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Taking Kink to the Coast

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975


Ocean Bound

Your Mistress has a deep spiritual and emotional need to be around the ocean.  Living smack dab in the Sonoran Desert does nothing for that need.  So I am heading to the coast for some beach fun, naughty adventures, and general relaxation.  You know me though…I will be taking calls a few nights while I am there.  I cannot have my fans going too deep into withdrawal.  *wink*

So…my kinky toy bag is packed and ready to go.  My brain is always awash with fetish thoughts and filthy ideas.  Have brain, will travel!

Yes, I Know

Of course I know that California already has kink.  But they do not have my kink, and that is what I plan to rectify next week.  That sunny state is sorely lacking in Violetness.  You might be wondering what that is, especially if you have not called me yet.  Violetness is my distinct brand of kinkiness and personality.  I find that I bring a certain something to the area I am in.

Men want to stroke themselves more, women start thinking about cuckolding and and the general sexual electricity of the place goes into high voltage mode.  So look out southern California!  *grin*

Never Away Too Long

You are probably fretting about me being gone for an entire week.  Au contraire my sweets.  The first three nights I will be taking calls.  So look for me the nights of February 10th, 11th and 12th.  If you see I am available, jump on it!  And if I am already in session, call dispatch and get in line.  Because the last 4 nights I am gone, I will be dedicating myself to total hedonistic enjoyment.  *wink*

You Keep Me Amused

You never fail to amuse me with your desperate need to have contact with me.  And with your adorable beliefs that you must have a dildo on hand in order to practice sucking cock….or that you can’t sink deeply into feminization unless you have a full femme wardrobe on hand.  So silly!

We can enjoy just about any fantasy or fetish you have.  From good old fashioned guided masturbation to intense impact play.  No matter where you are calling from, or even if you cannot call at all.  Remember, we have sexy texting sessions available.  Quiet, erotic fun!  You can hide in a closet with your phone and have a texting session.  *grin*

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975



18 comments to Taking Kink to the Coast

  • Davina

    Just for a moment there, I had this sharp thrill of excitement, then I realized you were going the other way.

    You know, Florida has an East coast AND a West coast so you can see the sun-rise and sunset only a couple hours drive apart. And being much closer to the equator, we have all the warm sunshine you could ever desire, good for reinforcing those tan lines. 😉

    Still, thinking of seeing you in a skimpy bikini could make a guy drop to his knees.

    • Hello Davina. Oh dear…I did not mean to be that much of a tease. However…having grown up on the East Coast, I did go to Florida every year growing up. So I have Florida on my destination list. I love it. And just for you Davina…I shall stroll the beaches in the skimpiest bikini I can find. *wink*

  • simeon

    Mistress Violet,
    Your brand of kink has been on the coast before when my feet were in the ocean during a couple of calls.
    I am hoping probably in vain, that your change in location makes generous regarding chastity realease.
    Call it a chastity holiday.

    • Oh simeon…you are so amusing! A “chastity holiday”. Hmmm…let me think…nah! I don’t see it happening. Besides, you WANT to be kept in chastity. You know it’s true! *smile* You are right about my kink having been on the coast before. Not only via my submissive simeon’s feet being in the ocean as we spoke, but my rather frequent vacations in Southern Cal. But a chastity holiday? *laughing merrily*

  • Galaxy

    Have an awesome time Violet!

    You certainly helped me have a super naughty time on my trip with your Violetness! (grinning)

    I definitely know your Violetness and feel very fortunate that we share it together. Cali is lucky to have you visit and I look forward to your return!

    Enjoy a great break Violet!

    • Yes indeed, Galaxy…after our last session I am surprised you can write! *grin* That was one HOT orgy. I will do my best to heat things up at the CA coast. But there are only 3 nights that I will be unavailable for calls. The other 4 nights…it is on!

  • susan9316

    Dear Mistress

    i know that the ocean calls to you so breathe it all in and enjoy. i can dream of you in that skimpy bikini while loving your picture. Southern California has a good thing coming.

    Meantime, though my sissy stick is calling i am not able to answer that call as i am locked in chastity for you. Is that sweet denial or simply torture? Either way you know that i am pleased to offer this devotion to you as my Mistress, the true owner of this sissy stick. That does not prevent me from sinking deeper into feminization as your sissy girl. While safely caged i bought myself several pairs of panties today and a couple of new tops. Looking as pretty as i can in panties, bra, skirt, tights and a sexy top.

    Have a wonderful visit to mother ocean.

    Have a wonderful trip as i think of you each day.

    • Thank you susan. You and I share that deep love of the ocean. You are locked in tightly and loving it. *smile* You are becoming more fem by the day sweetie. I will do some yoga on the beach and think of you. *hugs*

  • Nicholas

    I hope you have a lovely time in California. We are still shivering here in the north-east, but some of us can fight the cold with the warm glow that comes from spending time with you. It doesn’t wear off!

    • Hello Nicholas! How wonderful to see you here. *smile* I saw some pictures of conditions in your area. I went brrrrrr just looking at all of that snow! We get down to 50 degrees here in the desert and we break out our parkas. Be safe Nicholas. I will be walking the beach, dining on fresh seafood, and sending lots of sunny thoughts your way.

  • Wishing we could frolic in the ocean together, My Loveliness. We are both such frolic-y women, it would be great fun! 🙂 Know that I am with you in spirit. As I will bring YOU with me in spirit when I go on my romantic little cabin get-away for Valentine’s Day later this week.

    Miss you!

  • peterteasetoy

    Ms. Violet, I’ve mentioned before, that when you smile,
    As the guy from Mars says, and he should know,
    That the whole world stops and stares for a while,
    And you’ve been amazing with me, since you said ‘Hello’
    I could compare thee to a summer’s day
    But I know its beauty holds no comparison
    To your stunning looks with your long, luscious hair unfurled
    I love everything about you, except, maybe, how you arch your brow that way!
    Oh, my purple loving Princess, although it is only my opinion
    But, could U be the most beautiful girl in the world

  • I know I am coming into this conversation late, and well after Miss Violet’s break, but this conversation about mistresses in bikinis is really turning me on!

    • You are never too late Adam. So good to see you here! *big smile* If I had known that bikini talk would get you so heated up I would have donned one for our call the other night. I would have chosen the skimpiest one I own. It is dark blue satin with a silver ring covered in Swarovski crystals holding the two cups of the top together, and one on each hip of the bottom, holding the teeny front of the bikini to the back. Heart stopping! *gasp*

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