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A Full Year of LDW Flower Power

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Hard to Believe

Just a quickie posting.  My good friend, Ms Iris, has been a part of LDW for a year.  She is celebrating her anniversary this weekend by giving away FREE sexy two Mistress audios to her callers who talk for at least 15 minutes.

Violet & Iris

She recorded these erotic audio gifts with a few Mistresses.  One of them was me.  What is the topic of ours?  We created a smoking hot audio about a session including CFNM, spanking, small penis humiliation, cock stroking, public display, and all sorts of naughtiness!

Take advantage of this opportunity by calling Ms Iris tomorrow.   She is giving away a different sexy two Mistress audio today, tomorrow and Sunday.  Sometimes two of them!


Tell All

Have you done a two Mistress call with Ms Iris and I?  What was your favorite thing about it?

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

10 comments to A Full Year of LDW Flower Power

  • Hello, My Lovely and Amazing Miss Violet! We told each other many filthy stories the other night and I am not sure ALL of those topics are in this audio, but it is HOT and crazy FUN! 🙂 Thank you for mentioning my event.

    To answer your question in my own way, MY favorite thing about a two-Mistress call with you is the joy! We both love our clients and love being dirty and we always have fun. 🙂

    • So true. Sometimes I am just amazed at my good fortune of making a living being my kinky, creative self. I know you feel the same way. Two highly creative Mistresses who love their “work”. It is true that we experience joy in our two Mistress calls. No doubt about that. Last night was one of the particularly joyful sessions. We laughed, collaborated, sang, and created the messiest (tastiest) work of art ever!

  • Peter

    2 mistress calls are the best! Ms Violet , Ms Olivia and Ms Tia were the best 2 mistress calls I ever had with each of them. Ms Violet with Ms Olivia were the best ever, also with Ms Tia and Ms Violet was awesome also. Can’t wait to do another 2 mistress call again with Ms Violet and mistresses dressing and turning me into a girl.

    • Hello Peter. You found your way to a posting about my dear friend Ms Iris. We LOVE doing 2 Mistress calls together. I remember our oh-so-erotic calls with Ms Olivia. Since she went to working days and I work mostly nights, I miss that. We manage to do a 2 Mistress call together now and then. Hey…Peter…I can’t wait to do another sizzling hot 2 Mistress call with you! *smile*

  • Peter

    I just did call with Ms Cooper yesterday I’d love to have us 3 do call together also having Ms Tia would be awesome too you 3 could do pass the penis with me dressing me in dresses, makeup, bra, lipstick, perfume, panties, lotions, as well as giving me lipstick kisses while trying to make me cum

    • Oh good! Ms Cooper is fabulous. I have done a few calls with her and had a great time. Let’s definnitely plan a call with the 3 of us. Passing your penis, dressing you up, and getting sexy all over your body Peter!! *smile*

  • bambi

    Dear Empress Violet,

    I am a sub to Mistress Iris, and she has suggesting that perhaps sometime soon, I might have a two Mistress call with you and she. I am so looking forward to this. My Mistress speaks so very highly of you, and I look forward to that time when we may experience such a call.

    All my best,


    • Hello sweet bambi! Any sub of my good friend, Mistress Iris’, is warmly welcomed here. What a lucky girl you are! So happy to hear that you two have been discussing doing a two Mistress call with me. I would absolutely love that! *smile*

  • bambi

    Dear Empress Violet,

    Thank you for your response. Yes, I very much know how lucky I am being under the guidance and control of Mistress Iris. I really look forward to meeting you on a two Mistress call soon!


    • No doubt you do bambi. Ms Iris is so genuine and fun! That is why I love doing 2 Mistress calls with her. It will be a pleasure to session with you two and get to know you bambi. Have a lovely night! *smile*

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