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Turning On Your Mistress

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Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975


Admit it…You Wonder

You know you wonder if I ever get turned on during a phone sex session.  I used to get asked about this a lot.  But until recently, those questions faded away.  The answer is very easy:  Yes.

Of course I get excited.  Though I am a world class phone Mistress, I am a woman.  A woman with basic human needs and responses.  While I cannot say that I get turned on during every session, there have been some very memorable ones for me.

It’s Exciting To Control You

Before we even get to the sexual details, I confess that it excites me greatly to have you hand yourself over to me to use for my pleasure.  Controlling you by having you do what I want, when I want, for as long as I want.  Sure…it’s a huge sexual rush for me!

When I set the scene for our role play, I put my entire mind into painting a tremendously vivid fantasy world for the two of us to share.  That world becomes so real for me that I actually see you before me.  I feel my hands on your flesh.  I smell the scent of your pre-cum in the air.  The rest of the world fades away and it is just you and I alone.

My Very Real Sexual Responses

When I become aroused, you hear my voice soften as my breath becomes more ragged.  You moan loudly and I gasp.  You cry out, or beg me so convincingly for release, and I find that incredibly exciting.   Someone very wise said that sex begins in the mind.  And I know that is true.  Because as I probe into your mind; learning about your kinks, your preferences, your experiences, I feel a familiar, pleasant warmth beginning between my legs.  The sexual response begins here.  Long before we begin specifically sexual activity.

When you allow yourself to let go of reality for a while and join me deep in our private, erotic world…that turns me on tremendously.  Because then I hear your verbal reactions that delight me so.  It is like I take your hand and guide you deeper into this very private space we inhabit for the duration of your session.  A place where it is totally safe to let go, experiment, fantasize, and have fun!  And when I orgasm…you will have no doubt.

The Calls That Turn Me On

There are some types of calls that tend to turn me on more than others.  You have probably already read my list of favorite sessions on the “About Me” page of this blog.  But among those, here are the types that have the greatest likelihood to turn me on:

But I have to add that I have found myself totally turned on at a wide variety of kinks.  So I feel that your participation, the degree to which you will let yourself go and enjoy the fun, and our personal chemistry have a lot to do with it.  That means that if we click, odds are I will be turned on by whatever we do.  *smile*

Tell on Your Mistress

Have you been in session with me and could tell that I was really turned on?  What kind of kinky fun were we having when it happened?  How did you know?  This is your chance to tell erotic stories about me here on my blog.  I dare you. *wink*

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975







29 comments to Turning On Your Mistress

  • Forrest

    Hello mistress Violet. Talk about being turned on that is one very sexy arousing picture. You look goregous as always. I want nothing more than to turn you on mistress. It would bring me great joy and satisfaction if in our next session together I was able to give you the type of actions and reactions to get you turned on. We have already done a few of those on your list and I hope I have turned you on in them. With the new house maybe we will be able to work on that last one. It would be such a privliage to have such an excperince with you my goddess.

    • This topic required a very special, extra alluring picture. Something to make your mind spin and your desires stir. Looks like I chose the right one. *smile* You have proven yourself to be quite arousing in the right moments forrest. Rest assured. *Hugs*

  • Forrest

    Thank you mistress. Yes you most certianly got my desires stirring with this picture. I would do anything to be able to see the rest of it. I do mean anything mistress. Tell me your command and it’s done.

    • Aren’t you the sweet thing forrest? *caresses your face* I appreciate that. Unfortunately the rest of that sexy pic is too hot for me to post or email. Damn! But that is part of the reason I chose this photo. It teases. It gets your mind wandering…and wondering. The imagination is where sex begins.

      • Forrest

        I’m still willing to carry out any and every command of yours mistress just for the smile I can bring to your face. That’s all the reward necessary. So just say the word and its done

  • Peter

    Totally agree after call we did last night that was real! Ms Violet that call last night was the bomb! You & Ms Delia were great as you both dressed me as girl and now I have to stay this way. Looking forward to more calls with you again as this was right up there as we had smoking hot calls with Ms Olivia.

  • Stratedave

    What about a call with all of the above?
    Guided Masturbation and Edging
    Tease and delay
    Sensual Role Play
    Mutual Masturbation
    Would that turn you on???
    I’ll also add body worship for my… I mean your… pleasure.

    • Hey…I vote yes on that suggestion Stratedave. *grin* Woohoo! I like to mix things up, increase the intensity. And if whatever we choose to do is not mutually pleasurable…I think we might be doing it wrong! *laugh*

  • slave rob

    Mistress…very hot picture. So beautiful and sexy….

    I honestly can’t remember a session knowing when I turned you on…probably because I was so turned on myself…especially when you kept me edging over and over. But, there are some things on your list yet to fully explore. We need to fix that!

