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How You Become Feminized

Talk about how you become feminized with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

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Gradual or Poof!

First of all, you, like every sissy, have your own fantasy of how you become feminized.  Some see it as a process that Mistress leads them through gradually.  Others envision a magical transformation with instant results.

Let’s you and I look at some of the options for complete feminization.  Perhaps you shall walk away with some new ideas or twists to your own femme fantasy.

The Gradual Option

If this is how you prefer to imagine yourself being feminized, here are some details to consider:

  • Whose idea is it to transform you?
  • Are you willing or reluctant?
  • Do you stay apprised of each step, or are you surprised by Mistress?
  • Does your behavior incur sissy punishment?
  • What is the punishment that works best for you?
  • How does Mistress motivate you to go all-in, and keep you that way?
  • What is your end game?

Thinking about details such as these allow you to flesh out your feminization fantasy.  Therefore this adds depth to the story and makes it feel more real.

Going With Magic

If you have decided that a magical transformation is your desire, consider these details:

  • What is the instrument of magic which transforms you?
  • Is it done as a reward or a punishment?
  • Are you terrified or excited?
  • Does it happen in small steps or one big wave of a wand?
  • What happens to you as the magic begins to work?
  • What do you want to happen after you are all girly?

Again, the more detail you weave into your personal feminization process, the more fun it is.  As a result, knowing these details ahead of time can help Mistress create an even more vivid, thrilling role-play for you to explore together.

Audios to Inspire You

I have made quite a few feminization transformation audios over the years.  Here are some I think you will really enjoy:

Magical Overnight Breasts

Click, Click Whirl…Now You’re a Girl

Clearly, I am into magical transformation.  *smile*  With a creative mind like mine, this type of feminization allows for such fertile exploration.

How You Become Feminized

Tell me about your fantasy of becoming feminized.  I love hearing your ultimate fantasy and what you dream of looking like.

Therefore, let’s dish, gurlz!

40 comments to How You Become Feminized

  • So many ways to feminize! I have to say I’ve had a lot more callers who desire the poof over the gradual. Neither is better than the other, but it just goes to show that there is certainly something to the instant gratification aspect of things. Both methods of feminization have their benefits, but if I had to choose, I think I’d prefer the gradual method. There’s just something about that slow transformation, almost to the point where they don’t even realize it’s happening to them. Then next thing you know, poof, they’re a sissy! Haha!

  • I LOVE those feminization audios! What femme girl doesn’t want magical breasts!? I think DD or bigger for that sissy bimbo big boobs look! ~laughs~ Ms Violent I’ve listened to you do enough femme transformation calls to know that whether it is fast or slow, it is HOT HOT HOT !

    • *laughing* Hello, Ms Olivia! Your comment sent my memory soaring back to my early days here when you and I were doing two Mistress feminization calls with a certain cream puff. We sizzled his femmie little brain!

  • Petey cream puff

    1)it would be your idea to feminine me.
    2) I would be reluctant as you would say it would be fun as it would be harmless and you can talk me into it by giving me lipstick kisses on my cheeks.
    3)I’m surprised that you are taking dominant role in our relationship.
    5)you catching me wearing your bra/panty set/clothes/dresses.
    6)you giving me lipstick kisses on my cheeks/taking pictures of me/also telling mistresses that you have cream puff sissy boyfriend having me smell girlish with perfumes/lotions you spray use on me.
    7)I have to stay this way or you will tell everyone/dump and throw me out.

    Magic part
    8)simple touching and giving me lipstick kisses to have me become a girl.
    10)both as you notice my hard on and saying that I like this being done to me.
    11)it happens with magic wand/you touching me along with giving me lipstick kisses on my cheeks.
    12)my body becomes petite/soft/girlish smooth/my breasts grow to d cup/my hips/butt become lady like/hair and nails grow out.
    13) I stay this was all the time. If I refuse you send out pictures to everyone then throw me out and dump me if I don’t become your cream puff girl forever to share with your girlfriends/ldw mistresses.

