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The Weenie Whisperer

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Hidden Talent

You would not know this looking at my pic, but I have an amazing hidden talent.  I have the ability to communicate with your cock.  It does not matter the size, shape, or performance of your cock either.  Over the years I have realized that your cock and I have our own conversation going while you are busy being excited.

Teenie Weenies

Until I became a phone sex Mistress at LDW, I did not know that I had the same skill with itty bitty button mushroom cocklets as well.  On my first small penis humiliation call, I tuned into that gherkin quickly and knew just what it wanted…and needed.

I worked my special magic and had that dainty dicklet more excited that it had been in many years!  It was like that midget dick was whispering its deepest desires to me.  I just listened and gave it what it wanted.

Wanker Boys

You like to stroke your cock.  Chances are, you are someone who spends a lot of time stroking your dick, thinking about stroking your dick, watching porn about dick stroking.  You get the picture.  You probably ARE the picture.  *laughing*  Your dick whispers to me.  I hear it right now whispering the most filthy things into my ear.

I will know the stroke, the touch, the texture your cock wants.  You can tell me what you want, but your cock will tell me the things you are too embarrassed, or too excited to say.  No problem!  I will have you worked into a wanking frenzy you can fantasize about for days afterward!

Cum Cravers

When you crave the taste and texture of your own cum, trust me when I say that your cock will whisper the truth to me.  How you dream about actually tasting your own man juice.  The nasty reality of your fantasies about gobbling up every drop of your cum.  Devouring it like a starving wildebeest.  I will know your thoughts.

Things you are too embarrassed to confess to your enchanting Mistress, your cock will loudly whisper to me.  Yes, you will have to tell me at least a little about what you want.  But once you manage to tell me that you found me on my cum eating blog, your cock will begin to whisper bits and pieces of your true needs.

Surprise to You

I have found that the secrets your cock will whisper to me will likely shock you, at first.  Let’s face it, on some level you knew you had certain curiosities about certain fetishes.   It could be YEARS before your mouth is ready to utter the words I need to hear.  Now you can call me and know that your cock will take the lead.

Your cock will whisper your deep, dark, difficult to admit secrets to me.  Giving me the go-ahead to take you to some places you have not been to before, send you sailing into deeper sub space, and experiencing things you wondered if you would ever dare.

Hearing Whispers

Right now I am hearing whispers from your cock.  They are faint now.  Tell me what you think your cock has whispered about your desires.  Let me know how you thought I figured out your hidden lusts.  Make something up to give me a giggle.

Whisper to Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Whisper to Miss Violet 800-601-6975

54 comments to The Weenie Whisperer

  • little_luke

    So that’s how You figured out so much about me. You are amazing!

    • Yes, little luke, that’s it. At long last, you know my secret. Well…one of them anyway. *wink* The things your weenie has whispered to me. Shocking! Look at the trouble it has got you into. I bet you do not regret a moment of it. *smile*

  • Slut jd

    Personally I think the Ladies of LDW should put out their own magazine each month feature a different Mistress You Ladies could make a fortune. Now You Ms Violet could do an Infomercial and make a killing with a talent like that. If You need me as a panelist in explaining just how they can acquire Your skill I am available 😉

    • Slut jd, that is a FABULOUS idea! I will mention it to our Head Mistress Ally when I see her in Vegas soon. As for the infomercial…I think my talent is something I was born with. Not sure I could teach it to someone. But I am very willing to demonstrate my ability to hear the whispers of a weenie. *wink*

  • little_luke

    i think it still has a lot more to share with You, Miss Violet.

  • susan9316


    You certainly have a special relationship with my weenie, or more properly my sissy stick. In fact it when it talks to me all it says is “When can we get together with Mistress Violet again? i miss her so much. She is definitely my soulmate. i want her to see the new panties i had you buy me. You know i love her more than i love you. She understands me, you just take me for granted. But no more, i belong to her now so leave me alone unless she gives you explicit permission. Or else i will tell her and you will be in for it!”.

    Although i may be a bit jealous at times of your special relationship with my sissy stick i know that i still get to drink every drop of cum and that is special too.

    • Wow susan! It sounds like your weenie (aka sissy stick) is whispering to you too now! *grin* I never told you this, but it was your weenie that whispered to me your secret desire to eat your own cum. I heard its whisper and was happy to help you get started on your journey.

  • Galaxy

    *Laughing hard* I love this post!

    It all begins to come into focus on how you always know what naughty fantasy to play with me even when I dont state it specifically.

    I remember very vividly as I looked down at the glisten of precum on the tip that you helped me work from fabulous guided masturbation.
    It must have been my cock (I cant call it weenie *smile*) that was whispering to you “help me here I cant breathe, have him scoop that up and eat it” (big grin)!

