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Feeling Owned Between Sessions

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You are Riding a High

You had a wonderful session with your Mistress and are riding an amazing high.  You feel owned, controlled, and so very submissive.  Then a little time goes by and that feeling begins to fade.

Soon, you feel a little untethered.  You are missing your Mistress, and . . . → Read More: Feeling Owned Between Sessions

Reflecting on the Season

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On the First Day of Christmas

I will be heading out of town.  Out of state actually.  Early in the morning…hot coffee and bagel in hand.  Driving through the chilly desert of Phoenix, headed out on a four day adventure.  That will give me a whole lot of time to . . . → Read More: Reflecting on the Season

Gathering in Las Vegas

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Viva Las Vegas

I am headed to Vegas tomorrow morning and will be there for 8 fun-filled days and nights.  It is that time again…the LDW Mistress Gathering.  When as many of we lovely ladies as possible gather at one fabulous Vegas hotel/casino for some face to face time.  Can . . . → Read More: Gathering in Las Vegas

Missing Your Mistress

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Waving Goodbye

Not forever…just for 5 days.  Your favorite sensual Mistress is headed to Chicago for a family visit.  Though I will not be available for calls during this times, you can check the Schedule page of this blog for details on my availability.

What To Do

While I am . . . → Read More: Missing Your Mistress