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Hidden Talent

You would not know this looking at my pic, but I have an amazing hidden talent.  I have the ability to communicate with your cock.  It does not matter the size, shape, or performance of your cock either.  Over the years I have realized that your cock and I have our own conversation going while you are busy being excited.

Teenie Weenies

Until I became a phone sex Mistress at LDW, I did not know that I had the same skill with itty bitty button mushroom cocklets as well.  On my first small penis humiliation call, I tuned into that gherkin quickly and knew just what it wanted…and needed.

I worked my special magic and had that dainty dicklet more excited that it had been in many years!  It was like that midget dick was whispering its deepest desires to me.  I just listened and gave it what it wanted.

Wanker Boys

You like to stroke your cock.  Chances are, you are someone who spends a lot of time stroking your dick, thinking about stroking your dick, watching porn about dick stroking.  You get the picture.  You probably ARE the picture.  *laughing*  Your dick whispers to me.  I hear it right now whispering the most filthy things into my ear.

I will know the stroke, the touch, the texture your cock wants.  You can tell me what you want, but your cock will tell me the things you are too embarrassed, or too excited to say.  No problem!  I will have you worked into a wanking frenzy you can fantasize about for days afterward!

Cum Cravers

When you crave the taste and texture of your own cum, trust me when I say that your cock will whisper the truth to me.  How you dream about actually tasting your own man juice.  The nasty reality of your fantasies about gobbling up every drop of your cum.  Devouring it like a starving wildebeest.  I will know your thoughts.

Things you are too embarrassed to confess to your enchanting Mistress, your cock will loudly whisper to me.  Yes, you will have to tell me at least a little about what you want.  But once you manage to tell me that you found me on my cum eating blog, your cock will begin to whisper bits and pieces of your true needs.

Surprise to You

I have found that the secrets your cock will whisper to me will likely shock you, at first.  Let’s face it, on some level you knew you had certain curiosities about certain fetishes.   It could be YEARS before your mouth is ready to utter the words I need to hear.  Now you can call me and know that your cock will take the lead.

Your cock will whisper your deep, dark, difficult to admit secrets to me.  Giving me the go-ahead to take you to some places you have not been to before, send you sailing into deeper sub space, and experiencing things you wondered if you would ever dare.

Hearing Whispers

Right now I am hearing whispers from your cock.  They are faint now.  Tell me what you think your cock has whispered about your desires.  Let me know how you thought I figured out your hidden lusts.  Make something up to give me a giggle.

Whisper to Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Whisper to Miss Violet 800-601-6975