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spanking is a pleasure

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Being Spanked as an Adult

Tonight my thoughts are swirling around one of my favorite activities…spanking.  I find it surprising that you may never have experienced a spanking as an adult.  One that gets your heart racing, your cock raging, and your senses spinning.

It is time you put yourself in my hands and allow yourself the pleasure of a spanking experience.  It does not matter that we are not in person together.  I know how to make you feel as if we are in the same room.  Though it will be your hand doing the swatting, it will be me directing that action.  Make no mistake about that.  You might not know that there are different types of spanking.

What’s Your Motivation?

You might feel you need one.  “Oh…Mistress I was so naughty today.  I should be spanked!”  This will have me amused, and you will have your pants pulled down, be thrown over my lap, held down and spanked most thoroughly.  If you require spanking to be a punishment, I will happily go along with that.  Again, it is entertaining for me.  I have always enjoyed giving a corporeal punishment.

Perhaps you understand how erotic a spanking can be.  It really depends on who is spanking you, and how it is done.  Being the sensual Mistress I am, I am an expert in blending pain with pleasure.  Do not be surprised when you begin to beg me to spank harder.  I expect it.  And when you beg, it delights me.

Serious Spanking Fans

Don’t you worry.  I also take great joy in administering serious spankings.  The kind where you have to be held down.  Where you are kicking, trying to get up, crying out, and your ass is slowly turned into two mounds of flaming flesh.

This type of spanking is very exciting for me.  Sexually.  As I continue to spank your ass, occasionally stopping to inspect the condition of your flesh, and run my soft hand gently over the surface,  you may even find yourself crying.  Crying real tears and doing some genuine begging.  Please do.  I love it!

Bring Your Fanny to Me

Your spanking will be tailored to fit your desires.  If this will be your first Mistress spanking, it will be a light to moderate affair with some laughter, lots of teasing, and plenty of pleasure to help ease you into this fun fetish.

We can incorporate spanking into your roleplay, and I can watch you on cam during our spanking session.  That is my preference, so that I can keep an eye on potential bruising or welts.  Must not damage my toys.  *wink*

It will be sexy, exciting, fun, and kinky.  Just you, me, and your bottom.  Spanking is a pleasure.  Let’s do it today!

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