A Second Chance for You

Erotic Phone Mistress Violet 800-601-6975I was interviewed by the deliciously sexy Ms Tia last week on Talk Shoe.  This was an in-depth probe into my background, how I became a kinky phone sex Mistress, and more!  It was re-broadcast every day on CockRadio through today.  But in case you missed it, I am giving you a chance to hear the entire broadcast.  From Ms Tia’s teasing intro, to the lineup of the lovely Mistresses and callers who attended to ask questions of their own. I knew that some of you boys were out of town, or the country, on business.  A few of you had family gatherings to attend.  But, as promised…all is not lost!

The Interview Itself

Ms Tia loves tease and denial as much as I do!  This interview was a lot of tease.  Enticing little facts about me, my likes, my kinks, my favorite call, and favorite thing about being a phone fantasy artist.   But not so much that the erotic mystery is completely exposed.  I so enjoyed the spontaneous questions put to me by the callers who were present and Ms Constance who was there.  Actually, she brought up that infamous night in Vegas at the gentleman’s club.  Yes, the whole lap dance incident.  *laughing*

Your Chance is Here

But like I said, those of you who could not be there…you can still hear the entire interview.  And should the information you hear bring to mind questions of your own, I invite you to ask them here in a Comment.  I so love hearing what you boys have to say.  And if you ask questions here, rest assured I will answer them here as well.  Have a suggestion for a sexy audio, a blog entry…speak right up.  You know your favorite masturbation tease will come through for you.  You will find the link to my interview below:

For a phone sex session with Empress Violet, call 800-601-6975
Must be 18+ to call
Calls are $2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to a major credit card