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Read my Miss Violet Reviews and learn why I get a lot of glowing feedback  from happy clients.  

“Thank you so much for recording yet another brilliant audio for me. It really means a lot to me, and you’ve made my birthday a special one. This audio was a dream come true for me.”  ~After listening to the latest custom audio I voiced for him “s”

“Tonight was incredible for me.  You are the perfect Mistress.  I was so wound up in the fantasy that it felt real…How do You know what is going through a sub’s mind so well?…I am going to be thinking about our session for days – even weeks.”  ~After our latest role play session “m”

“Words cannot express the depth of gratitude I have for the powers that be that allowed me to find a friend in you! You continuously expand my world and open my mind up to different ideas, philosophy, culture and reflection. Eternally grateful to have you in my life.”  ~About our deepening phone relationship “b”

“I’m due for a fun time with Violet!  I love your caring, genuine, real conversation approach.”  ~ Looking forward to his next session, “h”

“All thanks to you Violet! Seriously…I never would have had the nerve to save and dump SO MUCH CUM ON MYSELF for anyone but YOU!  THANK YOU VIOLET!
Even though it ended up being WAY MORE CUM than we planned and REALLY WAS A TOTAL SHOCK!  I truly was shocked Violet and did not expect that sensation of how it would feel to pour so much cum on myself.  My heart was pounding knowing you saw it AND watched as I had to lay there jacking off LITERALLY COVERED IN MY OWN CUM!  But, in that special way you have with me…that intangible affect you have always had on me…eating cum on first call, going on cam, showing my face on cam to you first, your spoken and unspoken suggestions that push my limits.  Damn you Violet, how DO you silently work on me?  I still get a nasty (good) thrill thinking about it because you saw it, saw the utter shock on my face and had such a great reaction to it.  No one else has that *silent affect on me* as you do. You just say things and say them in certain ways that work on me over time. Incidental comments I don’t even hear in the heat of the moment during our calls but get into my subconscious.  It is a unique quality you have.”  ~  devoted cum craver, D

“Mistress Violet has had me in chastity for more than a month. In this call she asserted her total dominance over me, physically and mentally. She is well mannered and never raises her voice. But she is the most dominant person that I have ever encountered. Every request she makes no matter how painful or humbling sounds like the best idea in the world to me. Her voice is a beacon that never leaves my mind. I am in so deep that I have to catch myself from signing the name that she gave me in my work emails. Violet is for those who need real life dominance. I will be calling back often.”  ~ Long time chastity slave “skylar”

“We had a session a few weeks back where you so eloquently guided me thru swallowing 8 loads of my warmed up cum from a medicine dispenser.  You are the best cum coach out there by far.”   “A” after our last cum eating session

“As always, had a great call with Ms Violet.  Even after how long we’ve talked it always seems like that first time.  She’s very in tune and just has a great way about her.  I don’t think a call with her is capable of being disappointing and I am already looking forward to the next time.”  “C” about our most recent session

“I can’t thank you enough for our conversation today. It was a blast! I have attached pics of the panties we picked out today for you to see.  I’m so happy about how this went I can’t wait to do this again…”  “B” after her first crossdresser shopping trip with me today.

“Thank you again, I love making a fool of myself for you.  I get so excited thinking of things you might tell me to do, not sure if I have any limits when obeying you…As far as the motel, well it was a tad messy, but after showering, I remained naked and got on my hands and knees and cleaned the entire tub, walls and floor, not to mention I found chocolate whip cream on the ceiling…You are a great mistress, not to mention a great friend.”   Sissy g, after our most recent session

“It’s better than I expected and I have high expectations.  It’s not just that the tone was note perfect, but the little sounds that you put in that add so much to the feel.  Wonderful.”  R, about his most recent custom audio

