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The Mysterious 7th Sense

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That Special Sense

You know about the five traditional senses:  sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.  We all have them.  We all use them daily.  Then there is the sixth sense, intuition.  Sure…debates continue over the sixth sense, but it is there.

This post is about the mysterious 7th sense.  That is the special sense that a Mistress has about her submissive/slave/sissy.  It goes beyond mere intuition but is definitely part of control and domination.

The Mysterious 7th Sense

I am convinced that this sense develops due to the incredibly close bond that exists between a Mistress and her sub/slave/sissy.  This connection runs deep and expands out in many directions.

Due to this special sense, Mistress knows more about you than you may realize.  She may know more about you than you even want her to.  Too bad.  Mistress knows all which means you are completely controlled by Mistress.

Details About This

This came up last week when I was talking with Tinkerbell Tammy, who I really like.  She has a Mistress wife, but her role in that relationship is not exactly what she would like it to be.  Sometimes Tinkerbell Tammy becomes sad and frustrated.  She mentioned to me how her Mistress wife knows when Tinkerbell Tammy lies to her.

I laughed at this, but then let her know that I have that same ability with my personal houseboys, and a good number of you reading this post right now.  Yes…I do know when you lie to me.  I do know when you are hiding something.  Getting nervous?  Good!

Call Miss Violet for sensual phone sex 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

This Can Be Good

There is a flip side to this.  When Mistress is in session with you, and you beg her to stop; whine, plead, or cry, she knows why no means yes.  Whether you are getting a bare bottom spanking, being flogged, or tickle tortured…Mistress knows what you truly want and do not want.

This means that even if you cannot bear to admit your desires, Mistress is aware of them.  Mistress will make sure your needs are met.  Sometimes you will wait for that to happen, as it can be a good idea to surprise you with something you have wanted to try or experience.  You don’t have so much time to get nervous and chicken out.  Not going to happen!

Accept It

There are many things that you, as a submissive, have no control over.  Add this mysterious 7th sense to that list.  Accept that your Mistress has this ability and will use it as needed.

Tell me about your experiences with a Mistress, or Master, and this special 7th sense.

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Miss Violet 800-601-6975

31 comments to The Mysterious 7th Sense

  • Petey cream puff

    It was both you & Ms Olivia that sensed I was a cream puff sissy. When I walked in and both of you were wearing just the bra/panty set and I was caught off guard. My house smelled so feminine and there was all of your clothes laying around along with makeup/perfumes/lipsticks in my bathroom. Also when I got out of shower there was bras/panties in my drawer and none of my undies. Both of you wanted to take me with shopping and I didn’t think I would be much use but both of you said it would be fun way to spend day with 2 hot women and my advice was needed. That’s where the 7th sence came in when we were at Victoria’s Secret as I was nervous as Ms Olivia sprayed me in perfume and put shimmer blush on my cheeks along with trying on shades of burgendy lipstick on my lips. Both of you giggled and said to relax as I looked so cute/adorable with the blush/lipstick on and that I smelled so girlish. Then both of you held me in middle of you and had me go into fitting room stripping me of my clothes and have me try on bras/panties and kept me in them only to take me out of fitting room to have everyone see me. I was so embarrassed as everyone took selfies of me and giggled at me wearing bra/panty set as both you you said I’m your cream puff. When both of you gave me makeover/feminine arched eyebrows. Both of you made a bet with me saying if I don’t cum I can go back to being in my clothes but if I cum I have to stay this way and have to wear women’s clothes/dresses and start hormone therapy. With each lipstick kiss on
    My cheeks I couldnt hold back as I made cummies and now I’m your cream puff girl.

    I miss those calls with both of you and I want to start doing them again. I’ve met 3 women and the masseuse knows of my fetish of wearing women’s clothes as I’ve tried on dresses for her. The other one I think knows as she’s talked nail polish with me and I think she senses this and has said she wants to know more about me. I have strong feeling she wants to take control of me which I’m ok with as ice upset her 2 times and don’t want to make it 3 times. I did say to one of her friends that I’ll do what her and her gf says and wants with no protest/raising my voice and she overheard this saying she’s looking for boyfriend like this her gf is the one I have hots for and she doesn’t know that I like to wear women’s clothes. I want both to take charge of me and be in female led relationship with them. I just need to man up put on my big girl pants and tell them. I’m just afraid they won’t be interested.

