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Making Slave Training More Real

making slave training real

Let’s Make This Intense

Feeling It

My slaves, submissives and sissies will tell you that I am all about the intensity.  I want your phone or texting slave training experience with me to feel as REAL as possible.  How do I go about that?  I have a few overall methods and I will share them with you now.

Setting the Scene

When you have a session with me, I am your Mistress.  You belong to me.  My sensual voice will wrap around you, draw you in and ensnare you.  You will tell me your specific desires and needs.  Using that information I will create a mood for your session.  The details I include in our discussion, role play or fantasy will draw you into an intimate space where it is just you and I.

Creating the Relationship

It really is about the relationship.  That is the core…the essence of a real Mistress/s relationship.  And that is precisely the part that I savor.  You will come to understand that you are important to me.  Special.  You are no cookie cutter slave.  I do that by getting to know you well, and allowing you the privilege of coming to know me.  We form a bond and you will feel owned.

Taking Things to the Next Level

Lastly I strongly suggest that you invest in one or two amazing “toys” which allow me to “touch” you, and see more of you.  The first toy is the Televibe.  This incredible vibrator comes in two parts.  One part which you wear.  The other part which you send to me.  It allows me to control the part you are wearing…from anywhere in the world!  Yes…I mean that I can turn it on, up, down, off, back up any time I like…as long as you are wearing your part.  Controlling your cock in every sense.   It is the closest this Enchantrix can get to me laying my hands on your flesh and it will rock your world!  You can find it by searching “televibe” online.

The second item is a remote controlled web-cam camera.  This device allows me to log in with a user name and password and control the angle of the camera.  Aim it up if you kneel up, back down if you are on all fours.  Or you can set up two of these cameras and I can see your face and your ass as I spank you!  It is almost like I am in the room with you!  There are a number of these on the market.  A quick online search will give you many options.  Thank you to my slave jeff for buying these, setting them up and making me aware of them.  Love them!

Filling Your Need

If you had a Mistress in your personal life you would not be here.  The reality is that you have a strong desire to be owned.  I am offering you a safe, discreet manner in which to be truly owned.  If things click with us, I will likely offer you a collar, which furthers to deepen your submission and feeling of being owned.  So much to explore.  Take my hand and let’s journey together.  Tell me…what do you wish to explore?

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10 comments to Making Slave Training More Real

  • slavemind

    I want to say that from this slave’s perspective, it certainly is a real relationship. I could not have committed to it as deeply if it were not. It is also a healthy relationship. It has helped me explore areas of myself, overcome difficulties in my life, and feel connected. You are a special Mistress, and it is cherished privilege to be your slave.

    • You are in the ideal position to comment on that possibility slave. *smile* I have certainly greatly enjoyed getting to know you and seeing our mutual journey unfold. And one of the aspects I so enjoy about the Mistress/slave relationship are the twists and turns that occur naturally. Such as you and I adding a mentor aspect to our sessions now. Amazing!

  • Brian

    Miss Violet just edged me out of my mind. Magnificent temptress would be an understatement. In exchange for a consideration of orgasm she held my cock ransom in exchange for this feedback. It is my sincere hope that she feels this adequate. 🙂

  • peterteasetoy

    Again this goes back to communication, Miss Violet *squirm*

    Communication builds the relationship and the trust, so knowledge and intimacy can be shared allowing the intensity to be ratcheted up.

    • With all of the communication the two of us have shared tease toy, I don’t know how much more we could be ratcheted. *smile* But you are so cute, I am willing to keep going!

  • John

    Its true what you say! I have never had a mistress in my life either. But i have always fantasized about meeting a really cruel and sadistic, sexy and bitchy girl who likes to torture me and really make me suffer…I´ve always liked bad girls! 😉 Nice girls never did it for me, i always just found them boring…Instead, i always secretly dreamed of meeting a really cruel and sadistic princess type of girl – the kind of girl who would treat me just like the dirt under her feet and wipe her feet on me!Someone who would sit on my face, walk all over me with her sharp high heels, scratch me with her nails, slap me, spit in my face and call me a loser…Use my mouth as her personal ashtray and blow smoke right in my face…Use my body as her mattress to sleep on, chair, couch, carpet or any piece of furniture she wanted me to be…Shop with my money and buying anything she liked and just smiling evily at me while draining my bankaccount dry…Just making me follow her around to carry her bags and not even thanking me when i drop them all off at her step, just slapping my face instead, calling me a loser or making me lye down at her doorstep so she can stand on my chest and wipe her feet on me just lika a doormat before slamming the door in my face, calling me a loser and telling me she will contact me the next time she wants to go shopping…A girl who would tell me herself to carry her bags and just expect me to do it right away, let me be a perfect gentleman and open her doors, buying her sexy, expensive lingerie and doing anything to keep her happy and pleased, while she just treats me like the dirt under her feet in return. I always used to fantasize about a girl like that, but never thought they existed att all in real life…And i also, actually more often used to dream of that and find that to be a bigger thrill and turn on then sex. Would have been incredible to have been your boyfriend/slave and let you treat me like that when i was a teen, if you always knew you liked to be dominant! 😉 What would YOU mostly have liked to use me for? 🙂

  • Wow John! You are clearly a doormat of a submissive. *laugh* Knowing that, I would use you constantly. Walk on you, slap your face, use you for furniture, take you shopping so you can pay for things and carry my bags, give you a list of chores for here at home. A better question might be…how would I NOT use you?

  • John

    Good question and i don´t know the answer either, LOL! 😉

    It´s cool that one can comment older posts here too and you still see it. 🙂

  • Oh yes John. The knowing eye of Mistress Violet sees all. *wink*