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LDW’s Haunted Halloween: Stirring Up Sexy Fun

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Bewitchin’ in the Kitchen

You run blindly toward a light, desperate to be away from the horrors behind you in Ms Lilly’s fiendish tv room.   Your footsteps echo down the hall.  As you get closer to the light, a pungent scent reaches your nostrils.  It is unpleasant, yet enticing at the same time.  You would turn and run, but your fear of the monsters behind you is much greater than your uncertainty about that smell.

You flounder through an arched doorway and find yourself in a cavernous room that can only be described as a kitchen in Medieval terms.  Mysterious dried herbs hang from the ceiling; slapping you in the face as you take a few halting steps into the light.  There is a bit of a fog in the room.  You walk further in, curious, and see me stirring the contents of a massive, black cauldron in the middle of the room.  My slender form is dressed in a figure revealing deep purple dress, laced up the front, with a good deal of fetching cleavage on display.  My hair is long and loose…trailing halfway down my back.  I am singing softly.  A tune that you cannot quite hear, but seems to pull you closer to me…though everything in your body is screaming run!

I Cast a Spell on You

You are mere steps from me now.  I look up and my deep green eyes fix on yours.  Now you can hear the enchantment I am singing.  “Now you enter my domain.  Matters not from whence you came.  Your mind now belongs to me.  Three times sung now captures thee.”  Instantly, you are frozen.  The only thing you can move is your eyes, which dart around the room, seeking assistance.  There is none.

Your feet leave the floor and you float in the air.  I use my magic to turn you, now facing a wall of shelves filled with ancient bottles of evil looking elixirs.  Every one stoppered and labelled.  You see one called “Tiny Man Tonic”.  Your desperate eyes look left to see a table with an army of miniature men, frozen in an array of poses.  During a moment of silence, you hear very high pitched cries for help from these poor creatures.  You wonder if this will be your fate.  You see me pick up one terrified doll-man, holding him in my giantess hand as I carelessly run my thumb over his lilliputian body.

This Witch has a Sense of Humor

I look at a filthy bottle labelled “Endless Masturbation Medicine”.  You think, that doesn’t sound so bad.  “Oh please ,pick that one.”  Be careful what you wish for human.  *laughing softly*  I use my free hand to point to a row of full size men, lined up against another wall.  One man opens his mouth and I pour a few drops of the potion on his tongue. The man puts his hand on his cock and begins to stroke so fast that his hand is merely a blur.  He is silently screaming for mercy, but I just laugh and move along with my doll-man in hand as my victim endures the masturbation marathon from hell.

In a twinkling, I am standing facing you.  You smell a mix of my heady perfume and the concoction brewing in my cauldron.  Your cock stiffens against your will and you are horrified.  Surprise, surprise…you are mine, human.

You Want What I Want You to Want

Your eyes follow my sensuously swaying body as I reach for another bottle.  “Cock Craver Cordial”, this one states.  This one puts dread into your heart.  You long to scream out, “I don’t want to suck cock!”, but alas…that is not possible for you.  Suddenly phantasms of muscular men with huge cocks are flying around you, taunting you.  You cannot move your head.  I leave the tiny man on the dusty shelf and return to you with the bottle.  I uncork it and put it to your lips.  No?  You don’t want this?  *laughing*  This is not about what you want at all.  Remember human…you entered My dominion.

Perhaps you would prefer a taste of this.  With a wicked smile I hold a bottle defined as “Butt Bandit Brew” up to your eyes.  Your eyes open uncommonly wide in dread.  Come now, my fine human, have never had your ass violated?   A bit of anal play would prove enlightening for you.  *chuckling*  Turning around, I give you an appealing view of my curvy ass, fit tightly into my laced up gown.  Yes, I thought that would get your pre-cum flowing.  Hmmm…I ought to give this to you just to teach you to knock first.  You see me put it back on the shelf.

A Moment of Metamorphosis

Direct your attention to these two potions, human.  These are my finest work.  I look you up and down and even as your skin crawls, you are strangely excited to see what these bottles contain.  The first is “Instant Boob Balm”.  See the results of my efforts there!  Your eyes turn to the left and see one man step out from the line.  I use my hand to send a spray of potion onto his chest.  He turns to the side and reveals an exceptionally full bosom.  You gasp and I laugh cruelly at the sound.

Maybe I will bypass that spell and use this one.  The full “Transformation Tonic”.  This one will take you from man to women in a trice.  Poof!  You will not just look like a girl.  You will BE a girl.  I playfully bring this bottle close to your mouth as your eyes open wider with fear.  You really need not fear human.  I have another plan for you.  You see me grab quickly take a bottle from the top shelf, uncork it and I tip the glowing bottle toward your open mouth.  At that moment, there is a loud crash from the other side of the room.  I hurry to see what it was and you take this opportunity to force your limbs to move.  Slowly your feet make contact with the floor and you slip from the room, looking fearfully back to see if I noticed.

Enter the next room of the LDW Haunted Halloween house by visiting Ms Ashton’s blog on October 14th, or later.

Listen to the audio below to hear more!

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38 comments to LDW’s Haunted Halloween: Stirring Up Sexy Fun

  • Galaxy

    Wow, what an enticing and scary scene you created! The audio is a perfect, the lure of your siren song as the witch is amazing!

    What was in that last bottle?? Ahhh, wanting to know but still glad to have escaped the room. (Gulp)

    This is a very cool story to follow. Way to go Violet and LDW ladies!