  • kneelcc

    Thank You Ms. Violet for Your timeliness and pertinence of this recent post for me. Even though we haven’t been able to speak for a while, i know You have many more than seven senses. i also know the energetic connection we share is still strong and want You to know You helped me at a time when i really needed exactly what You provided. So, to anyone that reads this and doesn’t yet know You, they should.

    i do wonder if Mistress’ seventh sense is metaphysical or something less complicated? my belief is that if Mistress has needs, wants, and desires She can articulate clearly; provides an opportunity for me to fulfill any of these within my limited abilities; …What other purpose is there for a submissive? Perhaps it’s just the sense She gets that providing for Her pleasure is the ultimate source of mine. i will share the bond between Mistress and me definitely provides the feedback for Her to ascertain how to also satisfy my physical needs. It is She who pushes my limits and expands my boundaries in both realms of pain and pleasure.

    Seventh sense? Perhaps another name for it. i am just blessed that i can have such deep energetic connections with those transmitting on the same frequency and wave length.

    There is also that extra bonus during after-hugs when She benevolently forgives my short cummings, knowing it is not for lack of effort. Bottom line for me is the bond You mention above is exactly true to get to this level of FemDom intimacy, respect, trust, and commitment.

    Thanks for allowing me a venue to share my thoughts on this topic. i trust You can feel the rainbow of energy i’m emitting a i draft this.

    • Hello kneel! You were on my mind strongly last week. It is so good to hear from you. We do have that amazing connection. You are so right. Call it what you will…it exists. And if a submissive/slave/sissy is reading this post and does NOT experience this connection with their Mistress/Master, perhaps they are not the right Domme(Dom) for you. kneel…does this mean that you are in a lifestyle relationship? Your rainbow of energy was felt and is returned. *hugs*

  • little luke

    There definitely is a 7th sense, Miss Violet. i have experienced it with You. It is amazing what You know and the bond we have. You always seem to know where to take me and how to control me. Definite 7th sense.

    • So happy to hear you feel that, little luke. There have been times when I knew something that freaked a submissive out, but it just came to me. The connection was there, we were deep into a scene, and boom…there it was.

  • Jennifer

    I knew it, I thought this very thing…. that you weren’t responding to my email until I had completed my assignment. This blog confirms it. It’s like you have supernatural powers or something. Omg , I really am in for it. Well I did complete my assignment. Lucky for me you are so kind and loving. lovsies,…Jenny

    • Yes, Jennifer, that is it. And it is also because I did not receive an email from you. Please re-send that, sweetie. I want to know what you have to say. And…do your assignment! *spank*

  • peterteasetoy

    What, like, trying read an article Miss Violet, *squirm* while a sexy woman is showing off her panties under her short schoolgirl skirt? *adjusts erection*

  • peterteasetoy

    *squirm* Oh, I’m always thinking about ways to bring you pleasure Miss Violet, *squirm* especially your pink bits! *adjusts erection*

    • Uh oh…someone is discriminating against my non-pink parts. *wink*

      • peterteasetoy

        Well, you’ve got to admit that your pink parts are rather special Miss Violet! *squirm*

        • Perhaps award winning quality. *smile*

          • peterteasetoy

            Oh, oh, Miss Violet, *squirm* can I judge? *adjusts erection*

          • Absolutely. You are a most beloved and teased professor. We definitely want you to judge.

          • peterteasetoy

            Oh, er, *squirm* the entire class want me to judge their pink parts? Is doing so one of the rules I have to follow from your book Miss Violet? *squirm*

            And erm, *squirm* does that involve the tightness test? *adjusts erection*

          • tease toy, you are a wonder. Yes! It absolutely involves the dreaded, yet much anticipated, Tightness Test!

          • peterteasetoy

            *squirm* But Miss Violet, *squirm* after you and the rest of your classmates have each given me a few goes at testing the tightness of their pink parts, I’m not going to be able to even think straight! *adjusts erection*

          • What? Are you telling me that you can think straight now? With me and my army of sexy teasing Mistresses working our magic on you day after day? I don’t think so!!

          • peterteasetoy

            Well, no, Miss Violet! *squirm* But just seeing any of my sexy students when I have the visual, and physical sensation memory of them using my heavily teased cock to test out their tightness, is going to make it SO much harder for me! *adjusts erection*

          • Harder? Are you referring to your job, or your willie? *smile*

          • peterteasetoy

            The visual, and physical sensation memory of each of my students using my heavily teased cock to test out their tightness, is going to make BOTH my cock and my job that much harder when I see, think of, or interact with that student Miss Violet! *squirm*

          • Oh dear. Sorry, tease toy, but I simply cannot visualize myself as the student and you as the professor. I always see it the other way around. Uh oh for you!!! xox

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