    Im sure there are more naughty things he wants to tell you softly in the ear, and I look forward to sharing them with you! I know he doesn’t speak to everyone, only super special ladies like you!

    Your skills are excellent and you are the best Violet!!

    • Galaxy, I like to give you a good laugh. Amongst other things. *wink* Yes, your cock has been whispering to me. A lot! And I know there are more secrets to be shared between us. Have you noticed how we suddenly include a new fetish, seemingly out of the blue? It’s the whisper!!!!

  • Galaxy

    Indeed, indeed. So much fun to explore each call and see where you and the whisper take us. (wink)

  • Galaxy

    Ooh, you are right, I will play by the rules. But I like the 4 releases too (smile)
    Sometimes he listens, but does have a mind of his own. I am glad you can interpret our naughty desires!!

  • 6 and a half

    My cock told me they named violets after You.

  • Ms Anns steph

    Curtsey Empress Violet….I’ve always known that you are a very talented lady, and now you reveal yet another special talent…”cock whisperer”. When I look down, I don’t see a cock, I see a very pretty pussy. Your talent as the “cock whisperer” does have many different departments…”tennie weenie”, “wanker boys” and “cum cravers”. I now know that when in the chat room and there’s comments about how small their weenie is, I can refer them to the “cock whisperer” I think the boys should be good to their weenies and call the “cock whisperer”

    • You know steph, should you take it upon yourself to recommend teenie weenies to me, that would make the Weenie Whisperer very happy! *smile* You are such a sweetie. No…no cock in sight with you steph. But be sure to send some whomping wankers to me too. *laughing*

  • LOL I adore you, Weenie Whisperer! LOL

    Unfortunately, I am never able to hear whispering little weenies over the sound of my laughter. 🙁 Is there some way to amplify them?

    I frequently hear aching balls screaming! That usually makes me laugh, too, though. 🙂 He he he… I am so easily amused.

    • I have a girl crush on you Ms Iris. *smile* Oh dear…that is a serious problem you have there. Yes, there is an amazing device I call the Weenie Amplifier.
      It picks up the teeniest little voice and booms it out. Now the screaming balls are something I think we all hear! *laughing so hard*

      • little luke

        Are the steps for scheduling a dual session with both You and Ms. Iris the same as a single session with You?

        • I see you really want that 2 Mistress session with myself and my gorgeous friend Miss Iris. Wonderful! You would need to set the date and time as far in advance as possible. Both of us are in high demand. I would not want you disappointed. But when it is time for our session, you call dispatch and ask for both of us. So easy! *smile*

  • VanessaGreen

    Empress Violet, Priscilla is kind of embarressed and I do appologise for her mumbling so! What she wants you to know, is she wants you, to give her sloppy seconds! She’s been measure and requires a Maxi Birdlocked, It’s kind of gone to her head! She thinks she’s worthy of your pussy! Isn’t that funny! She knows, how I like to taste cum, so she’s thinking that, if you have sex with a guy or possibly more than one, that I’ll go along with her little plan! Actually, I would! She thinks, it would feel wonderful, to bath inside you, in amongst real man spunk! She teased me, she says she knows, I’d almost instantly cum from you laughing at me, as she knows, I’m too chicken to approach you! I know I don’t meaure up to your standards, but maybe you could tease her and lead her on a little!

    • Vanessa! Your Priscilla is a naughty one, isn’t she? *smile* That sounds like the bones of a sizzling hot session to me Vanessa. Sorry I can’t join you and Ms Iris early Saturday morning. The thought of the three of us having fun together gets me crazy!!

  • Alice Wonder

    What does my Weenie Need?
    What does my cock desire?
    What will Ms Violet read?
    As she sets my loins on fire

    Will she discover my weakness,
    Will she exploit my fragility,
    How can I best express my fondness,
    Is this an exercise of futility?

    I am putty in her presence
    On my knees before her essence
    Oh Violet, what can I do?
    If just for one night to have you.

    The answer: 1-800-356-6169 😉

    • AliceWonder, that poem (ode to the Weenie Whisperer?) is a classic. I love it! You are such a creative person. That is a trait I like to see in the people I talk with. It doubles the fun. *wink* Oh for a chance to set your loins on fire AliceWonder. You being putty means I can mold you as I like. Oh my!