“I wanted to let you know that both C (j’s love and Mistress) and I really enjoyed the call last night, on multiple levels.  For me it was fascinating seeing the connections that came out between the two of you; both around female power, but also the spiritual.  C said that she felt your energy/mojo was very positive, and that it recharged her and brought her to a to a good place…Thank you again for a wonderful call, for all the ways you have helped me in the past, and the ways you may help C and me in future.  j after our first call including his love/Mistress

“What an erotic thrill to be on a call with you, watching, and have so much cum in my mouth at once, all while hearing your voice!  I loved it!”  cum craver D after our most recent coached cum eating session

“I had so much fun confessing my sissy desires to you, especially my fantasy of sucking cock!  I was nervous but you’re a great conversationalist and extremely sexy!…Thanks for a wonderful time.”   sissy L, after our first session

“You are very dominant, but it seems just so natural for you.  You are so feminine, so knowledgeable, so beautiful in every way.  You are everything that I have ever wanted in a Mistress.”  sissy B S, after our most recent session together

“…quite literally the finest session I have ever experienced.  I have enjoyed the use of “enchantrix” for quite a while and each and every one of my experiences have been fantastic….You however, are purely sublime.  Nobody else but you leaves me so erotically exploded and with such an incredibly vivid memory of every word you spoke….burnished in the brain.  The scenario you just so beautifully spun far outweighs the fantasy that was rolling around in my head….I am such a fan of the cerebral and listening to you was so wonderfully realistic.”  J., after his most recent call with me

“From my experience tonight, you put most UK phone companies to shame.”  G., after his first call with me

“The call earlier this week was fantastic.  One of the best foot and leg fetish calls I have ever had.  Thank you for blowing my mind and my load.  My brain was melted until just now which is why it took me 3 days to say thank you.”  R., regarding his most recent call with me

“Just as good, if not better than the first – very ‘explosive’ I can tell you…The ‘effects” were fab and the change of tone to get stricter worked just a treat.  That recording was ‘very’ long – I am amazed how you can complete a full 30 mins to such an amazing standard…In all honesty, I would think it nigh on impossible, for any other phone sex Mistress, to be as good at custom audios as you have been – and that is a very sincere comment.”   “paddle me miss” on receipt of his second custom audio

“Many thanks for sending me my first custom audio – it was brilliant. Wow – very hot!!…I was very impressed with the quality of the recording and the accuracy with which you read – no breaks, no pauses, no ‘ums, errs’ etc at all throughout the whole recording, and no background noise. You have a very sexy voice and a lovely firm tone when required. I really liked the way that you paced the audio so well and seemed to understand when to slow down or speed up or add dramatic pauses.  You are certainly very skilled and a true professional…Considering it is the first recording you have done for me, made it all of this the more impressive.  It more than surpassed my expectations.”  “jock11”

 “It was sheer heaven talking to you tonight. You are so quick to pick up on what words to use and what approach to take. This is why you are the best.”  My long time caller “pet”

“I do feel special belonging to such an amazing caring sensual sexy mistress.”  My sweet submissive forrest after a few months in my service

“Wow!  I have been wasting my time with other phone mistresses!  You are sensational- I love the fact that you are so into it.”   Stroker “R”, after our first phone session

“Spectacular, exciting, amazing, ultra HOT, a true Must see and hear (grin)!!!!  I absolutely love it!!! (Huge Smile)  You really nailed what I wanted!  I adore your vivid descriptions and the added sounds to make it so real.  You weren’t kidding, my tongue was very worked out which was awesome.  The way you took us through that wonderful experience I know you have done some of those in real life, haven’t you?”   Hot Todd  –  feedback on the custom audio I made for him this week

“As always, thank you for the time, care and overall professionalism in the custom audio. It is a pleasure to deal with you…I absolutely love the tone!  I like the way you combine the sense that it’s all perfectly reasonable and at the same time amusing. I absolutely love the little laughs.”  RJ – regarding his latest custom audio I made for him

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

“Only 338 days left in chastity. Only the finest Mistress could inspire a slave to voluntarily go into chastity for a year. It is a tribute to your golden heart and Violet light. And that voice…..the finest.”   s –  after many calls

