Spoil Me

spoil me Miss Violet loves beautiful things 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Adore your Princess and want to Spoil Me in some way?

Thank you!  That is completely unexpected and very much appreciated.

The easiest way to spoil me is for you to tell the dispatcher that you would like to leave a “virtual bouquet” for Miss Violet.  Dispatch will let me know you have done so before our call.  This tip will be charged to your credit card as part of your sexy call with me.

Items For Me to Use

BeautyUnique Hair accessories, tinted lip gloss.  There are always some beauty products on my Wish List.

Fragrances: Due to my increasing reactions to chemicals, my new “perfume” is RAAM Body Butter with Bulgarian Rose The two girly-girl items I would not think of going without are perfume and tinted lip-gloss.

Electronics: My laptop is coming to the end of its life.  Very sad.  I picked out a new one and you will find that on my Wish List too.

Erotic: I am very sensory oriented.  Things that provide a unique sensation transfix me.  A fur glove, a vampire glove, purple wand toys, velvet ties, satin blindfolds.  Anything like that will turn me on.  And of course, special dildos or vibrators.  Mmmm….

Things To Wear

Clothing: It is always appreciated when you send a gift card and I can shop for what I need.  (Dillards, Macy’s)  I LOVE to shop.  The shopping is a big part of the fun for me.

Shoes: Your Princess has a shoe fetish.  I always have a few pairs on my Wish List, so you can see what I like.  My size is 10 medium for sandals, and 10.5 medium for enclosed shoes and boots.


Jewelry: White gold or Platinum are my preferred metals. My favorite stones are amber,  emerald, and moonstone.  I wear silver or white gold much more than yellow gold.

Purses: I have a huge crush on Coach and any crocodile leather handbags.  So classic and stylish!  Your Princess is a Virgo and therefore is quite organized.  So those trendy hobo purses are not great for me.  I love a more structured handbag.

Gift Cards are always grand!!!

My Amazon Wishlist can give you a sense of  my personal style and tastes.   But your Princess enjoys being surprised too!  So feel free to select something and totally surprise me!




The reality is that you can spoil me by buying me anything your heart leads you to. But please do not send me clothing that is not on my list.  I so adore shopping for my clothing.  Selecting it myself, trying things on…that is exciting for me.

Simply send it to me here: 

LDW Group Inc., Attn:  Violet;  18 Maple Ave, #282, Barrington, RI  02806

spoil me miss violet