rules of engagement with miss violet

Miss Violet

Serving Me

When you want to serve me, there are some basic rules I expect to be followed.  Understand that these rules of engagement are strictly about my expectations.  I speak only for myself.

My rules are not unreasonable, but I have found that there are some men who think of themselves as submissive, but have not learned what that means.  So let me enlighten you.

Rules of Engagement

You will approach me with respect.  Do not try to send me dick pics, or tell me what you plan to do to me.  That will get your email deleted quickly.  Do that in a call and I will politely let you know that I do not switch.  Also, I do not perform sexual acts on you.  You are certainly not worthy of having sex with me.  That is reserved for my dominant boyfriend, not submissives.

Submissives exist to serve.  The first question I want to hear is “How may I serve you today Mistress?”  That is proper behavior for a sub.  It’s about what you can do to please me, not the other way around.  If you have that attitude, you will enjoy yourself as much as I will.  This is part of the basis of a wonderful Mistress submissive connection.

Worshiping My Body

My body is a temple and I expect you to worship at the altar.  When I direct you to do so, you will be prepared to caress, lick, kiss, or massage whatever part of my body I desire.  I welcome your input as to the parts of a woman’s body that excite you most.  I will include them in our body worship sessions.

Your Desires

Because I am both a caring and intelligent Mistress, I do care about your desires.  I want to hear the details of what excites you; your fantasies, your experiences.  My creative mind enjoys weaving these details into our sessions.  Because I want you to have an amazing time, every time.  I outline more on my thoughts about what makes a great Mistress submissive relationship here.

Like I said, my rules are not over the top.  But it’s good for you to be aware.  I do domination sessions and fetish calls.  So if you are into that, or even one of those, we are golden.  I look forward to getting to know you and creating mutually mind blowing fun together.  Because, as you will learn, I do get excited in sessions.

Sensual phone domination with MissViolet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975