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The Mysterious 7th Sense

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That Special Sense

You know about the five traditional senses:  sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.  We all have them.  We all use them daily.  Then there is the sixth sense, intuition.  Sure…debates continue over the sixth sense, but it is there.

This post is about the . . . → Read More: The Mysterious 7th Sense

Intimate Secrets About Miss Violet

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

You Want to Know

You ask me all sorts of questions about my intimate secrets.  When you ask me one intimate question, I know that there are many others bubbling around in your mind.  You want to ask them, but do not want to offend me.

This is your opportunity . . . → Read More: Intimate Secrets About Miss Violet

How You Become Feminized

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Gradual or Poof!

First of all, you, like every sissy, have your own fantasy of how you become feminized.  Some see it as a process that Mistress leads them through gradually.  Others envision a magical transformation with instant results.

Let’s you and I look at some of the options for . . . → Read More: How You Become Feminized

The Reality of Being Owned

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The Fantasies

You may be one of the callers who has told me how badly you want to be owned.  Perhaps you have fantasies of how that would play out.  Often I hear things like, “I want to be put in shackles, and left in a basement on a mattress . . . → Read More: The Reality of Being Owned

What Makes a Female Superior?

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Into Female Superiority

Since you call this service, there is a good chance that you are into female superiority to some degree.  As a lifestyle Mistress, I am familiar with many of the reasons and fantasies behind this fetish.  Today it crossed my mind that the reasons you like the . . . → Read More: What Makes a Female Superior?

How Small is Your Cock?

Everything is Relative

That is definitely true when it comes to cocks.  I have had men describe their cock as “small,” just to find out that it is 8 inches long later.  Conversely, I have had men with a gherkin in their pants brag to me about their sexual conquests.  Puh-leeze!  So how . . . → Read More: How Small is Your Cock?

Giving You What You Need

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You Need it Bad

I get it.  You have specific needs…desires.  That is what led you to find me in the first place.  You want to have a great first call, so you think to visit my “About Me” page and find out what types of calls I enjoy; . . . → Read More: Giving You What You Need

The Spiritual Side of BDSM

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My Natural Instinct

The first time I dominated a male, I was such a novice and rather nervous.  All of my attention was focused on covering that up, and on what I was doing with him.  But after that, I noticed that BDSM had a very spiritual feel to it.  My . . . → Read More: The Spiritual Side of BDSM

The Effects of Spanking

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Mid Spanking Moment

I love spanking.  The effects of spanking have been reassuringly predictable over the years.  Usually when I have someone over my lap, pants pulled down to their ankles, and tush on display, their penis gets incredibly hard.  I know this because it is poking down between my . . . → Read More: The Effects of Spanking

Masturbating More

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You Want to be a Better Masturbator

We have a new website called  If you are new to affirmations, they are statements that you want to be true, but are not yet true for you.  Generally these affirmations are said to achieve a personal goal.

Knowing how much you . . . → Read More: Masturbating More