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Long Term Chastity

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A Relative Term

What does “long term” mean to you?  I have discovered that it means something different to each person.  For me it means at least a month.  That is long enough to give you a real taste of long term chastity, and not so long that you gnaw . . . → Read More: Long Term Chastity

Milking Chastity Slaves

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The Debate Continues

In the BDSM community, it used to be said that chastity slaves had to be milked for the health of their prostate.  That changed recently.  I have had two urologists tell me that this is not the case.  Prostates will be just fine without regular milking.

Some . . . → Read More: Milking Chastity Slaves

Chastity Lock Down

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Keeping You Locked

One of the problems with a long distance chastity relationship is the key issue.  You send it to me, I hold it until I want you to have a release, then I send it back to you.  Far too cumbersome.   My darling, betsy anne, . . . → Read More: Chastity Lock Down