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Kinky Boot Fetish

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The Sex Is In the Heel

I have an eye for intriguing movie titles.  So when I saw “Kinky Boots” on one of the movie channels the other night, I had to record it.  Well…I watched it and have to tell you…LOVED IT!  It is about a nice guy . . . → Read More: Kinky Boot Fetish

Depriving You of Sensation

No…not this severe. But isn’t this a fun pic?


The Mystery

There is something about a sensory deprivation scene that takes a session to a whole new level.  Definitely adding to the intensity.  Standing naked in the middle of a room while a fully dressed Mistress circles you.  Sizing you up.  Plotting . . . → Read More: Depriving You of Sensation

Beach Bound

Me + bikini + ocean + sun = heaven!

In case you have not heard…I am on vacation.  From now until Monday, October 4th.  I know you will miss me.  But it is time for your Princess to recharge her batteries.  I can’t think of a better place to do that than at . . . → Read More: Beach Bound

Mood Spankings

So Many Reasons

Spankings are not always a punishment.  Far from it!  I have discovered that submissives/slaves/sissies need spanking for a whole variety of reasons.  And also that each person can react very differently to the experience of being spanked.  It pleases me immensely to give a spanking of any type.  Let’s cover . . . → Read More: Mood Spankings

The Making of a Slave

Kneel before me slave

The slave in You

You come to me, wanting to be Dominated, but not sure of the precise form you wish that to take.  “Just take control of me Mistress“.  I smile, because I can sense your deep seated need to submit.  Smiling down at you, I look deep . . . → Read More: The Making of a slave

Humiliation of Ms. Violet

Turning Violet into a blushing pink.

Now This is NOT your beloved Ms. Violet. This is the colorful dirty girl aka the blog thief Simone looking forward to tricking your Goddess. You see she made the mistake of challenging Me. She had NO IDEA how talented My sissy sluts were at website design. They . . . → Read More: Humiliation of Ms. Violet

Around the World

My Other Side

There is a part of me that wants a strong man to try and Dominate me.  To force me to his will.  As you know, I am a strong woman…both physically and mentally.  It would take a special man to accomplish this feat.  Perhaps you are the one.  Turning . . . → Read More: Around the World

Talkshoe Neighbors

I invited the beautiful Empress Delia to guest spot on my blog today.  Enjoy boys!

Ms Delia Today’s guest blogger

Oh Ms. Violet!

I have found you to be such a sexy Mistress for so long! I have fantasized about you coming over to, thinking of it as a way to be . . . → Read More: Talkshoe Neighbors

The Intricacies of My Naughty Mind

Oh the Twists and Turns

When I am giving thought to what I want to say to you on your next phone call, my mind goes through a myriad of twists and turns on the journey.  Taking an idea here, a thought there, flipping them a few times to get them just right.  So . . . → Read More: Taking You

Join the Sorority

Miss Violet’s Sorority 800-601-6975

You are Invited

Today on Facebook I noted a game that many of you will be interested in.  It’s called Sorority Life.  This role play game will be like a dream come true for many of you sweet sissies.  The object is to become the coolest girl in the . . . → Read More: Join the Sorority