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Intimate Secrets About Miss Violet

Intimate secrets about Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

You Want to Know

You ask me all sorts of questions about my intimate secrets.  When you ask me one intimate question, I know that there are many others bubbling around in your mind.  You want to ask them, but do not want to offend me.

This is your opportunity to learn more about me.  I will be revealing information I have never written about in my blogs.  Most of this information is in response to your questions.

Close To My Body

My favorite style of panty is a French cut bikini.  I like how the high cut of the sides further lengthens my already long legs.  Plus I find they are very comfortable and look sexy.  I have this style of panty is many fabrics and colors.  My favorites are silk or stretch lace.  I am a fan of highly feminine lingerie, including my panties.

When it comes to bras, I do not have a favorite style.  I choose my bra based on what I am wearing that day.  If my top or dress is low cut, I will wear an underwire, demi cup bra.  They push my breasts up nicely, so they form two tempting mounds above the neckline of my top.  If I am planning an active day, I will wear a cute sports bra in a pretty color.  With sports bras, I like them to zip up the front.  My collection of bras is highly varied.  That drawer is like a cornucopia of bra delights.

Intimate Secrets

My scent of choice is Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana.  It is soft, sensual and unique.  That is the perfume I wear most often.  I find that layering my scent helps it last longer.  So I start with Light Blue body lotion, then the powder, lastly a spray of the perfume on my stomach, and a touch of perfumed lotion on my arms.  I walk in a gentle mist of enticing scent.  Heads do turn.

This American Mistress is a girly girl Mistress I am; I have a fondness for glitter and sparkle.  That is why I always have a dangling faceted gem hanging from my navel piercing.  You could also see me with glittery blush, eyeshadow and definitely lipgloss!  Confession time…I have glittery hair spray, and glitter body lotion too.  My toenails generally sport a lovely color with matching glitter coat over it.

What You Really Want to Know

I am not completely shaved.  To me, that is a look only appropriate for prepubescents.  Since I am a grown woman, I do have some pubic hair.  I keep it trimmed and clipped.  For years, I had a landing pad.  Recently, on a lark, I got a professional waxing, and now I sport a heart-shaped patch.  So pretty!

No matter how many of your questions I answer, there are always more.  This is your opportunity, outside of a session, to ask me.  I will respond, and if please me with the manner you ask…I will probably answer your question right here on this blog.  Pleasing your Mistress is huge!

Everyone has dirty little secrets.  Some of mine are dirtier than others.  Now you know some of my intimate secrets.  There are more.  Watch for Part II to this post.

Sensual phone domination with MissViolet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

45 comments to Intimate Secrets About Miss Violet

  • ticklishstuey

    Hello Ms Violet

    I loved your post, thank you for sharing those wonderful intimate secrets. It’s no secret that you are a lovely mistress and that reading your blogs and listening to your audios is one of the most thrilling experiences that I have been privileged to of experienced. You know my secrets lol 🙂
    Thank you 🙂

    • Your secrets are a lot of fun, ticklish stuey. *grin* Coochie, coochie, coo!!!

      • ticklishstuey

        -blushing- thank you!!

        Another secret I have is…I am quite skilled a foot massages 🙂
        However I’m not good at receiving them, for obvious reasons. But side/belly pokes….make me squeal LOL

        • Oh my. Stuey, you are working my soft spots now. I ADORE getting a foot massage. OMG. Hmmm…tickle you for a while, get a foot massage, tickle you some more, get a foot massage. I could go for 24 hours straight.

  • Campslave

    Hi Miss Violet
    I like your revelations.
    Yes I have many curiosities I whould ask you

    Cheers to you, hope you have a great Summer too.

    Camp slave

  • Sophia

    Being as tall as you are what height heels do you prefer? Some women do not want to be even taller but what a pair of 4-5 inch heels would do to lengthen your legs further omg! What are your favorite style heels? Boots?

    • Hello, Sophia. I love these questions! I prefer 3 inch heels most of the time. Most of the men in my life have been shorter than me. I don’t care about that at all. If they do they are not the man for me. Some of my heels are up to 5 inches in height. I do not wear flats…ever. Detest them. I adore gladiator style sandals, slides, lace up boots with a Victorian look, skin tight to-the-knee boots, suede over-the-knee boots.

  • OMG a heart shaped pube patch! Ms Violet that is awesome! I got a wild hair up my ass one day years ago and got a mercedes logo in my public hair … hahahhahahhaha …. crazy! I think that heart shaped patch is perfect because … after all … who doesn’t HEART Violet? giggles

    • Hey Ms O! I love the Mercedes logo idea. How long did you keep it? I am thinking about getting my pubic hair died some crazy color, just for kicks. Why not?

      • ticklishstuey

        Hello Ms Violet,
        I love reading these posts, discovering secrets 🙂 Would I be able to ask some trivia questions?
        1. If I were to cook you dinner, what would be your favourite meal?
        2. Would you like to have some wine with your dinner?
        3. Out of the four seasons, which do you like the best?
        4. What is your favourite style of music?
        5. Do you have a favourite colour?
        6. Have you ever acted on stage?
        7. Your favourite cartoon of all time (heehee)
        8. And finally if you saw me being tickle tortured by Ms Oliva or any other Mistress, and I was laughing, screaming and begging for mercy, would you come to my aid or would you join in and make the torture even worse!!!

