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Mood Spankings

So Many Reasons

Spankings are not always a punishment.  Far from it!  I have discovered that submissives/slaves/sissies need spanking for a whole variety of reasons.  And also that each person can react very differently to the experience of being spanked.  It pleases me immensely to give a spanking of any type.  Let’s cover a few of them here.


Sometimes a submissive (you can substitute “slave” or “sissy”) is sassy or just plain disobedient.  For that they may be given a spanking as punishment, or part of their training.  But I have yet to meet a sub who does not find it erotic to receive a spanking from their Mistress.  So is it really a punishment?  It is if I use a paddle and spank harder than usual.


I have had subs who tend to get so full of energy or anxiety that they are fairly bouncing off the walls.  When I note this, I will give them a spanking to calm them.  It involves spanking with my hand, slowly increasing the rate and intensity.  Paying close attention to their reaction;  Breathing, body language, what they say.  Adjusting the spanking as I see them relaxing under my touch.  I became aware of this effect quite by accident years ago, but it has come in handy many times.

Just Plain Fun

Years ago I was spanking a fairly new sub of mine.  It was not the first time I spanked him, but this was the first time he began to laugh during the spanking.  My immediate reaction was to feel rather indignant.  A sub laughing at his Mistress?  Oh, I do not think so!  So I spanked harder.  My sub’s reaction to that was simply to laugh harder.  This went on until I was wailing on his ass and he was laughing so hard he had tears rolling down his face.  It ended with both of us laughing, me exhausted and him with an extremely red butt.  Who knew?  I have encountered this reaction a few times since then.  Most curious.

Imsomnia Cure

When a sub has trouble sleeping, or even getting tired enough to think of sleeping, a spanking can be just the thing.  I have them lie down on their stomach, with a couple of pillows under their groin.  This props the bottom up very nicely.  I tell them to close their eyes and begin to spank softly and rhythmically.  If I note them calming, I feel confident that they will respond well to my special insomnia treatment.  Between every 2o spanks, or so, I rub my hand over their increasingly warm cheeks…very soothingly.  As time goes by, I spank harder.  I have never had to spank longer than 30 minutes to get them to drop off into a very deep sleep.  And…I can keep spanking HARD without them waking up.  Are you surprised by this?

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30 comments to Mood Spankings

  • tim

    My My Ms Violet.

    I often read your entries with interest and enjoy very much.

    I must say that this reading re: spanking left me in deep yearning. Oh how wonderful it must be to find oneself in that “sub” space while being administered to by such a wonderful woman!!!

    • Thank you tim. I appreciate knowing you are reading my blog and enjoying it so much. A spanking session can be extremely fulfilling in a phone session. Any one of the types I talked about works beautifully. And if you doubt that, let me prove it to you. *wink*

  • sissy brad

    Absolutely great post. I have not been spanked since I was a kid, but fascinated by it. I imagine it to be erotic, huniliating, and possibly painful. Oh to be over your knee or on my hands/knees while you administer a spanking!

    • Hello sissy brad. Thank you for stopping by and reading my post. Spanking is truly a topic near and dear to my heart. I could (and can) go on and on about it. If you desire your spanking to be erotic, humiliating, and somewhat painful…it can be. That is one of the wonderful aspects of spanking. It can be administered with, or without, a reason. And it can mean such different things to each spankee. I hope to have you over my lap some time. *wink*

  • tommie

    Well said, MsViolet.

    • Hey tommie! *smile* I always enjoy having you here in my corner of the LDW world. As a true affectionado of spanking, I take your words as high praise. Say hello to the fabulous Ms Catherine for me.

  • slavemind

    Yes, I am very surprised that you could spank a slave to sleep.

    Reading this makes me so wish I could be spanked by you sometime my Mistress. But I suspect I may never deserve a naughtiness spanking. It just doesn’t seem in my nature to be either sassy or disobedient with you.

    Another type of spanking might be the “conditioning spanking”. This might be a series of treatments that condition the cock to get hard at even the thought of being spanked.

    • Well hello slave jeff. *smile* I was thinking about you the other day. Happy belated birthday! In all of the time I have known you, you have never come close to requiring a punishment anything. But you thoroughly enjoyed the conditioning spankings I administered. I remember them very, VERY well. So tell me slave jeff…if you long for a spanking and I long to spank you…what is preventing that from happening?

  • stephen

    I truly cannot even begin to imagine any spanking putting me to sleep, especially knowing you would be doing it.
    My heart would be pounding in my chest so hard, I couldn’t even begin to even think of falling to sleep.’)

