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Teasing Foot Fetish Moves

foot fetish fun with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Foot Fetish Fun with Miss Violet 800-601-6975


Nothing Is More Sexy

I have a huge foot fetish, for my own feet, so nothing gets me hot faster than attention to my feet.  Yes, I like it when you openly admire my pretty feet adorned in sexy stilettos.  But what I am longing for is something more intimate, my wonderful foot slave.

There are some specific, erotic moves I would like you to provide for my feet.   Here they are, in no particular order:

1.  Your hands massaging my petal soft, perfectly manicured feet.

2.  Your lips kissing every inch of my feet.  Softly, at first; working up in intensity.

3.  Your tongue licking all over my feet.  Feeling your eager, wet tongue moving erotically over my flesh.

4.  Your mouth gently sucking each one of my delicate toes into your mouth.  Feeling the slight suction of your mouth as you suck a little harder.

5.  Using my feet, bare or in heels, to stroke your rigid cock to an incredible release.

Some Scenarios

Here are a few fun scenarios you and I can explore together.  First, you work in the lady’s department of a shoe store.  I ask you to assist me in finding a pair of elegant heels.  You give me the most erotic shoe fitting of my life.

You are in a movie theater.  There are very few people there and none near you.  I sit two seats to your right.  In the middle of the movie, my foot finds its way to your lap and begins to stroke very gently.  As I see you can muffle your moans, I begin to stroke and tease you more.

We are in a business meeting.  I am the hot new hire.  All of the guys in the office have been after me, but I have kept up a very firm boundary.  We are sitting across from one another at a conference table.  You feel something touch your cock, and quickly realize that it is a foot.  And since it is wearing a stocking, clearly it is a female foot.  You look around the table, trying to figure out who is doing this.

This is the Perfect Time

Let’s have some fabulous foot fun together soon.  My feet can hardly wait to play!

for foot fetish fun call Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975


4 comments to Teasing Foot Fetish Moves

  • S

    Oh Mistress.. that is reallllly an erotic subject. and the scenarios are amaaaazing. for me, i would love to take the shoes off during the footworship. so i can better kiss and massage the foot. and then..i can help the lady to wear her shoes… i enjoy all foot fetishes like: worship, footjob, massage, trample,cbt.
    and i find the high heels very important to quickly poison the man. and then…u r free to do with him whatever u want with ur feet.(with or without the pumps)



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