little teenie weenie

Miss Violet Loves SPH

Extreme SPH Humiliation

When you have a cocktail wiener between your legs, where real men carry a kielbasa sausage, you can expect to receive a good amount of small penis humiliation.  Some of it is not intended.  But some of it absolutely is on purpose.

If you are one of those small dicked wonders who craves a serious verbal thrashing aimed at your little sperm stick, you have come to the right Mistress.  And if you like a lot of laughter mixed in with the humiliation, I’m your girl!  It’s very difficult for me NOT to laugh when I am telling you what that growth really is.

Show Me Your Stunted Stiffy

Of course, I want to see it.  Man up and set up a Skype session.  Just you, me, and your pimple dick.  Seeing is believing and I find that it inspires me to new heights of small penis humiliation.

Even if your chiclet dick is a big thick cock, in reality, show it to me anyway.  I will totally get in the spirit of the fun and ridicule your miniature member with gusto.

little teenie weenie

Miss Violet

Be Ready

I am so good at teasing you about your gherkin that you might not be able to take it too long.  You might shoot your itty bitty load and then flip that switch to “I don’t want that anymore”.  I have to tell you, that makes me laugh harder.  Really?  After all of that, you are going to try to jump into manly man mode with me?  Hilarious!

Get your worthless worm ready and let’s play!  With the size of that flap of flesh, you’ll be wanking forever.  Might as well have my sexy voice making fun of you being a little dicked wanker boy.



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