sexy christmas begins with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Happy Holidays from Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Spirit of Christmas

The spirit of Christmas moves me to give you a gift that is sure to result in a sexy Christmas.  After all, you have been such a good guy all year long.  Not perfect, but that is okay.  Perfect is boring.

Now your mind is racing.  What will Miss Violet give me?  Is it a puppy?  Is it her panties?  No and no.  Sorry.

My Gift to You

Actually, there are two gifts.  What?  Yes, you read that right.  The first gift is that sexy snowy pic to your left.  I know you love that.

The other gift took a little time to come up with.  You, being a grown man, can buy yourself most of what you want.  So I focused on giving you something that you do not expect.  Something with a little surprise.

Making it Easy

I do not want you to have to jump through any hoops for your gifts.  That is not what the season is about.  It is about me appreciating you choosing me as your Mistress, girlfriend, counselor, erotic confession therapist, chastity key holder.

Being the intelligent woman I am, I understand that you have many choices.  So thank you for choosing me.  May I say that you evidence excellent taste.  *wink*

Not Playing Favorites

While you are clearly a fan of my main blog, perhaps you are also into eating your cum, or a panty boy, or simply a pervy fetishist.  I love all of that and more.  So I made sure that this gift is fun for you.

You will find your other Christmas gift posted at the bottom of this post.  Easy breezy.  Close your eyes and listen.  Again and again!  You can download it and save it forever if you like.  I give it to you freely because you have made my year more fun, joyous, happy, sexy, naughty, wicked, and delightful.  Thank you!

Sexy Christmas

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