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Christmas Southwest Style

Christmas southwest style with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

This is How We do it, Baby

In the northeast, Midwest and up north you get plenty of snow.  So you build snowmen.  It is natural.  We do not get much snow here in the southwest, so we work with what we have.  What we have a lot of are tumbleweeds.

The first thing I learned to make was a Christmas tree made of tumbleweeds.  The white tree to the left is made entirely of tumbleweeds.

Holding them together is the trick.

Hold on to Your Hat

There is something else that is traditional over the winter, and that is snowmen.  Remember rolling balls to the right size, stacking them and adding eyes, a nose, and sticks for arms?

Again, since snow is scarce here, we get creative and make them out of…you guessed it…tumbleweeds.

Meet a friend of mine.  I call him Weedy the Tumbleweed Man.  Is there a song for that?

Christmas southwest style with Miss Violet 800-601-6975



Ride ‘Em Cowgirl

If you think all of the Christmas fun around here revolves around tumbleweeds, you need to wake up.  This is the wild west baby, and we know how to party.

Last year we had a BDSM Christmas Rodeo.  This is one of my favorite naked games.  It was lifestyle Mistresses and male subs/slaves only.  The subs/slaves had to bring a saddle and pony plug.  Don’t know what that is?  Bend over, and I will show you.  *wink*  It is a butt plug with a ponytail hanging from it.  Adds to the fun.

Giddy Up

Mistresses rode the saddled male subs/slaves around a track, and over hurdles to the enthusiastic cheering of the female spectators.  It was loud, rowdy, and sexy as hell.  The pony boys were de-personalized and loved the humiliation of it.

My long, toned thighs were firmly gripped around my slave boy’s torso.  I used my riding crop on his ass, urging him on to victory.  He was panting, sweating, and fully erect.  The cock ring I had placed on his slave cock and balls helped make them more visible for my friends viewing pleasure.

Christmas southwest style with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Winner’s Circle

The winner of each race received a large basket of toys from a great adult shop in Phoenix, gift certificates for spa services, bottles of champagne, Belgian chocolates, and a glittering rhinestone collar for their sub/slave boy.

I immediately put the midnight blue rhinestone collar I won on my long time houseboy, you know as #1.  He is still wearing it proudly and has been training to race at the next event.

What are the unique Christmas traditions where you live?

You Made Me Smile

Thank you for the gifts, the poems, the songs, the odes, the virtual bouquets, and your lovely emails.  I feel a wave of love washing over me, and it is wonderful!  A special thank you to those who sent me things for my new house.  That was so thoughtful, and I appreciate it.

You deserve a joyous Christmas.  After all, you make me smile and laugh all through the year.  You also show me how special I am to you and it feels so good.

Sensual phone domination with MissViolet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975



4 comments to Christmas Southwest Style

  • Thanks for sharing, Ms Violet. As a California girl I know all about snow-deprivation, but when all the snowbirds flock to our respective states, there’s a whole lot of fun to be had. That includes those awesome pony-boy races! I just know your sub worked hard to get you over the finish line, but it sounds like he’s got some training to do yet. He sure seems ready for it though.

    • Ah ha. I know you do understand how we need to get creative with no hope of a white Christmas. I am used to it now. The adventure of being out west and the wild spirit of those here make up for the serious lack of snow. However, I do miss ice skating, playing ice hockey, and tobogganing. Yes, my good pony boy puts in a lot of effort.

  • The first thing I thought upon reading this post is how jealous I am of how warm I imagine it is down there! It’s 2 degrees F. here right now, and that’s not counting wind chill! Then again, if You’re in a desert area of Arizona, I’ve heard that it does get very cold there at night.

    Do You ever combine your tumbleweed traditional festivities with a more pagan celebration, so that instead of a Burning Man, you get a Buring (snow) Man? That might be a useful and festive way to end what sounds like a hot party you’ve got planned!

    • I have family in Chicago and have been there around Christmas. Goodness! My bones were froze. Sorry to hear you are dealing with crazy cold. I do not live in the desert. I live in the mountains. So at this elevation we do get snow, but not much. Hmmm…a Burning snow man. Wicked! LOL

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