    • There is a very good reason for that slave rob. Our sessions have been slave training. Not you and I interacting sexually. So while I did get excited at certain aspects of our sessions, it is not the same as mutual masturbation. I tend to keep my personal reactions lower when I get into the intense mode of training a slave. But I am very open to using you for my sexual pleasure slave.

      • slave rob

        I am pleased for you to use me any way you wish.
        I love to serve you and give myself to you…for your personal pleasure, training, entertainment, or any other reason you might like.
        Being your slave is the most wonderful thing!

  • God, I so badly want to kiss that tanned and perfectly toned body!

    • *grin* Adam…I was with you just last night. Then again, it was not quite the right time for you kissing my anything, was it? *wink* Let’s plan that body kissing for the near future. You let me know when your lips are in the mood to worship my body. I am ready!

  • Galaxy

    Wow!! That is a perfect pic for this talk of being really turned on!

    I usually don’t kiss and tell, but since you insist (smiling) I remember our mutual masturbation call Very Well! We were engaged in detailed descriptions of our rubbing and touching with erotic moans and gasps. I could tell your voice change and become more breathy (SO Sexy)

    You have mentioned excitement on several of our guided masturbation calls as well. My ‘dancing’ caused by your magic guidance seems to stir us both as well.

    Just thinking of this makes me wild to call you again and hopefully get us both all hot, bothered and spent!

    • In this case, it is absolutely fine to kiss and tell Galaxy. I did ask for it. *smile* Oh my…yes…I remember that session too. Very hot! I was lying in my bed, using my favorite rabbit vibrator, describing what I was doing to you. You were describing your strokes to me. Then it really sizzled! Amazing! You are right. Your “dancing” definitely excites me Galaxy. And good! I like you wild to call me. *wink*

  • little luke

    MMMM Miss Violet…in our sessions i get the impression that control turns You on and gets You off…i hear a change in Your voice when i comply with Your command or react to Your dominance…whether it is something involving edging or whether it is obeying a command involving some sort of kinky perversion, You react to the response i give which in turn makes me react and so the circle begins…heck i am turned on thinking about submitting to You!

    • OMG little luke! You are getting turned on writing about how we turn each other on! You are right…the circle turns…on and on. Your session is just that…yours. So my primary focus is to ensure that your needs are met and your desires fulfilled. But being mere flesh and blood, and a dominant woman as well, I cannot help it that fulfilling your needs gets me turned on. Yes! *smile*

  • susan9316

    Dear Mistress

    Every picture i see of you is special and this picture is beyond, thank you.

    You totally turn me on and i am enthralled by you and i am bound to you. As i am transformed into a full fledged sissy girl and as i offer myself to you as your submissive i hope that i please you as Mistress. When i ask for the sting of your lash on my sissy stick and ovaries so that i might offer and pray that you might accept this devotion to you and feel your rights over me i hope that i please you. As i go for weeks without release because i am pledged in chastity to you unless we are in session and i have your permission and guidance for release i hope you are pleased. l When i add yet another clothespin to my ovaries and thank you for this, and when i gratefully eat my sissy cream for you, i hope that i please the Mistress in you.

    • I had to pull out the stops for this topic susan. *wink* You might remember that I had hundreds of pics taken between my first LDW photo shoot and the last one. Many of which I have not used in my blogs yet. So I pored through them until I found one that would capture your attention and provoke some thoughtful fantasizing. It does please me to give you SSOT (sissy stick ovary torture) susan. You moan and gasp so beautifully. We do need to add a couple of more clothespins next time. I would really like that.

  • daark_ness

    It is wonderful to hear You confirm Your own excitement at Your sessions, Mistress Violet. Nothing helps the suspension of disbelief more than when all parties are actively involved.

    And that photo is HEAVEN; I have a particular fondness for fishnets, just as I do for a woman’s naked flesh. Good action there!

    • Hello daark_ness! Good to see you here again. *smile* Absolutely I get excited. Very few sessions do not excite me. Glad to hear you like fishnets. So do I! They feel so good on my legs and I suspect you admire the sight as well as the texture. *smile*

  • daark_ness

    You are, of course, correct! I LOVE the sight of them; the texture is great as well, but I think that’s simply part of the pleasure of having a woman’s legs on me. 🙂

    And I would honestly expect ANY of the LDW Mistresses to become excited during their sessions; I’ve not had any conversations with any of You that have led me to believe that only the best of the best of the best make it there, and a big part of that is Your ability to not only get into our minds, but to allow us into Yours as well, to produce a truly mutual and exciting experience.

    • Thank you for expressing that daark_ness. You are correct. LDW only hires the best. It is not easy to become an Enchantrix and we hold ourselves to high standards. Honestly…I would be very surprised to hear that an LDW Mistress was not getting excited in session. But I suppose it can happen. Not a problem for me. *grin*

  • daark_ness

    *smiles BIG*

    I never doubted it, Mistress. Not for a second.

  • daark_ness

    And why should I not have faith in You? No reason I can think of. *grin*

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