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Reflecting on the Season

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On the First Day of Christmas

I will be heading out of town.  Out of state actually.  Early in the morning…hot coffee and bagel in hand.  Driving through the chilly desert of Phoenix, headed out on a four day adventure.  That will give me a whole lot of time to listen to the newest CD’s some of my wonderful callers have sent me.

Those of you who do not live in the wild West may not know that there are hours of driving time where one might receive no radio signals at all.  You read that right.  None.  I tend to spend that time singing some of my favorite songs, but eventually my vocal cords tire out and I flip on my CD player and groove to the tunes.  So thank you pet A and others who have so generously sent me fabulous music from my Wish List.

Back to the Point

Christmas means a whole lot more than presents to me.  Though presents can certainly meet a need, put a smile on someone’s face, and joy in the heart.  But the real meaning of the holiday season to me is to do good things for people.  Especially strangers and those who do not expect it.

It can be as simple as letting a man go ahead of me at the post office.  I always have a mountain of boxes and there will be a line of people behind me with one little box or a letter.  Or, holding the door for an elderly person.  Up to sending a whole bunch of gifts to a family I know who are struggling financially and have small children.  They will have no idea who that came from.  I am their secret Christmas elf.  *smile*

Now some of these things are tasks I do regularly, pretty much every day of my life.  But I put my kindness and loving hat on more firmly over the holidays.  People tend to get stressed and the best way to greet that is with a smile and a nice gesture.  I have been greeted with some of those myself of late.  From people I encounter in my personal life, and from the exceptional men and sissies who call me here at LDW.

Surprising Your Mistress

I know you appreciate me and the time we share together.  You tell me, you tell the world by rating our call (grin!), and a good number of you go a step further and show me.  The first amazing gesture that popped into my mind today is a very special gift from my tease toy.  He knows that I do energy healing for my family, friends, and others.  But I never had a massage table, which makes giving energy healing treatments much easier.  I had one on my Wish List for many months and he saw it and sent it to me.

When I found out, I had tears in my eyes.  I will be able to help so many more people now and that means so very much to me.  So thank you tease toy!  Another wonderful gesture was an airline gift certificate to visit my parents in Alabama.  That caller knew that I had not been to Alabama in a few years and was missing my parents so very much.  He just did that for me and I am still touched so deeply at his kindness.  The list could go on and on…that is how incredible my callers are.

Truly Caring

Again, though, it is more than gifts.  It is the true concern you wonderful callers show for me as a person.  You know that I return that in my concern for you and your life.  You cannot get to know a person so well via calls, emails, IMs, and text sessions, and not come to care about them.  For me that is impossible.

So I thank you…all of you…for being a part of my life.  Thank you for the friendship, devotion, generosity, and caring you send my way on a regular basis.  I notice it, I appreciate it, and my heart is so full with the love you give me.  I am looking forward to another year of incredible calls, laughter, kinkiness, and fun!

Going Both Ways

I appreciate the time we spend together.  Many of us have formed a real relationship and I cherish that.  So I enjoy doing special things for you!   When it is your birthday, I might send you a special photo birthday card of me, autographed…or sing happy birthday to you in my own style.

At Christmas, you just might find a little token of my esteem in your email.  You just never know!  But mostly I make sure that you know how much you mean to me.  That you are special to me, and that I think of you outside of our sessions.   I like you to know that, and to understand that each one of you has a special relationship with me.  And each relationship is different.   To me…you are as individual as a snowflake…and every bit as beautiful.

Thank you for being a part of my life!

Missing Me

As I mentioned earlier in this posting, I will be gone Christmas Day and for the 3 days after that.  I will be back on Thursday, December 29th.  This will be an actual vacation.  Can you believe it?  *laugh*  That means I will not have my laptop with me.  So…while I am gone, remember that you can:

  • See me at Cock Control
  • Read about me on my blogs:;;;;;
  • Hear me at our free audio sites:; and here on this blog
  • Learn about me by perusing my Wish List

Here for calls every day through the 24th!

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

23 comments to Reflecting on the Season

  • little_luke

    Very nice piece. What a great inspiration You are. The holidays are always better when we share and give. Merry Christmas Miss Violet.

    • Merry Christmas to you little luke. So happy that you are reading my blog, and you enjoyed this posting. I have been giving a lot of thought to what I wanted to say at this time of year. There are a good many callers who have come to mean an awful lot to me. You among them.

  • Ryan

    Nice read. I know I’ve only been around for a short time, but I definitely appreciate all the things that you do for me for free. Such as reply to my comments and my emails. Still looking for just the right way to say thank you for that at some point. Until then, I look forward to my next call to you and I hope you enjoy your vacation and have a Merry Christmas.

  • slave tom

    Have a very happy Christmas

  • Rick

    What a wonderful post. All of your callers know how lucky we are to have found you. The way you get to know us personally. You have inspired this admirer to follow through on a secret Santa gift for someone I know who has had a hard year. I hope you have the most relaxing vacation.


  • Wow…..what a beautiful letter Ms Violet. And while I can not speak for everyone else, Thank You, for being a part of my life and for allowing me to be apart of yours. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you 🙂

  • peterteasetoy

    *squirm* Thank you for mentioning me, Miss Violet! *squirm*

    And if anybody wonders why you are loved so much, they just have to read this blog post. You are truly beautiful, both inside and out!

    Of course I will miss you, but I hope that you have a wonderful vacation!

    • Why thank you my little tease toy. It means a lot to me that you see my inner qualities as well. And you have been HUGELY supportive in my energy healing work. *hugs* I will enjoy my short vacation, and be ready to get back in touch with you…yes…more squirming for you little tease……toy.

      • peterteasetoy

        *SQUIRM* It must be obvious to anyone that knows you, just how beautiful on the inside you are, Miss Violet! *squirm*

        You are welcome! *squirming while you hug me*

        Oh, er, more squirming, Miss Violet? *squirm*

  • What a very nice post, pretty mistress. I agree with all of my fellow Violet worshipers- the sentiment was lovely and very moving. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Empress Violet. 🙂

    • Hello Adam pet! It is always a pleasure to have you drop by here. *smile* Thank you very much. Though I will only see one of my sisters this Christmas…I will certainly be spending a lot of time on the phone with my family. Thank you sweetie! Merry Christmas to you pet!

  • galaxy

    Hello sweet Violet.
    Wonderful post and one that I hope we all can emulate this season and beyond!
    I hope you enjoy your time and have a great Christmas and New Year.
    I am very glad to have shared so many calls with you. This speaks to what we all know, Violet you are a warm, wonderful and incredibly giving person in many ways.

    • Hello there galaxy. *smile* Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I appreciate that. You and I already rang in tt arhe New Year. Woohoo! If that is an indication of how 2012 is going to be…woohoo!!!!!

  • noblearrow72

    amd have a great merry christmas with your family

  • Davina

    I hope that by the time you read this, you have had the best Christmas ever, and I wish you a happy, safe, and prosperous New Year. Reading your page is always so inspiring. I wish I could order you everything on your wish list but I must keep my jewels intact as my sweety does have her limits. But I do my best as a benefactor for our local humane society as well as many local charities. I can’t help but be touched by their needs. But rest assured “you” are never far from my thoughts. Your sweetness and charm are vividly apparent in everything I read here. 😉

    • Hello Davina! My Christmas was interesting and a lot of fun. Thank you. I hope yours was wonderful. Your sentiments are very sweet, but honestly I appreciate your admiration and thoughtful comments on my blog. *hugs*

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