“Have I told you how thankful I am to have met you?  You have brought to my life joy, laughter, peace, sensuality, and much more.  It seems that I already know you.  You are a very caring loving person with a good heart and a kind soul.  Please don’t ever change.  The world could use a lot more Violets.  You are a very beautiful and sexy lady, but what turns me on the most is your inner beauty.  Your laughter is contagious.”   T- after our 23rd call

“You are playful and fun and sessions with you are something to savor like a fine wine that is bold yet smooth and you leave me both sated and wanting at the same time.” “S” after our first call together

“I just love the relaxed tone and the lovely laugh.  I’ve mentioned before that I’ve commissioned a lot of these audios.  What you do better than anybody else is set a great mood.  Interestingly positive energy despite the context.  Another thing I particularly like is that there’s no rush in the audio.  No sense of ticking the items off a list.  There’s a great flow.  Anyhow I love it.”  “R” after listening to his most recent custom audio I wrote and recorded for him

“…just wanted to say thanks for our chat.  It exceeded my expectations.  It was excellent to be able to openly share my submissive cuckold experience and desires.”   “J” after our first call

“I successfully received the audio file, and I love it. Your creative intuition is a gift, like you can read my mind. The subtle qualities of your vocal inflection and attitude are nothing less than perfect. The sweet laugh near the end was exactly what I imagined, only better. It is the perfect combination; intelligence, confidence, assertiveness, and playfulness.”   “J” after receiving his first custom audio from me

“omg!  I love the audios!  They are so sexy, I can’t stop using them.” “W” after receiving his first two custom audios from me

“It’s the best call I have ever had in my life…I will be calling you again Violet.  Until then I’ll be dreaming of you.”  “M” after our first call together

“Awesome!  You captured the mood and tone I had in mind perfectly. And the extra stuff you came up with was delightful.  I am so pleased. …I’ve listened to it twice already and loved it just as much the second time.  It had me blushing several times — awesome.  …I hope you won’t mind hearing from me with another request in te near future.”  “R” after receiving his first custom audio from me

“I have done the most calls with Violet and developed a great rapport. She is inviting, attentive and great imagination. She listens and provides an amazing call each time. Her voice and ability to provide a great fantasy combined with her genuine nature is a phenomenal experience.”  ~anonymous feedback on CockControl site

“OMFG this is the hottest audio ever! you really are good empress violet. i loved how you did it. a treasure i will listen to over and over again. Mmmmmmmmm loved your whispery parts. later tonight when i go to bed ill be rewinding those parts over and over again on my ipod  🙂  I’ll order another story soon if you’re up for more. love your voice! Thanks again!!!!”      ~  “b”  in response to the Custom Audio I made for him

“Violet is an amazing woman. She is sexual, sensual, sincere and beautiful. I love it that she’s so good at sex and even better when she’s BAD!”   ~”m” after his fourth session with me

“One quick note for you, thank you so much for being so accommodating and always replying to my emails.  I have worked with several Mistresses in the past and I can honestly say that I have had the best experiences with you.  You are fantastic in the phone sessions and as I mentioned above, you are always more then willing to work with me via email to set up the sessions to make it a very enjoyable experience.  I am so happy that I found you and I look forward to many future phone calls with you that I am very confident will end with me having a smile on my face.”  ~“l” in response to a special email requested and received from me

“WOW, you didn’t disappoint!…The audio is Fantastic!!  The bed and cuffs was a great exciting addition and I love your humor too.  There will be many loads listening to that.   Feedback on a custom audio

A perfect amazing review and thank you for doing it Violet!” ~“T” after receiving the custom audio I wrote & recorded for him.

“…received your audio file today. All I can say is WOW!! That is fantastic. I’m sure you can imagine the effect it had on me. I’ve listened to it 5 times already and will listen many more.”    ~“J” upon hearing his new custom audio I wrote and recorded for him