    • Thank you Galaxy. Glad you liked it. I had a blast creating that. For you, Galaxy, the contents of that last bottle would be “Jelly Bean Dicklet Juice”. Something I know you would never want!!! *laughing* Whew! That was a close call Galaxy.

  • Oh, Ms. Violet…what a wicked menagerie of sexy potions you have brewed for all our little slaves!! You certainly make a very enticing witch…no wonder these little toys were helpless to resist you! Thank you for such an enjoyable addition to our Haunted House Tour!

  • awesome job!!! OMG so great not just look like a girl but will BE a girl!!!!! and your voice on this audio is just well amazing!!!

  • little luke

    Great story so far…had me hooked

  • I loved this story, Mistress Violet. You put a lot of work into it and it shows. Happy Halloween to you and all my fellow LDW travelers!

    • Hey Adam! Thank you so much. I really had a good time creating this blog and audio. You may not know this, but Halloween is my favorite holiday. I just love it! So helping to create a sexy, scary haunted house for you was amazing! How are you pet?

  • sissy slave ted

    Daer Empress Violet,thankyou Empress Violet thankyou for all of your hard work.thankyou
    sincerely yours sissy slave ted

  • vanessa

    Ms Violet, I must confess, I staged that loud noise on the other side of the room, so that I could get some of that “Endless Masturbation Medicine” and some of the “Instant Boob Balm”. I feel so selfish, and know I should not be such a greedy sissy!

    • *gasp* I just knew there had to be a naughty sissy on the loose! *laughing* I appreciate your brave confession vanessa. Of course, this means that I must capture you and experiment upon you with my sexy spells. *wink*

  • Little Pet

    this was excellent, ma’am. I loved the imagery and the imagination. The potions were inspired, ma’am. When I use to call you, you never used any of the potions on me, ma’am. arf! arf!

  • bfla

    Very clever story. I loved the different potions and then how you showed the poor men who had been subjected to them. I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would be next. Hard to get more Halloweenish than this. Thanks for an entertaining story.

    • Thank you bfla. I had such fun writing that story. Hello, my name is Miss Violet, and I am a Halloween fanatic! It’s true! So happy to hear you enjoyed my story. I can’t wait to read what Ms Ashton comes up with in her posting tomorrow. Knowing her fertile mind, it will be fiendishly wonderful!

  • Ms. Violet,

    I simply love all of the wicked potions you have cooked up 🙂 It really does make the “Be careful what you wish for” adage seem so true. I think many men would love the masturbation tonic at first glance, but after your amazing description…oh my! Truly wicked!

    Ms. Delia

    • Welcome to my potion room Ms Delia. Always delighted to have the company of such a beautiful Mistress. Imagine the naughty potions the two of us could cook up. Not to mention the fun we would have with the men once they are under our spell. *smile* Glad you enjoyed the posting!

  • W

    What an exciting tale of magic elixirs and boobie balm! 🙂 The excitement of a masturbation potion out of control, the fear of the Cock Craver Cordial passing my mouth and down my throat, or your spray covering my chest. As spooky as it seems, could we resist your sweet voice singing? I don’t think so, lol 🙂

  • Davina

    Hello Miss Violet 😉 It’s been quite some time but rest assured that I have never been able to get you out of my mind, not that I would ever want to 🙂 Your posts are always very enchanting and this one is a perfect example of how intoxicating and addicting I find everything you write. I always find that imagining a chance encounter with you causes me the need to change my panties. I just want to thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into creating the ideallic scenario that no guy could resist.

  • susan9316

    Dear Mistress

    What a set of potions, some revealed, some leaving us to wonder. Do i dare hope for the full “Transformation Tonic”? If so, i might also beg for some of the Instant Boob Balm. And while i am at it, a taste of the Cock Craver Cordial sounds good. Do you have any Mistress Foot and Ass Licker potion? The truth is that is i am under your control even without the potions. There must be a Begging For More potion – or i guess i have already had that one.

    • *laughing* Oh, susan, you always have me smiling. I have slipped you a bit of all of those potions. As for the Mistress Foot & Ass Licker potion, and the Begging for More Potion…I will have them distilled and ready to give you later this week. *wink*

  • Wow! Loved everything about this story! That Butt Bandit Brew was awesome, lol. 🙂

  • Sissy slave ted

    Dear Mistress Violet,thankyou for all of your hard work
    in making this wonderfulHaunted house.thankyou.enlightment ,i am a needy sissy slave,i have probally expressed appreciation to Mistress’s of the wonderful ldw group for help in the past ,things ,done,i appreciate your counsel.thankyou for your help in making me a better slave ,you are a wonderful teacher,your excellence is just awlsommme
    incredible,thankyou.sincerly yours sissy slave ted

  • Magic potions of fiendish, sexy control! This was a very well-written and evocative story, Miss Violet! I can only imagine the web you weave for your boys when your very own enchanting voice is whispering in their ears!

  • This is wonderfully spooky- for some strange reason I seem to love the idea of a witchy seductress with a quite colorful agenda focused all around Her pleasure 😉 I might like a few of your concoctions for my own collection *twitches nose to see what I get* Happy Halloween!

  • Alice Wonder

    Oh, I figured it out. Big Black Cauldron, that’s what BBC stands for. I was always too afraid to ask.

    Thank you, Mistress Violet! This was an awesome read.

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