Holiday splosh session with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Fun for Every Occasion

The Sploshing fetish involves covering your body with food.  Since I cannot be there in person, in a phone session, this is done by me instructing you precisely what food to put where and how.

For me, it starts with a theme.  For my newest splosh pet, K, I decided on a Thanksgiving theme for our most recent session.  He was provided with shopping lists.

The Shopping Lists

Since K enjoys being cross-dressed for his splosh sessions, I give him a list of clothing items to get.  He is to be wearing these items when we begin our session.  K is not ready to perform on cam, so he sends me photos of the clothing items, usually with him wearing them.

I also give him a list of food items to get.  Because the theme was Thanksgiving, I came up with a list of foods that represent the holiday, provide a fun mix of colors, textures, and temperatures.  He sends me a photo of all of this food opened and ready to use.

It’s Splosh Time

Once we are in session, I have K verify what he is wearing.  Because I will have K shoving food down into those items; stuffing his bra, filling up his pantyhose, cushioning his hiney, and caressing his cock with soft and squishy foods.

Then I look at the array of food items.  I begin with a couple of handfuls of mashed potatoes smeared over his stomach.  Then a handful of stuffing down the front of his panties.  Next is a pour of warm gravy down his ass crack, followed by yams in his slippers.

The Home Stretch

It is not long before K’s clothing is bulging a bit with all of the food I have had him insert, dump, pour, and shove.  He is clearly aroused, and his voice reflects that.  He is panting, and I am laughing.  All of this simply gets K more excited.  He is covered in food.  His clothing is leaking juices, and he is in a state of nirvana.  It was around now that I was inspired to sing “Pour some gravy on me” as I laughingly instructed K where to put a handful of creamed corn.

For our grand finale, I like to have K sit in something big like a double layer chocolate cake with icing; or a cream pie with lots of whipped cream on top.  I have him sit very slowly so he can feel every nuance of that dessert as it compressed under his ass, enveloping his hips and thighs in sugary goodness.  He sighs with pure delight.

Holiday Splosh

There is always something to build a theme around for a fabulous splosh session.  It can be holidays, seasons, and events.  You can celebrate your birthday with something totally new, kinky, and outrageous.  I can think of a fun way to use a candle.  *grin*  A splosh session takes spicing up masturbation to a whole new level.

Calling all splosh fans!  Come to me for over the top sessions.   And if you are reading this and have never tried anything like sploshing, let’s plan a basic session so you can try it out.  If you are into sensation or humiliation, this fetish is natural for you.  If you are just plain kinky, then you owe it to yourself to try holiday splosh.

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Miss Violet 800-601-6975