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Sexy Christmas

sexy christmas begins with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Happy Holidays from Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Spirit of Christmas

The spirit of Christmas moves me to give you a gift that is sure to result in a sexy Christmas.  After all, you have been such a good guy all year long.  Not perfect, but that is okay.  Perfect is boring.

Now your mind is racing.  What will Miss Violet give me?  Is it a puppy?  Is it her panties?  No and no.  Sorry.

My Gift to You

Actually, there are two gifts.  What?  Yes, you read that right.  The first gift is that sexy snowy pic to your left.  I know you love that.

The other gift took a little time to come up with.  You, being a grown man, can buy yourself most of what you want.  So I focused on giving you something that you do not expect.  Something with a little surprise.

Making it Easy

I do not want you to have to jump through any hoops for your gifts.  That is not what the season is about.  It is about me appreciating you choosing me as your Mistress, girlfriend, counselor, erotic confession therapist, chastity key holder.

Being the intelligent woman I am, I understand that you have many choices.  So thank you for choosing me.  May I say that you evidence excellent taste.  *wink*

Not Playing Favorites

While you are clearly a fan of my main blog, perhaps you are also into eating your cum, or a panty boy, or simply a pervy fetishist.  I love all of that and more.  So I made sure that this gift is fun for you.

You will find your other Christmas gift posted at the bottom of this post.  Easy breezy.  Close your eyes and listen.  Again and again!  You can download it and save it forever if you like.  I give it to you freely because you have made my year more fun, joyous, happy, sexy, naughty, wicked, and delightful.  Thank you!

Sexy Christmas

Click the left end of the bar above to listen to this sexy audio.


24 comments to Sexy Christmas

  • Petey cream puff

    You are my gf counselor/mistress/erotic confession therapist & one of my chastity key holders. As being the first mistress with Ms Olivia I came to both of you in wanting to be feminized/dressed/kissed/turned & kept as your cream puff girl and both of you happily obliged. Just seeing both of you in bra/panty set along with heels turned me on and you both took me shopping and put me in bra/panty set/gave me full makeover/feminized arched eyebrows/got me soft/smooth then took me dress shopping and kept me in hot sheath dresses then walked me around mall for everyone to see how both of you made me your cream puff girl. 10 years or so later Ive accepted this as I realize I’m to weak/helpless/submissive and feminine to turn back now. It’s who I am and become.

  • Slutboy John

    “So tell me sweetie, what is it that you wanted Miss Violet here for ?”
    Wow, where do I start ? I would like you to teasingly remove that Christmas bikini, pick up the phone and call your boyfriend. As he enters the room and removes his jeans to reveal a huge cock, you lay on your bed, spread your legs and tell me – your slave – “lick my pussy, slutboy, make me wet and ready” . You then tell your bf that I am going to fluff him. He straddles my hungry mouth and begins to fuck my mouth hard. After his cock grows to its full 11 inches, he enters you and, with the tight grip of your pussy, he quickly explodes, filling your pussy with his warm, thick, cum.
    After you tell me to lick his cock clean, I then lay on my back and you sit on my face and drip his cum into my mouth as you laugh and call me your cum-eating bitch.
    As I crawl away, the sounds of your laughter ring in my ears…….

  • Virgin Hady

    I would like to tell Empress Violet how loyal I will be through the year of 2018 and I will like her to convince me to accept my status as a 33 year old virgin and that will remain so forever. I really liked the video a lot. Your sweetie

    • Hello Virgin Hady. It is very good to see a comment here from you, sweetie. You are a very loyal submissive. I am delighted that you are accepting your
      status as a 33 year old virgin. That will be exactly what you are forever.

  • Jennifer

    Oh! Miss Violet!
    Heart be still, that was the best! Just what I needed to hear, thank you. What I want is for you to dress me up in my pink petticoat and lingerie and full make up and hair curlers and then swish your magic wand to give me enormous breasts, and throw out all my boy clothes, and then spank me into complete sissy hood pantywaistness and have me cook Christmas brunch for you and then spend the afternoon having you direct my sexual activities/duties. Then give you a nice long foot massage.
    Oh what a wonderful Christmas this will be, lovsies Jennifer

    • Happy to hear that gave you a thrill, Jennifer. I have a question about these “sexual activities/duties” I will be directing. I can only presume that I will have
      you edging repeatedly, eating your cum, or servicing a big cock.

  • Jennifer

    And then fully spent we cuddle and fall asleep together.

    Merry XXX-Mas Jen

  • Oh Violet, thank you so much for the instructions “Click the left end of the bar above to listen to this sexy audio.”

    For over a year now, the audio player has appeared completely broken to me on LDW blogs. To hear audios, I would have to view the source, find the file, open a terminal window and manually download the audio via the curl command-line utility.

    I couldn’t figure out why the audios were broken for me, the HTML looks like it should have worked – but I did see that JavaScript altered the DOM after the page loaded and thought maybe the fact that I block third party trackers was why.

    But now I see that the real issue going on is that the CSS is hiding the controls needed to play the audio, they are still there but just not visible.

    Anyway your instructions on how to play it – that is going to save me a lot of hassle in the future. Hopefully that issue can be fixed.

    Have a very merry Christmas. You just gave me a present – beyond just the audio. You just made playing all audios on blogs a lot easier for me 🙂

    • You are welcome, Alice Wonder. I had a heck of time figuring out how to play them when I was new here. I had to ask our tech person. So now I put that instruction on mine. Happy listening and a most joyous Christmas to you! *big hugs*

      • Control buttons really should be high contrast. I wonder why they aren’t in this design. Ah well, at least I now know.

        It was especially confusing because the end time should be displayed even if it isn’t playing, but it doesn’t display, causing me to think the audio was not even loaded to play.

        Ah well, it is what it is and at least I know how to make it play now.

  • Gem Sissy

    Sorry to be so late to the game, but that sounds like such a wonderful dream! If I found you in my stocking, I’d love for you to force me in sissy panties (rich satin with ruffles on the bottom and a big hole in a strategic spot in back) and then YOUR favorite combination of lingerie items. You would tease me over and over until I’m begging to cum. That’s when you’d open the door for a very hunky Santa to join us. I would kneel as you kissed each other and then open wide to service his beautiful cock for you. You’d instruct me all the way in how to suck cock properly, urging me on to be the best sissy slutty cock whore I could be. You’d have be swallow his huge load of cum, fluff him back up for you to enjoy while I sit in the corner watching, tied down to keep me from playing with my panties clitty, and finally you say goodbye to Santa, come over and fondle my pantied cock until I explode all over your hand. You force me to lick up every drop to make your hand clean and then swallow. Maybe change me into bed-time sissy panties and lingerie before we slip into bed and fall asleep with you spooning me.

    You know… off the top of my head. 😉

  • Daniel Pet

    Oh my, Miss Empress Violet! I have always known, of course, that you are sexy and alluring. But that snowy photo of you reveals what I had not known – that you are perfect. You exhibit more beauty in that pic from behind than most women could hope to have from any angle, and than any man could hope to be worthy of…

    And thank you so very much for the audio gift. Yes, you would direct me, edge me endlessly, spank me hard for being naughty, and softly for being nice, show me off to all your girlfriends whom you’ve invited over, require me to perform for them… in my mind this fantasy never ends, for once you all finally allow me to spurt for you, the teasing immediately begins all over again. Heaven, thanks to you!

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