  • Slut jd

    The only thing You can do Alice and that to start praying. Pray to the Goddess the Weenie Whisperer She will spin a tale of truths that will remind you of your youth. She will spin a tale of that will cause you fright and brings Her oh so delight.
    The Whisper knows of all short cummings
    And there is no sense running
    Why because She is the Weenie Whisperer

    • Ooooh…another wonderful ode. Thank you Slut jd. This is great. After reading this, I feel like I am this erotic urban legend. Have you heard the tale of the Goddess Weenie Whisperer? People gathering around the campfire to hear the sordid story. This is fabulous!!!! *grin*

  • simeon

    You whisper to my poor chastised weenie in such a sexy way. When you say ” I would love for you to cum” it makes me build up in anticipation only to hear you whisper “but not today”. The weenie whisperer knows what this lucky chastity slave desires. Submission and denial. Maybe next month the full moon will bring release. I kind of hope it doesn’t. Only Violet the chastity whisperer knows my fate.

    • Hello simeon. Our first Full Moon session was a major success. As you know, I adore setting our sessions according to that phase of the moon. A wonderful idea! You did not know, for sure, until the very end whether I would keep you in chastity or grant you sweet release. Your cock was whispering loudly to me that night simeon.

  • peterteasetoy

    Have you been interacting with my cock in my sleep again, Miss Violet? *squirm*

    Hmm, well I think it whispered that it wanted to have lots more orgasms!

  • sissy darlene

    very much enjoyed this posting Mistress Violet. As a sissy i’ve come to think of not really having a ‘cock’, but rather a sissy dicklet or pansy-stem. it was also great to find the link to your coerced cum-eating site, as this is a specific proclivity of mine. i found that it was easiest to start this by positioning myself so that with release my sissy-juice squirts directly into my mouth- and being plugged also heightens the sensation. thanks and would luv to do this on cam sometime Ms Violet

    • Hello sissy darlene. A pansy-stem!!! I adore that darlene! *smile* You are so cute. Glad you made it to my coerced cum eating site ( Ms Olivia and I have a marvelous time with cum eaters there. Coaching, teaching, urging, coercing. *wink*
      I would love to see you assume the position for me sissy darlene, on cam for sure!

    • Oooh…”pansy-stem”!! I love that term sissy darlene. So cute! You are correct about the direct deposit method being a great method for cum eating. That is one of the two methods I recommend for new cum eaters. But it sounds like you are experienced in the art sissy darlene. *smile* I would love to see you eat your sissy juice for me on cam.

  • slave rob

    You have shown time and again that you know exactly what my cock needs…relentless edging, flogging, and of course, producing cum for licking every time without exception. You know my cock so well, as you should…since it belongs to you.

    • Once our relationship began, slave rob, it did not take long for your cock to begin whispering its needs to me. And I have listened. All of those things I did for you, were because I knew you needed them. And yes, that cock is mine. *smile* So glad you are back.

  • August West

    i had left this comment on another blog and felt it should be added here. With all my humble respect and servitude:

    This is an amazing experience, i had a session recently with Ms. Violet and she totally took over. It was as if She was able to take the words i spoke and extract deeper meaning and insight. i explained to Ms. Violet that i was looking for a guided masturbation session with some mild dominance and ending with forced cum eating. We spoke about blog entries that i had read of Her’s and how they moved me and “clicked” with me. She explained that the right mix of sensual and strict would create a balance — and of course She was right. She took me on a journey with highs so close to the edge and enough force with a velvet glove to keep me under Her control, moving forward with each strike of my cock upping the intensity then backing down just a bit. It was intense, my cock was throbbing and my head was spinning until She unleashed me and deftly had me slurp up all that She coaxed from my cock. Yes weenie whisperer, i experienced it and it is magic.

  • slave rob

    Yes Mistress…my cock, and everything else belongs to you. I am lucky you take such good care of me, for I surly need your control, guidance, and touch.

    • This is true slave rob. You do require a lot of guidance. After having a long talk about you in Vegas with Ms Mandy, I have a thought about this. Check your email later today!

      • slave rob


        I look forward to hearing more about this, and will await your email. I am glad you had a discussion with Ms Mandy since we’ve not had a chance to talk recently. And I hope you both had fun in Vegas.

  • Slut jd

    Ms Violet the legend grows better get some hotdogs and marshmallows for that campfire it’s getting hot

  • Melissa

    You are off the hook Awesome Ms Violet..

  • Slut jd

    I hate to admit Ms Violet I’ve been told I’m full of hot air but Ms Constance has been training to suck instead of blowing (blushing) Even had me take pictures to see if I was doing it right . Than again those pictures might stroke that fire of Yours (giggles)

    • None of this is a surprise to me Slut jd. *laughing* Somehow I think that you were sucking before Ms Constance got her hands on you. Now you just suck better. *wink* Oh yeah…I feel the heat rising already!

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