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small penis pride

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It is all in the Balance

What balance, you ask?  The balance between being absolutely humiliated about the minute size of your penis, and loving to show it off to any women who will give it a glance.  Do not lie to me.  You know you love doing that!  Humiliated and excited is the state to aim for.

There is one pygmy peepee that fits this description perfectly.  He is known by many affectionate names by the Mistresses here.  I call him “nubbin”, amongst other terms.  *laughing*  Last night, when he was showing off his disturbingly small growth on cam, I had to be honest and let him know that it looked like a dried fig had been glued to his pubic patch.  He really liked that one.

Start With Small Penis Pride

I hope that you, like nubbin, have learned to accept your undersized dick.  Even better, I like to think that you have found a way to embrace your fate and make it work for you.  Sure…you cannot please a woman with that Pez dispenser.  So, you become amazing with your tongue.  All is not lost.

No doubt women have looked at your baby gherkin and looked shocked, gasped, giggled, or outright laughed.  Over time, instead of having that be complete humiliation for you, it also turns you on.  I get how that works.  So let’s put that to work in your favor.


small penis pride

Peenies on Parade

As an example, “nubbin” recently went to Munich where there are multiple public parks where you can strip down, and get some sun with no clothes on.  I asked if he joined in.  “Yes!”, he replied, with such joy and a hint of shyness in his voice.  Actually, nubbin stripped down, and strutted his small penis all over the park.

Did people notice?  Oh yes.  Did they stare?  Of course!  Did women laugh?  Absolutely.  So did some of the men.  He reports that many people were incredulous about the tiny size of a full grown man’s member.  They did not realize cocks could be that small.  But this was not quite enough small penis pride exposure for nubbin.  This is a guy who has a whole song about his peenie that we Mistresses have written lyrics to.

Next Adventure

Little nubbin went to a club in the UK where everyone is naked.  He and two women were sitting in a communal bath.  Somehow the topic of his small cock came up.  They asked “How small is it?”  He stood up so they could get a better look.  Trouble is that his shriveled button mushroom was lost in the forest of pubic hair.  They immediately understood just how small he is.

He reports that it was highly exciting and so humiliating to show his tiny dicklet off to these attractive women.  Yet, he continues to find opportunities to do so.  Clearly he likes it.  I believe you can grow to enjoy it too.  Just face it; you will never be a porn star.  You will likely never give a woman an orgasm with what you are packing…or not packing.  But there are other options for you.

Time to Confess

What have you done to bring attention and humiliation to your Vienna sausage?  I love hearing your small penis pride stories.  You never know who you will inspire.

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