug your nails into me and never let me go and it’s continued with other mistresses. I was thinking you can catch me off guard as you dress/put makeup/lipstick on me. Use chastity as part of turning me into your cream puff girl next session.

          • Violet

            Have you been calling us from an outdoor locations, Petey? Or have you not heard of this miracle called air conditioning? *wink* Looking forward to transforming you again!

  • Kevin

    Dear Mistress Violet, you’ve put your finger on it . . . for me at least. It’s been awhile since we sessioned. But when we do, before I call, I will print out the blue badge you provided in this outstanding blog and tape it to my ass. Or should I print out two and tape them to both ass cheeks? No, even better: print out four and tape them to all my cheeks. Deal? (If you like this reply, do I have your permission to come–unruined–to “VioletReTopUpSmiling”?) Warmly, Kevin

    • Violet

      I love the idea of you appearing on cam with one of those blue badges on each of your four cheeks, Kevin. Absolutely! You lost me with the last line, in parentheses. Please re-state. Maybe it is simply the late hour. But it seems you took a sharp left turn and I kept going straight. *laughing*

  • Kevin

    Hi Violet. Last line meaning:
    “do I have permission” I need your permission
    “to come” to ejaculate
    “unruined” this is a made-up word meaning, not ruined; in other words, a pleasurable orgasm
    “VioletReTopUpSmiling” that refers to the picture of you that accompanies your blog: it’s the name of the .jpg image.
    Yours, Kevin

    • Violet

      Ah! Smarty pants. Just for that…prepare to be spanked!

      • Kevin

        Why, thank you Mistress Violet, thank you VERY much! I’d love for you to spank me. I could use the opportunity to rub my penis against your so muscular thigh. Given my size, you might not notice my surreptitious wanking (be forewarned, I’m s-m-a-l-l, really small). Just be careful not to disturb my blue badge of pride! After I, I want to support your call for small penis pride. Should I wear it on my lapel at work tomorrow? If I do, how would you reward me? -Kevin

        • Violet

          *laughing* Kevin…if you wear that badge on your lapel to work tomorrow (today), I will send you an exciting sexy audio via email. Report back to me on this!

  • Kevin

    Dearest Mistress Violet, I am reporting back after a bit of a harrowing day at work. Let me explain. I printed out the blue badge, cut it out, and taped it to the lapel of my suit. Over my suit, I wore a rain coat. It was a bit hot this morning and by the time I got to my desk, I was drenched. To my alarm, when I removed my coat, the badge was no where to be found. I had no idea where it dropped off . . . I chuckled and thought no more of it until about 6:30 pm tonight, when I took my rain coat from my closet. Well, I found the badge. Somehow, it affixed itself to the inside of my rain coat. I walked over to my garbage can to thrown it away and but I paused before letting it go into the wastebasket. I thought, wait a second, I should not throw this into MY wastebasket!! As unluck would have it, at that moment, the cleaning lady rounded the corner and whipped into my cubicle. She said “hola” and, seeing that I was about to discard the badge, she took it from my hand and tried to throw it into the wastebasket, which was between my legs. When the tape caused it to stick to her fingers, she looked at it an murmured under her breath, “Estoy en el club pequeño pene.” She began to laugh, but then caught herself in mid-laugh. Then she got all serious and said, “Lo siento.” She disappeared as quickly as she had appeared. (She’s an older woman, very, very nice, and even cute.) After, gathering myself, I caught up with her two cubicles away. There was no one around, thankfully. I said to her, “You won’t say anything, right?” She said, “Esta bien. No es para preocuparse. Me gusta pequeña . Estás bien. No se preocupe.”

    So, what do I take from all this? Violet, I believe you owe me an exciting sexy audio. I complied fully with your challenge.

    • Violet

      Oh Kevin. I am laughing so hard. What an adventure you had. First of all…while you did technically fulfill my challenge, you did not fulfill the intent of my challenge. You know I meant that you were to wear that badge on your lapel throughout your work day with no coat or anything else over it. But you went through such a heart pounding moment and you did give it a good go. So yes…I am sending you that sexy audio. You deserve it. *still laughing*

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