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Passing Out With Pleasure

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

My Reputation

One thing I am known well for is for providing intense sessions.  That can center around a myriad of erotic topics.   In this posting I want to talk about intense guided masturbation, edging, teasing, cum eating sessions.  They are much on my mind tonight.  Possibly because they are very popular and I did a few fabulous ones tonight.  But that leads me back to one of the things about me that you already know if you call me regularly.  That is that I love the idea of causing you so much pleasure that you pass out.

So Much Pleasure

This assumes that you are in a safe place with soft surfaces to land on.  That is not always the case.  But it is true that when you and I are in session and I am driving you wilder by the moment…though I am mentally present with you every single step of the way…at the back of my mind is the hope that this will be the one.  The session that you reach a new level of nirvana.  Just a tad more than you can handle and whomp.  Down you go.  Unconscious.  Just for a moment or so.  Believe me, if it goes on too long I have my ways of reviving you.

It is Possible

You may be thinking…that is not possible.  Not in a phone session.  How could you possibly cause me to pass out with pleasure?  Well…get ready for this.  Because I know for a fact that it  is possible.  How?  I finally achieved it.  It was with one of my fabulous long-time callers.  We will call him HotT.  We pushed past his previous boundaries with serious intensity, causing him to dance with more fervor than usual, went longer than we had before…edging him again and again.  Ordering him to eat his pre-cum, devour it!  Finally it was time and I instructed him to cum for me.  He did and then boom.  It happened.  HotT slumped over, face first onto the cushion of his sofa.

Intense Phone Sex

At first I was alarmed.  Then I noted that he was still breathing.  So I called out his name…waiting…no response.  I had to call out louder, repeatedly.  Finally he stirred and was quite disoriented for 2-3 minutes.  When I let him know that he had passed out, he denied it.  But oh no!  I had achieved my goal and no way would I let HotT try to tell me that I had not.  I was able to make him understand that he was face first, kaboom, down on the sofa cushion, unresponsive for a few moments.  And he was showing no signs of a heart attack.  So that only let a passing out.  He got a big grin on his face and was sort of flattered to be my first.  Way to go HotT!!!!  *big smile*

It Takes a Lot of Intensity to Achieve This

Can you do it?  Yes!  Of course you can.  You have to be willing to put yourself in my hands.  Trust me to guide you high, back you off, guide you a little higher, back you off.  On and on it will go.  The word of the day is “INTENSE”.  You will want get into this head space where you cannot think for yourself.  No problem.  I prefer to do the thinking for you in this type of extreme edging session.  Just hang on tight because it is going to be a VERY intense ride!!

Do you have to eat your pre-cum to do this?  No.  But it is very hot and such a naughty, taboo act.  Consider it.  But know that all that is really required is a long, intense ride of a session.  Have you ever passed out from sexual pleasure?  Have you come close to that?  Leave a comment about your experience.  I would love to hear about it.  And if you have not experienced this…let me be the one to give it to you.  *wink*

Before you Ask

You are probably wondering, “Why didn’t Miss Violet include a sexy picture of herself with this posting?”  Simply…WordPress is being a pill this week.  It will not let me attach a pic.  That is being worked on.  In the meantime…why deny you an updated posting from your Mistress?  The same glitch will not allow me to link to anything either, so that will be added asap too.

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975


16 comments to Passing Out With Pleasure

  • Galaxy

    Ahhhh, thank you for putting this topic out for all to see!

    I remember this very vividly, at least the part before the blackout (smile)

    I will verify that if you let yourself completely slip into the Violet zone amazing things can happen. It is so freeing to let you lead and guide! Especially the fact that you are so skilled at giving pleasure and directing me to such intense sessions!!

    It was hard to admit, but I couldnt argue as you were watching (grin)

    You are the best Violet, I wish others the same intensity if they truly let go and allow you to guide them, superb things will happen!


    • Hey Galaxy! Thank you for your glowing testimony to my erotic skills. *wink* Several callers have commented on this posting and asked me what it takes to get to the point where they pass out. A few seemed a bit nervous at the thought. *laugh* Others aspire to passing out and are actively working on it. Woohoo!

      Should have a solution that allows me to post pics again soon!

  • Hey Galaxy!!! You just blew your own cover dude. *laughing* But honestly, I feel you have a lot to be proud of. Giving yourself over to me so completely that I was able to cause you to pass out from pure pleasure. Rock on Galaxy!! Let’s do it again.

  • little luke

    Hi Miss Violet, although i have never passed out, i can vouch that sessions You are very intense. Giving You complete control is an amazing experience.

  • Mongo

    mmm…makes me want to brew a cup of coffee…

  • Galaxy

    Well hello again sexy Violet!
    The anticipation of your sexy pic and links is growing (big smile)
    Any eta from WordPress?

    • No fix for the tech issue yet Galaxy. And as you know…I have had a super sexy pic ready to post on this posting since the 11th. Grrrr…so frustrating. Let’s hope the tech fairy gets this one ironed out soon! Always good to see you here. xox

  • PB

    Ms Violet…great post…and it was great to finally do a session with you again the other night. It had been too long since our last one. I enjoyed a lot of pleasure during our session the other night…and I definitely passed out afterwards (lol…I think you know what I mean by this)…..looking forward to actually passing out with pleasure 🙂 I will make sure to wear a helmet…lol

    • PB! That was a lot of fun. You were certainly quite different than you had been for our previous sessions. And that is all I am going to say on that topic. *giggling* No doubt you keeled over after that session ended. I worked you over PB!! Perhaps a helmet and a bite guard. *wink*

  • susan9316

    Dear Mistress

    i am pleased to vouch for the intensity of my sessions with you. In our last session while i did not pass out you took me deep into another place – the Violet Zone – steadily drawing me in, a place i totally wanted to be. It was quite some time after that session before i began to return to the regular world. Still, a part of me remains there all the time, always remembering and always looking forward to the next time. And so my devotion to you is not an occasional truth – it is an everyday truth. i love you as my Mistress, honoring you as best i can, grateful to be able to think of myself as your submissive.

    • Thank you susan. I am very pleased to hear that the intensity of our sessions takes you into the Violet Zone, time after time. I also enjoy hearing that it took you a while to come back from that place. *smile* You are a sweetheart and I appreciate your devotion and the wonderful relationship we have created. *hugs*

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