    • Thank you, Petey! Great responses. Clearly you are a cream puff who responds well to threats. *grin* Did you note that you came up in the exchange between Ms Olivia and myself on this post?

      • Petey cream puff

        I did notice that. You & Ms Olivia are the ones who made me a girl by corce feminizing me with lipstick kisses on my cheeks/putting me in bra/panty/slip. The 2 of you are the ones who forever made/turned and kept me as your girl. And yes with your touching and kissing me on my cheeks my body changed forever into a girls body. The 3 of us will be forever together. I miss those calls and want to start doing them again😢😧😞. Now Ms Olivia & Ms Delia have turned/dresses and kept me as a girl on second life with no intention of ever going back.

        • Wait a minute, Petey. Ms Olivia and I performed the transformation. That is true. But you came to us with STRONG desires to be feminized. Remember that. *smile* Glad to hear you are having fun with them on Second Life.

          • Petey cream puff

            Your right I did come to both of you with strong desire to be feminized and both of you were more then happy to do this to me. The 2 of you are what started it all. The 3 of us have special bond and I so want to call both of again to feminize/dress/turn and keep me as your cream puff girl.

          • Well, Petey cream puff, you let us know when you would like to do that. You will find yourself sitting on a pretty velvet stool, dressed beautifully, while Ms Olivia and I do your makeup, and show you how lovely you look.

  • Missy laflamme

    It happened to me actually both
    Ways. I thought it was gradual as it tooke a while to accept
    It was 100%. It turned out everyone else always
    Knew all the girls always tried to turn me into a whore. And now I am. It went just as they said it would. From denial to total need and desire. Omg I need it so much now I will do anything to get it !

    • Hello Missy Laflamme. Thanks for leaving a great comment. Very interesting. I am curious about your last line, “I need it so much now I will do anything ot get it”. What is “it”? Feminization? Being whored out?

  • little luke

    i don’t think of myself as someone who is looking to be feminized but as You know i have a thing for Women’s panties and other feminine undergarments. i know this is different then feminization. Although i do feel in touch with my feminine side when interacting with Miss Violet. Does this make sense Miss Violet?

    • Hello little luke. It is different. You are a panty boy, through and through. When we are in session, I do feel your inner submissive comes out and stretches a bit.
      I enjoy that aspect of you. *hugs*

  • Jennifer

    I just have to write this to you quick :

    Yesterday a friend (ex gf) cut my hair to just about 2 ins. below my shoulders and then braided it in front to keep it off my face and it looked so very fem. Then I went to a party and the girls there (most of whom know that I cross dress) smiled but didn’t say much and what’s this?, neither did the guys who are on my softball team (I guess they probably know too). I suppose next I just have to start wearing dresses to parties.
    A few yrs. ago I had a complete make up make over at ULTA and spent the whole rest of the day wandering around the mall and no one even seemed to really notice. Maybe the world sees me as a girl more than I do, oh dear, is that possible?

    Well, I want it both fast and slow. Fast is so erotic,…and slow will be so permanent and fun and sentimental to share with someone I loves (like you).

    • Oh Jennifer, you do put smiles on my face. Your party experience sounds marvelous. I have told you so many times…of course the guys knows you are a panty waist. They have known you for years, after all. *wink* I believe that your feminine side is so powerful, that you become passably female when you have makeup on, or your hair braided. Add a dress and even more so!

  • Sissy Belinda

    Oh Oh Ms Violet, Im you little sissy poof poof, twirllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • jim

    The first time this happened to me a girl made me. It was almost that simple. She basically made me. She went to her drawer and told me she wanted me to try some things on for her. I half knew she intended to embarrass me but I felt I needed to do what she told me. It was a very, very powerful experience. I did not know how submissive I was until then. She made it like I had no choice.

