Am I Turned On?

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Miss Violet Does Get Turned On 800-601-6975

Excites Me Greatly

A question I am asked often is “am I turned on”.  Or another variation of the same question,”Is my Mistress getting excited too?”  For me…the answer is:  Yes.  It excites me greatly to have you hand yourself over to me to use for my pleasure.  Visualizing you naked, kneeling and so humble at my feet.  Hearing you say “Yes Mistress” starts my heart racing.

Fantasy For Us to Share

I put my whole mind into painting a vivid fantasy for us to share.  It becomes so real I can see you before me, feel my hands on your wrists, smell the pre-cum scent in the air.  At this point, it becomes very real for both of us.  You hear my voice soften as my breath becomes ragged.  I hear you moan loudly and I gasp.  You cry out, or beg me for release…and I find that incredibly exciting.

Slightly Breathless

For me…it becomes very close to being there with you in person.  I probe your mind a bit…learning about your kinks…your fantasies.  Using this information to weave wonderful surprises into our scenes.  Keeping you just a bit off center…wondering what will happen next…slightly breathless.  And always wanting more.

Deep Into Fantasy

So next time you call me and we are deep into a fantasy of Domination …submission…mischief and mayhem…and that thought crosses your mind, “I wonder if she is as turned on as she sounds”, remember this posting little one.  You can be sure that I am truly enjoying our time together immensely.

Deliciously Nervous

Between our calls, I find my mind turning to thoughts of you.  Replaying our time together in my mind…creating new methods to tease, tantalize and torture you.   And now, knowing this, you can rest easy…or perhaps you will be deliciously nervous.  Plus, after our first session together you will know for sure that I am turned on.

Empress Violet