        • Oh, stuey! You have me laughing just reading that last question. *grin*

          1. I really enjoy scallops with lemon sauce, fresh green beans, and a delicious fresh roll.
          2. Occasionally I will have a glass of wine. Yes!
          3. Autumn is my favorite
          4. Celtic
          5. Purple
          6. Yes
          7. There are few that I can tolerate. I used to like Scooby Doo
          8. Silly Stuey. You know I would join right in and ramp up the tickle torture.

  • peterteasetoy

    You know that I love that you are a girly Mistress and embrace your femininity so much Miss Violet! *squirm*

    I also love how your favourite panties show of even more of your incredible thighs! *adjusts erection*

    • Glad to keep my darling tease toy happy. You matter to me very much. *big hugs and long, thigh length caresses*

      • peterteasetoy

        *squirm* Thank you Miss Violet! *squirms and throbs helplessly in your loving, caressing embrace*

        Oh, that’s one question that I don’t think you have shared the answer to in public. Just how long, from crook of knee to hip bone, are those spectacular thighs of yours?

  • Jennifer

    Everyone else is too afraid to leave a comment, so I’ll start : 1) Please Mistress, what is that tattoo on your right butt cheek? 2) What bra cup size are your beautiful breasts?
    I bet that you are less than half my age (65), so , how old are you? and finally – how many foot/lbs. of force can you generate with a hand slap ? either spank or face slap.

    How many dresses do you own?
    If you were to own a sissy in real time, what quality would you seek out most? i.e. cooking,cleaning,yard work,cock sucking, what?

    • Jennifer! Hey sweetie! You are such a hoot. Okay…here goes:

      1) I have a ladybug, and two Chinese symbols
      2) 36B
      3) 36
      4) I have no idea. I could make something up. 1000 pounds of force. LOL
      5) I had to go count them. I have 16 dresses. That does not include my many skirts
      6) Definitely service: housework, grocery shopping, cooking, and foot massage. Always with the foot massage. 🙂

      How’s that?

  • D

    …haven’t read the post yet… saw your pic, jacked-off, ….3 times! Maybe I’ll be able to read it the next pass.

    • Okay then. Glad to hear my photo proved so inspiring to you, D. Did you save all of that jizz for your upcoming HUGE MEGA load cum eating call?

      • D

        Saved? Yes. Photo inspiring? Well, let’s take a look. Laying there seductive and ready, hair draped across your chest (Booo on the flower, just saying), subtle smile as though “You know what you have to do to take care of me…..”, spider web stockings to ensnare, hands ready to hold my head against your sweet nectar pot… ooops, hold on, be right back… DAMN! didn’t make it passed the photo again!

  • Jennifer

    I took a complete course in Swedish massage once, I was the sautee’ cook on the line of the 6th best restaurant in the country according to “Holiday Magazine”, I don’t like to shop at the big box grocery stores but little out of the way gourmet shops are cool, I dislike housework but I’m thorough when I do it, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.
    Your body and age are perfect
    I bet that I’ll end up owning more dresses than you
    Someday you’ll have to show me that sparkly pink fairy tattoo you saw, but yours sounds more appropriate for you

    Lovsies, Your sissy in waiting, Jenny

    • Very impressive, Jennifer. Thank you for sharing these tidbits with me. I am with you on big box stores. For me, disliking housework is a non-issue
      as my house boys do that for me. You probably will end up owning more dresses than I have. I do not doubt that at all. The sparkly pink fairy tattoo
      is for you. I have to tell you…I got the ladybug when I turned 18. It seemed cute at the time. Now I wish I did not get it. Perhaps I can have
      someone turn it into something that fits me better as the woman I am now.

  • Miss Violet, I think our readers love finding out about intimate details of our lives. I think many of them wonder what type of undies we wear or if we have a thunderbolt waxed on our pussies! I’m sure you will get so many more questions.

    • Hello Mistress Lena! So good to hear from you. You are correct. I have received a good number of questions after this posting went out. And about that thunderbolt…ROFL.

  • Jennifer

    Also I play guitar and tabla and sing, and now I have 2 videos up on YouTube (haven’t you seen the email I sent you with the links?), so I could entertain you.

  • Late to the party but wow, I love this post!

    With respect to grooming, I like it when a woman has some hair down there.

    As for me, I too have some hair, but in my femdom fantasies I usually fantasize about her requiring me to be smooth – for two reasons:

    1) It is natural to have pubic hair, her requirement that I be smooth is thus a symbol of her ownership of that part of my anatomy.

    2) It means frequent surprise inspections where I am required to drop my panties and lift my skirt while she inspects and feels for stubble to make sure I am obedient with my grooming, and for some reason that non-erotic inspection is very erotic to me.

    • Hello Alice Wonder. Glad to hear you enjoyed this post. Your fantasy about being required to be shaved smooth and having random, non-erotic inspections reminds me of a ritual I had with a male slave years ago. I required him to be completely smooth around his genitals. I would inspect him from time to time and if I found a hair, I would pluck it out with tweezers. Any hair I found…plucked! It is painful and motivated him to be more diligent.

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