creative cum eating with miss violet

Miss Violet

Having Trouble Eating Your Load?

It happens.  You are all worked up about the possibility of doing something so taboo like eating your own cum.  You have imagined what it will feel like to have it in your mouth, with Mistress listening, or maybe even watching.  It is not difficult to conjure the exquisite blend of excitement and humiliation at such a moment.

You finally get through to me and I am coaching you to a massive release.   Then it happens.  You cum and lose all desire to eat your cum.  Just like that.  As if someone turned off a switch.  Well, I know a way to kick down that interior barrier and charge into cum eating success.

Choose Your Partner

Hopefully you chose wisely and opted for me as the Mistress.  I am talking about a different kind of partner.  Select a food item that is a particular favorite of yours.  Some great ones for this purpose are filled donuts, cream filled cookies, a banana, or a slice of bread.  But get something you love to eat.  It will help a lot in your quest to eat your man juice.

Have this item on hand when you call me.  We will ignore it for a while, because at first I will be teasing you unmercifully.  Count on me working you up into a frenzy of cum craving manhood.  Just before you cum, I will have you pick up the food item you prepared.  Then I will direct you in how to “prepare” it with your cum.  Think of this as cum eating for chickens.

So Good!

You will still be tremendously excited.  Very quickly after your cum is in, or on, your food item, you will be eating it.  Eating all of it.  I will be listening to you very carefully.  If you are brave enough, I will be watching you on Skype.  Extra fun!

You will not need to eat your cum this way every time in future, but it will get you over the hump and into the successful cum eater zone.  No doubt some of my super successful, long time cum eaters will see this post and leave a comment.  Perhaps their encouragement will give you the little extra push you need to get your food item and call me for some sexy cum eating fun.

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