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About Me

Learn all About Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Learn all About Miss Violet 800-601-6975

About Miss Violet

I am a true Amazon woman, standing exactly six feet tall.   My hair is naturally straight and  I have been growing my hair out for about 16 years.  My eyes are dark green with flecks of warm brown mixed in.   My measurements are 36~24~38.  Enough of the physical.  You can look at my photos to get that info.

Part of What Makes me Me

My father is Hispanic and my mother is Irish.  I grew up with much more Irish influence than anything else.  My hometown is back east.  I live in Arizona now, and I love it here in the wild, wild, West!  Growing up, I spent most of my time outdoors swimming, ice skating, playing kickball, tobogganing, and camping.  My preference is still to be outdoors.  I made a move to the high country two years ago where I can hike year ’round in gorgeous surroundings.

Lifestyle Domme

That means I am a Mistress in my personal life.  I have been a lifestyle Mistress for about 21 years.  From a young age, I remember playing in a dominant fashion.  Want to know exactly what I did?  Ask me on a call.  It’s a funny, rather shocking story.  By the time I was 14, older guys were chasing after me.  They wanted sex.  I was not ready for that, but I was ready to control guys.  And so I did.  That is a long story unto itself.  At age 21 I joined my first lifestyle club.  Since then, I have been a regular at a few BDSM clubs, and had regular long term male slaves I play with.  So when you and I are on the phone, having a session, I am pulling from my real life experiences to benefit you and make it very real.

Prior to LDW

I have been joyfully part of the LDW family since August 2009.  Before that?  I had been working in the mental health field.  My degrees are in Psychology.  Though I do not play head games, I DO enjoy messing with your mind when it serves the purpose of intensifying your session…or deepening your bond to Me.  There are logical reasons why I left that field and came to work here.  Want to know why?  Man up and ask me.  *smile*  The truth is that psychology comes into play in BDSM in a way that allows me to get into your head naturally, and discover what you need, and desire.  You will be so glad I know what I know.

My Personal Life

For years, I had two male live-in house slaves.   That became a bit crowded and I decided that I needed my space.  Now my house boys live close by.  They both have full time, professional careers.  They are also on-call to handle my housework, laundry, grocery shopping, foot massages, errands and serving.   Being the totally devoted boys they are, they contribute financially to my household.  My house slaves have been in chastity for 6 1/2 and 7+ years respectively.  Their on-going chastity is very meaningful to them as each of them came to me asking me to keep them in permanent chastity.  Since that works well for me, and I like chastity so much, I said yes.

Erotic Interests

You already know I am a kinky woman.  Now learn even more about Miss Violet.  My personal likes in the erotic world are:

Role Plays

My extensive background in theater makes me really talented at role plays and fantasies.  I am also very open to hearing about your personal fetish.  I enjoy sessions where we talk about your desires, your experiences, and where we session as if you and I are together in person.  You will find that I am open to new ideas.

What I Do For Fun

What do I do when I am not standing before your kneeling form?  I play musical instruments, sing, read, write music, tend my herb garden, hike, work out, do yoga, meditate, swim, go to the theater, dine out, travel, visit with friends, do astronomyBid to win a pair of Miss Violet's panties 800-601-6975, and read some more.  All my life I have been a voracious reader.  I don’t see that stopping any time soon.  This explains the fact that I ALWAYS have books on my Wish List.

What Won’t I Do?

This will be a short list, but it is a hard line.  I do not do underage fantasies, scat, blood letting, rape, death fantasies, or religious blasphemy.  Per company policy, I also do not do illegal activities such as blackmail, or true financial domination.  Now if you want to spend your money on me…I’m fine with that.  That is what my Wish List and tributes are for. *wink*   My feeling on that is that if you want to spend your money on a woman, you could not find one better than me to spend it on.

What Makes Me Special

Per my callers, it is the combination of my intelligence, quick wit, conversational abilities, sensuous nature, and my life experience both as a lifestyle Domme and in general.  What do I mean?  I have literally traveled the world.  My travels have lead to some very interesting places.  Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Hawaii, London, Paris, several cities in Switzerland, Austria, Greece, India, as well as many beautiful places in the fabulous U.S.A.  I have seen, and done, so many things in my relatively short life.  My spirit is adventurous and I have long been known for my joie de vivre!

Reaching Out to Touch Me

See my Schedule & Sessions page for details.  There are several methods of reaching me.  Some faster and easier than others.  I am pleased that you took the time to read all about Miss Violet.  The fact that you read all the way down to this last paragraph speaks volumes about you.  You are intelligent enough to know you need to thoroughly research Mistresses before you select one to call.  Clearly you have enough focus to concentrate for several minutes.  Lastly…you evidence some attention to detail.  I am very pleased indeed.  When you call me, mention this last paragraph to me so I will know from the start what exceptional aptitude you show.

Miss Violet

Why wait?  Call me now at 800-601-6975

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