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Miss Violet 800-601-6975

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Teasing is Pure Joy For Me

I have to admit that teasing has always come very naturally to me.  This is a wonderful happenstance, because I find cock teasing you to be pure joy.  I absolutely love it!

There are many ways that I can tease the hell out of you too.  I am aware that you can’t resist a cocktease.  Let me run down a short list to give you some ideas for your next session with me:

I Have Ways of Teasing You

*  I can use my sensual voice to excite you, tempt you, and really get you going

*   I can talk about how good it feels for me to touch my perky breasts, and how soft the flesh of my ass is

*   I can direct you to look at erotic photos of me, as I tease you verbally

*   I can have you close your eyes, and describe in detail what I am doing to your body

Pick Your Passion

Let me assure you that I will love teasing you in any way you prefer.  Or you can ask me to surprise you, if you are a more jaded fan of tease and denial.  No problem!

Understand that all of this teasing is leading to one thing, and only that one thing:  denial.  I want you to pay very close attention to this…when you tell me you want to be denied, that is exactly what you will get.  No release of any kind for you in that session.  It will not matter if you change your mind, plead, beg…you shall be denied.

Make Sure Your Brakes Are Good

We might play for 10 or 15 minutes; me teasing you to distraction, and then sending you on your way completely denied.  The same is true if you ask me to tease you for an hour, or two hours.

At the end of that long, tantalizing tease, you will be denied.  There is not chance at all that you will get a release.  So make sure you are not too worked up when you call me.  Because I will test your sexual brakes…big time!   *screech*

Tell Me About Your Tease

What is your favorite way to be teased?  How long did you last?  You know your phone sex tease Mistress loves the details!

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