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Depriving You of Sensation

No...not this severe.  But isn't this a fun pic?

No…not this severe. But isn’t this a fun pic?


The Mystery

There is something about a sensory deprivation scene that takes a session to a whole new level.  Definitely adding to the intensity.  Standing naked in the middle of a room while a fully dressed Mistress circles you.  Sizing you up.  Plotting your journey.

What Will Be Next?

You feel her soft hand caress your face.  Your ears hear her moving around you slowly.  The fact that her eyes are on you, moving intently over your body…you have no doubt of.  Suddenly the crack of her hand on your ass resounds through the room.  Startled, you make a small sound.  Her soft laughter brings a flood of red to your face.

Next you feel the burning sting of what you quickly realize is an ice cube moving around your right nipple, down your chest.  Goosebumps appear on your arms.  With no warning, your hair is grabbed and pulled back a bit.  You feel the tongue of your Enchantrix moving erotically down the left side of your neck.

You Can Have This

A lot of people do not realize that this type of scene can easily be done in a phone or sexy texting session.   I have done a great deal of these calls and every single person has told me that it was one of the most intense experiences of their life.  They are hooked.  Which pleases me immensely as I am into sensory deprivation.   Yet another form of serious cock teasing you can experience with me.

My Featured Day

A lot of you have been asking when I will be the Featured Mistress of the Day.  My day is Saturday, November 13th.  So mark your calendars.  Grab this opportunity to call me if you have been thinking about giving me a try; and if you are a regular caller…get your FREE 10 minute call with me anyway!  *smile*  I will be here from midnight to 4:30 am EST.  Then back at 1:30 pm to midnight EST.  LOTS of opportunities to call me!  I am really excited about being one of the Featured Mistresses.  I hope you will help make sure that I get a TON of callers that day!

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For an erotic phone sex session with Empress Violet, call 800-601-6975
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
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20 comments to Depriving You of Sensation

  • stephen

    This is one of the hottest subjects you could have written about. “Suddenly the crack of her hand on your ass”,
    OMG how hot is that!!.
    I know first hand Empress Violet is masterful at sensory deprivation and I hope everyone calls for their free 10 minutes with her.

  • sissy brad

    empress, sounds like a great thing to explore – so, sensory deprive me a way!

  • I have begun exploring sensory deprivation a bit more with some callers, and I know how much it brings to an erotic phone sex call. I have to say, having some real time experience has made the phonesex mistress experience all the more fun, knowing what I do now about this kinky fetish!

    • Without a doubt Empress Stephanie. When you do this type of scene in person…it makes it so much easier to create a highly realistic scene for our callers. I am happy to hear you are exploring this type of call too!

  • I was at a Halloween party with a man encased in a lime green version of your friend’s suit. It was obvious he had nothing beneath it… he sprouted his boner proudly. I watched him prance around all night like he was cock of the walk,engorged, aroused. and lured him back to a corner and teased him a bit… well enough so he sported a huge wet spot. Then I walked away and left him denied. I had to giggle when he wouldn’t get up from the table after that. Was it something I did, giggle?

    • Naughty Ms Lauren. Is it any wonder I adore you so!! *laugh* You are a sultry Southern temptress my friend. Can you imagine getting those two in the same pic? Mr fire engine red suit next to Mr lime green suit. OMG

  • Davina

    Not sure if you read all of these but what the heck, it’s worth a try. I think I can address you here without breaking my promise because my wife can open and read this which makes it equivalent to a public forum.

    I have been following you lately in the Sissy-School forum because your answers have really impressed me. That and I find many of your shared attributes very impressive. I want to send a few bucks your way and maybe, just maybe, I might be able to talk my wife into it. But anything I do will ALWAYs be with her permission. What I was thinking of is enlisting you as sort of a “counseling” service or kind of a marriage counselor.

    I would have to go into a lot more detail but it would initially require a public forum until my wife agreed to make it private. I am not sure what would be the best initial setting but Sissy School is fine because I don’t have a problem sharing there as I trust everyone there and have never said anything that would contradict what I would tell you.

    If I can convince my wife that you can help improve our sex lives, I am sure she will let me spend some money. Up to you really and I would be most thankful for any other suggestions. And thanks for all the warm comments so far.

    • Yes Davina, I do read every one of the comments left on my blogs. Just as I read the comments left on my audios on and I am so happy that you deemed this within the agreement you have with your wonderful wife. You know how much I support your marriage and the amazing situation you have as a sissy. So I applaud your devotion to her. Have you seen my site? That is precisely what it is for…having me become a counselor of sorts in any way you wish. Sharing in Sissy School is fine with me as well Davina. There are ways I can improve your already delightful marriage. I have a lot of experience in helping couples. *smile*

  • peterteasetoy

    One of the things about reducing the senses (blindfolds, etc) is that it increases the sensations from the others as we attempt to compensate.

    To have someone as creative as you controlling the scene and one as talented in sensation play, would only make someone want to reach out even more with those others scenes, Miss Violet *squirm*

    • That is correct. I remember back to when I was receiving training from a very experienced Master in becoming a Mistress. He put a blindfold on me, tied my hands behind my back and proceeded to introduce a long list of sensations to my body. Every sound he made was amplified. My nose was able to pick up a faint scent from across the large room. My body felt every touch 5-fold. An experience I recommend for anyone!

  • balloonboy1969

    Mistress I CANT wait to be dominated by you over the phone tommorow. I am about to pop right now in my pants!!! God I have dreamed of you laughing at me jerking it for you. Thank you so much Mistress Violet. You are so intensely beautiful. I hope an incredibly pussy stretching cock pumps you all night and you tell me how it felt to be fucked hard ….By a MAN cock.

  • Forrest

    Mistress violet this sounds like an incredible experience. I’d love for you to take my senses away in our next call

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