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Calling Out Your Inner Exhibitionist

You and I have a lot of fun with me teasing you till you beg for a release, or until I say “We’re done.  Goodnight.”  Oh no!  I want you to consider taking the fun public.  In a safe way, of course.

I will not ask you to get naked in public, or jack off in your car going down the freeway.  Egads no!  People get arrested doing things like that.  What I am talking about is something more discreet, but nevertheless highly exciting cock teasing.

Let’s Get Creative with Public Teasing

We can share a realistic erotic roleplay together, or be on the phone together while you are actually in a public place.  As long as you are playing safe, I’m in!

Here are some settings to consider:

  • Restaurant (with tablecloths)
  • A train
  • A park bench
  • In your hotel room, curtains open
  • Movie theater
  • Park at night
  • Restroom
  • Teasing on a Jet Plane

I cannot wait to hear your naughty ideas for a public teasing call.  Knowing how sensual and seductive I am, and the effect my dulcet toned voice has on you…just imagine what all of that in a public setting will do to you.

Prepare For a Thrilling Adventure

You can experience my soft feet and silky legs caressing your legs under a tablecloth in a crowded restaurant.  Another idea is me guiding your stroking and edging while you have your cock out in the night air, a refreshing breeze blowing, voices in the distance…just you and I under the cover of darkness.

Perhaps your particular thrill will be me stroking your cock through your pants, with a newspaper over your lap, as the train races through the city.  Lights, people, and building going by in a blur, as we rocket onward…you getting closer to the edge by the moment.  Public teasing at high speed!

Looking to Get Arrested?

If that is the case, I am definitely not the Mistress for you.  I have no interest in hearing you get hauled off to jail for some naughty fun.  I like to keep things on the safe side, so you have a great time, and are around to have more later.  So don’t get crazy and ask me to tell you to streak through the mall on a Saturday afternoon.  Not going to happen.

What I would love is to hear your ideas, your desires, and find a way to make that fantasy come true.  Let’s take the teasing public and have some incredible pulse racing fun together!

Call Miss Violet for sensual phone sex 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975