  • stephen

    Wake me up spanking would be good. My heart would definitely jump out of my chest then.

  • castaway

    Ms Violet,

    Far be it from me to try to diagnose matters of the mind for someone with your educational background, but perhaps the “laughing spankee” was doing so b/c a nervous, “butterflies in the stomach” feeling in anticipation of your ‘addressing him’. I know if it were me in his place I would have all kinds of conflicting emotions and sometimes laughter is an involutary reflex.

    *takes off ‘amateur psychologist’ hat*

    Good blog, Ms Violet–time spent interacting with you through any medium is always time well spent (and I look forward to breaking thru to the next medium)

    • Well hello Castaway! So good to see you here. I think you are on the right track with your thinking about the laughing spankee. I have experienced that with a small number of spankees. Sometimes it was clearly a matter of nerves. Other times, I am not so sure. But it was delightful to experience! Thank you for visiting my blog and I also look forward to that “break thru”. *smile*

  • rob4001

    There’s punishment, but there’s always just discipline, it seems to me. A spanking because you can. Or want to. Correct? After all, what is control and authority without wielding it and occasionally demonstrating it?

    • If a submissive is into discipline, or in desperate need of it, then the spankings are about discipline. But yes…often I spank simply because I love doing it. Everything about it. A true submissive knows that everything is about pleasing his Mistress. As a Mistress knows that it is her responsibility to give her submissive what he needs…not necessarily what he wants. However, when a submissive is paying for the session, that changes things slightly. And most of the men who call dominant women for phone sex are not really submissive. They enjoy experiencing a period of time being submissive. And that is cool too.

  • peterteasetoy

    I will crib here from my EE comment on this posting, Miss Violet *squirm*

    But I would be SO excited from being with you that I would need SO many calming spankings!

  • Scott

    I would love to be spanked by you.

    • Spanking on a call is the next best thing to being over my lap Scott. I have administered some lengthy, intense, HOT spankings in phone sessions. And I have a nice variety of implements with which to practice on your ass with. *wink*

  • Scott

    Sounds like lots of fun Mistress

  • Scott

    I think that it would be really nice to be spanked by you Mistress.

  • susan9316

    Can it be more than one type of spanking at a time? i think it must be so. As a submissive, the very idea of a spanking by you, Mistress, is exciting. A a sissy, lifting my skirt to accept your strokes is heaven. It means you are paying attention to me, training and conditioning me, and allowing me to fulfill my deep desire to give myself fully to you, to be at your mercy. So it is definitely exciting, the pain an affirmation, the markings a gift. But a thorough spanking will also move past the initial excitement to the point where your control is more real, the submission a truer test, to the point of breaking me down to fully experience, accept and indeed welcome that you have brought me to another place. And then, at the end, a release of energy and a sense of calm and truth. that your control as Mistress has reached inside me, and ironically brought a new level of tenderness as you have felt the pain that you have kindly given me and i have felt the beautiful strength that carry as Mistress.

    • Hello my sweet susan. *smile* Yes…a spanking can definitely be about more than one type at a time. They usually are. You are such a natural submissive that you experience every moment of our sessions at a depth not many people achieve. Every nuance is noticed and relished. I appreciate that about you susan. And I really enjoy spanking you.

  • simeon

    Mistress Violet,
    I think that the calming spankings will be a regular thing me for now on. Definitely did the trick last night. What a marvelous Mistress you are. Who would have guessed that a spanking could do this?

  • Sissy Candy

    Spanking has its uses getting disciplining spankings as needed and one that is forgotten is the one when you’ve not actually had an infraction but there’s a lot of tension in you. You’re primed but the fuse hasn’t been lit. A well delivered spanking at that point is something I find very helpful in dealing with day to day frustrations, bring me back before I really lose it.
    Regards Sissy Candy

    • Aw. Sissy Candy, I can tell that you adore spanking, like I do. Of course your fondness is on the receiving end. You are so right! Sometimes a submissive/sissy simply needs to relieve tension. A thorough spanking is a wonderful way to achieve that. Sissy Candy, have you ever fallen asleep receiving a hard spanking?

  • Sissy Candy

    I haven’t fallen asleep but have moved into subspace a few times which obviously the spanker needs take care of me until I’m out of it, thank You Mistress.

    • Very nice, Sissy Candy. I had a submissive who would fall deeply asleep, no matter how hard I spanked him. Fascinating! I never met another dominant who had met a submissive like that.

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