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Overachieving Fetishists

Miss Violet enjoys overachieving fetishists 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Kinky One-Upmanship

You know the type.  Anything you can do, I can do better.  Sometimes one of these types calls me, and when they do, it always leads to an epic session.  This is true for any fetish.

When you are a Type A, overachiever, you cannot set it aside during sexual activities.  Impossible.  If anything, it kicks that need to be better into high gear.  Look out!

Sissy Shopping

One of my favorite sissies, Tabetha, adores shopping for sissy clothes to wear.  She especially enjoys Victoria’s Secret.  Tabetha started out by modelling her newest pair of 7-inch stilettos for me, then began modelling entire outfits.  At the end of 7 years of sessions together, Tabetha was hauling out bags of new clothing, and boxes of heels; modelling one outfit after another.

This would sometimes go on for over an hour.  She ran out of time before she could show me everything.  It was so much fun.  Mind spinning, but a lot of fun.  She is the ultimate sissy shopper.

Ride It, Cowboy

I was introduced to another caller by a Mistress friend.  This caller, who shall remain nameless, did cam sessions with the most enormous black dildo I have ever seen.  It was about 18 inches long, and a good 4 inches across.  Wow!!  This caller worked their way up to that by sucking and riding one butt plug after another.  Then they pulled out that monster dick, stood it firmly on the floor, sat on it and let gravity and lube help them take that huge dildo in…inch by inch.  He got it all the way in and then rode it like a cowboy in a rodeo going for big money.  Whoa!!!

Through the years I have seen lots of callers insert lots of items, but that monster dildo was the ultimate.  HUGE.

Epic Cum Eating

This week, my cum craver D finally had the 60 load, two Mistress session he has been fantasizing about for months.  You read that right…60 loads!   I asked him to show it to us, and it filled up a large container nicely.  He could have put his fist in that cum and been immersed over his wrist.

Miss Delia was the other Mistress, per D’s request.  Since both of us enjoy getting creative with cum eating, this session was a lot of fun.  D likes to push his own boundaries.  I ask him to pour a small amount of cum over his head, and he pours two cups of it.  That cum facial was hilarious and amazing!  D was covered in cum head to toe.  We made sure of that.  Now he is talking about having a 200 load blowout.  See?  Topping his own record!

Confessing Your Secrets

I want to hear about your ultimate session.  The time you pushed yourself further than ever before.  The session when you did something that shocked you and the Mistress.  And if that has not yet happened for you, it is time to spill your secrets and tell me what you long to do.

Sensual phone domination with MissViolet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975


16 comments to Overachieving Fetishists

  • D

    Whoa Violet! Hold it! Back the truck up for a second!! (The cum dump truck) Not me? YOU like to push my boundaries! You NEVER said “… a small amount of cum…” YOU and Delia ARE the OVERACHIEVERS, Two Overachieving Mistress’ you both are! It is why I love calling you both but that is beside the point! You said I needed to save 50 cum loads for our 2 Ms call! First 10, then you doubled it to 20, THEN more than doubled it to 50 cum loads which turned into 60 cum loads!!!! NOW you say 200!!! Not me! (see the review on The Daily Cock Mistress Reviews and you will see YOU said 200!) You keep increasing it exponentially! It IS why I call you but that’s beside the point. So if YOU SAY 200 then I do it! I always do what you say, you know that! That’s why you keep increasing it because you KNOW I will do it for you! It’s for your fun! (which I don’t mind, but that is beside the point).
    I quote you “Since both of us enjoy getting creative with cum eating, this session was a lot of fun.” that is proof!
    And “D was covered in cum head to toe. We made sure of that. ” proof again!
    You two did it to me! It is why I call you but that is beside the point!
    It was the best session being in front of you two together that way! It was so much cum! I still can’t believe it! I was completely covered in cum and YOU did make sure my face was dripping in cum the whole time! As well as all the other things you two made me do for you!
    Thank you Violet and Delia!

    • Hilarious. D, you have me laughing again. I am well aware that I push the limits. You are correct. I am an overachiever. Here and in all areas of life. Woohoo!

      • Gem Sissy

        How did you have D save up 60 loads? Freeze them? What’s the best way so it’s still really cummy when you have it all saved up?

        • He came into a plastic bowl with a tight fitting lid, put a tiny bit of water on top, then froze it. Over and over and over. Then you thaw it out ahead of the session so it reaches room temperature and is the consistency you expect.

          • Gem Sissy

            Ahh. So a little bit of water with each load or only with the mass of loads?

          • A little bit of water frozen between each load. That helps it freeze more solidly. Otherwise it stays more like slush.

          • Gem Sissy

            Started last night. 🙂

          • You started watching Glee last night? Or became on overachieving fetishist last night? So curious.

          • Gem Sissy

            Started freezing loads of my cum so I can be real cum whore in a few weeks, swallowing a huge load as I squirm, rock hard in my sissy panties!

            I could easily become an overachieving sissy fetishist in so many ways if I didn’t have constraints in my home life. I’m a total size queen (aching to be fucked by big cocks) so i always buy one larger than I’ve taken in the past. The thought of being a cum dump for big cocks is thrilling. If I had a free credit card, I could shop for days without any hesitation, buying naughty slutty things, telling the salesgirl that I need the changing room again after the sale to put it on right then, letting women see me in lingerie and heels, dresses and swimsuits.

            What I want most is a woman to draw my secrets out of me and make me confess them out loud in every slutty, whorish detail of my true desires…

          • Well, Gem Sissy, I am known for offering a fetish confessional. Come to me.

          • Gem Sissy

            Good Morning, Miss Violet. Sent you an email, not sure you got it.

          • I am not sure either. Going to check now. I will check my spam file too. 🙂

  • little luke

    Hmmmm…i don’t know that i know that answer, Miss Violt…usually it is You who shocks me by pushing my limits and getting me to go further then i ever thought. i thank You for that.

  • D

    Good, then it’s settled. We are all overachiever’s. You, me and Delia! Keep pushing my limits Violet! I luv ya for it! I eat my own cum for you!

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