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The Mysterious 7th Sense

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That Special Sense

You know about the five traditional senses:  sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.  We all have them.  We all use them daily.  Then there is the sixth sense, intuition.  Sure…debates continue over the sixth sense, but it is there.

This post is about the . . . → Read More: The Mysterious 7th Sense

Giving You What You Need

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You Need it Bad

I get it.  You have specific needs…desires.  That is what led you to find me in the first place.  You want to have a great first call, so you think to visit my “About Me” page and find out what types of calls I enjoy; . . . → Read More: Giving You What You Need

Mistress Gratitude

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You Are a Gift to Me

This is more than simply a way to make money.  And you are more than just a client.  You really are a gift to me.

You light up my life, you show me true submission and devotion, you add laughter to my days and . . . → Read More: Mistress Gratitude

Mistress Attitude

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It’s Not a New Attitude

This is the same attitude I developed years ago when I discovered BDSM.  It is an attitude that I know you would recognize.  The Mistress Attitude.  It can be so subtle that people outside of the scene would not recognize it for what it is.  . . . → Read More: Mistress Attitude

Mistress submissive Connection

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Getting to Know You

In the beginning, you come to me because you like how I look, or my voice, or my writing.  You have read the “About Me” on this blog, so you know some about me, but not much.  You are completely new to me.  I am hearing . . . → Read More: Mistress submissive Connection

Spoiling Your Princess

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I Smell the Scent of Romance

February is a beautiful, heart warming, rosy pink month because Valentine’s Day is in the middle of it.  Not that sex engines like you and I need an excuse for romance, but I feel Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to pull . . . → Read More: Spoiling Your Princess

Turning You On

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Whatever Floats Your Boat

You may be wondering what type of call I like best.  The answer is…I like variety.  There are so many fetishes that I enjoy, so just tell me what you are interested in exploring and I will make sure you have a great time.  Your pleasure is . . . → Read More: Turning You On

Interviewing Voluptuous Princess Melanie

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Interviewing a Princess Princess Melanie and I are good friends.  We thought it would be fun to interview each other and post the answers on each others blogs.  Here is my interview of LDW’s curvy Princess Melanie. I love how people’s desires and goals . . . → Read More: Interviewing Voluptuous Princess Melanie

Getting Phone Sex Credit

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Jump on This Deal

You have 12 hours to take advantage of a special offer.  Starting at 5 pm EDT today and ending Monday, 4/7 at 5 am EDT, get a 10 minute credit for a call you purchase that lasts 20 minutes or . . . → Read More: Getting Phone Sex Credit

Sissy Girlfriends Forever

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Having Quality Girl Time

I adore my sissy girlfriends.  You know, a Mistress and her sissy girlfriend spending some quality girl time together.  Chatting about girl stuff:  pretty clothing, makeup, manicures, pedicures, and men.  *smile*  It is like a slumber party held on the phone.  Minus the pillow fights.  . . . → Read More: Sissy Girlfriends Forever