Miss Violet writes slave contracts 800-601-6975

I do offer contracts for my submissives, slaves, and sissies.  Due to my experiences, you must be a current client (calling or doing text sessions with me) for me to consider providing a contract for you.

You can have a contract for:

~ slave Training

~ submissive Training

~ sissy Training

~ Feminization

~ Chastity

~  Any other subject that falls within our company guidelines

The time I put into creating your custom contract is considerable, therefore there is a charge for your contract.

Cost:  $250.00

How to begin:  Call me to discuss the possibility of becoming contracted to me.  We will discuss the details.

Turn-Around:  I will have your custom contract back to you within one week of the date of payment.

If you have questions that are not answered on this page, email me to discuss them.

Miss Violet