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Are you cream filled or packed with nuts?

Being a Phone Mistress is Like a Box of Chocolates

You wonder what it is like to be a phone Mistress.  The first thing that came to mind is the box of chocolate analogy.  It is so true.

When the phone rings and I pick up the receiver, I have no idea who is calling me.  Will it be a regular caller whom I have had glorious fun with for the last eight years?  Will it be a new great guy with dirty little secrets to confess?  Or perhaps a sissy who wants to put on a fashion show.

The Variety is Fascinating

One of the reasons I love this work so much is that the variety is nearly endless.  One call I am cracking nuts and laughing with a caller.  The next I am looking at pics of a frilly sissy wearing an assortment of sissy doll dresses and displaying their naughty charms and some hilarious facial expressions.  Then I am directing a humiliation slut to fill a motel tub with whipped cream and get in it.

It is impossible to get bored.  Here I am, sitting in my nicely decorated home office, all comfy.  I might be writing blog posts, such as this one, or responding to messages on our social site, Enchantrix Empire.  Then, the phone rings and I am ready to roll.  Bring it on!

Dressed to Thrill

Once in a while, I just get home from my office, and I have an appointment call.  In that case, I am still wearing business clothing.  Those sexy drawings of me that Dankoo did and are posted on EE and Tumblr come to life.  I have on a form fitting skirt with a kick pleat, a blouse, jacket, stockings, and heels.

But most of the time I am in pajamas.  I believe in dressing sexy for myself.  It feels good.  So when you call, I have on a satin gown with a thigh-high slit and matching robe with feathered slippers.  Or in summer, I wear a short little nighty with matching panties.  Why not?  I am home.  Besides, it puts me in the right mood for naughty calls.

Early Gratitude

A few eager fans sent me early Valentine’s Day gifts.  Thank you!  The pic above is one of those gifts.  The chocolates are amazing and sugar-free.  OMG.  Thank you for that, “M.”  I appreciate the bracelet “J.” It is lovely.  “R,” you made my day with the gift card.  You guys really know how to make me feel special. *hugs*   Did you think I was kidding about thanking you publicly??

Sensual phone domination with MissViolet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975