  • Jim


    Is it common for a submissive male to respond to the “manner” in which a female feminizes him? What I mean is the tone of voice and attitude of the female? My first time the female had a certain air of “this is happening”. It was an air of just authority. It hit me. I think if she had been more wishy-washy about it I might have mustered up an objection of some sort but she was like “you are doing this”. I think that attitude literally does something to your brain if you are submissive in general, yes?

  • Petey cream puff

    If you join second life I will have both you and Ms Olivia continue to keep me as a girl sitting on velvet chair while both of you transform and kiss me. It will be within the next 2 weeks I want to do this.

    On the real life front I think one of my gfs wants to take friendship and turn it into relationship. She had things that were bottled up inside of her for 2 months and had talk with me. I was with her on date and I made bad mistake.i talked about her friend who I have hots for which I shouldn’t have done and she told me that. She was right. I apologized to her and luckily she accepted. She said she wants to know more about me and I agreed as I want to know more about her. She did talk about nail polishes to me saying she always wore it from 8th grade through high school. It caught me off guard that she brought this up to me but I didn’t mind. With talk we had she was honest with me and I feel I should be with her. I have feeling she has hots for me and wants to take friendship into relationship. There’s only one little problem and that I like to wear women’s clothes which her and her friend don’t know about. I did say to one of her friends that I would do whatever both say and want and she overheard this and wants to find boyfriend like this. I do want to have her & her friend take lead in relationship with me. Do you think I should be honest and upfront with both about this?

  • Jim

    I have a question and wonder how common it is. The first time a girl made me dress up for her it overpowered me. It was unlike anything else I had ever experienced. There is a part of it that I don’t understand. Basically how she did it or how she forced me or coerced me. It was not like I planned to go along with it and I knew in my conscious mind that she was mainly interested in humiliating me. But I have to tell you even knowing that I felt powerless to stop her. I literally could not. I do not mean that it was hard or something. I mean I could not. It was like this feeling of being taken over and not having any power at all. It was not a desire to put these things on for her. It was more like I had to. Basically because she said so.

    • My answer remains the same. It is pretty common. True subs find it difficult to resist a true Dom. Unless the Dom is a raging asshole. That overcomes the submissiveness and leads to subs running fast in the other direction.

  • susan9316

    My own feminization has been gradual and progressive. First the realization of the excitement of wearing panties and then wanting more. Always desiring to take the next step, to explore and experience the feminine enrergy that bubbles up inside. At the same time fearful of being exposed for wanting something that society so often rejects. But the truth is powerful and compelling. And feminization for me is more than crossdressing. It is also about unlearning the ways of being a man, releasing myself to know and understand my feminine self, to purse and embrace the feminine. When you gave me assignments many of them were about subtle ways of exposing my feminine side to the world around me. Letting other people have a glimpse and having me intentionally provide that glimpse. I always tried to exceed your expectations. It is a challenge but important for growth, to present a part of my feminity in pulblic whenever possible. Be vulnerable. It is important. My wife takes me for mani-pedis and my toenails are always painted a pretty color – and i wear sandals to be sure that there is no hiding when i am out and about. I wear my yoga pants and tops while shopping after yoga class. My hair is well over my shoulders. i wear diamond earrings. When I buy lingerie and women’s clothes i always make it clear to the sales person that i am buying for myself. i use scented body lotion. i go to the salon for waxings by Anna to be sure that i am smooth”down there”. i do know that picures of a beautiful hard cock can take my breath away. Little things that add up and keep me honest. I am proud to be a committed cum eater knowing that faithfully eating cum is something good sissies should always do. Many times i wish for more, a touch of magic, the freedom to wear dresses and skirts more freely in the world. I wish i could actually be a beautifull woman. But my path is gradual and hopefully ever forward.

    • Susan, your words here will inspire other readers. You are living as feminine as your life will allow you to at this time. I remember well how you would seek to exceed my expectations with your femininity assignments. You were a devoted, obedient, sweet sissy girl throughout. You still are. I am very proud of your accomplishments toward living your authentic life.

  • Sissy Belinda

    Ms Violet

    Im a poof poof poofy sissy


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