Pre Call Questionaire

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The more I know about you before your first call, the more gratifying the session will be for you!  So take your time, and complete this pre-call questionaire.  I realize that you are an individual.  Feel free to elaborate as you like.  It is fine to be explicit too, if you wish. When you are done, copy and paste the relevant sections into the body of your email and send it to me at  You must be on a special list to send me an attachment. 

Please note that I do not do traditional phone sex.  Also, I do not role-play myself in sexual positions.  I do Domination and fetish calls.  Thanks!

1.  Regarding calling a phone fantasy artist, are you:  (Please check one)

___   A first-timer

___  Fairly new to phone sessions

___  Moderately experienced

___  Have been calling for years

2.  Are you familiar with the variety of sites and other high quality services LDW offers?

___  Yes

___  No, please tell me more

3.  In regards to domination/FemDom, do you prefer:  (Please check one)

___  Sensual

___  Strict

___  Hardcore

___  A mix of the above

___  I don’t want to be dominated

4.   What would you like me to address you as?  _________________________

5.   When we have our session will you have:  (Please check one)

___  Complete privacy

___  Limited privacy, requiring you to minimize interacting and speaking softly

6.  What site were you looking at when you became interested in a session with me?  _______________________________

7.  Other than the site you mentioned above,  were there other factors that influenced your decision?  Such as my blog, photos, my talk show, etc.


8.  Is there a particular topic, or combination of topics, which you would like our first session together to be based on?   (Please check all that apply)

___  Guided Masturbation

___  Tease & Delay

___  Denial

___  Humiliation

___  Body Worship:   What body parts do you like to worship?   _______________________________________________________________________

___  Chastity

___  Guided-bi/Strap-on

___  Anal Play

___  Cuckolding

___  CBT

___  Slave/Submissive Training (if yes…complete sub-section below)

___  Other:  Please specify  _______________________________________________________________________________________________

a.  Do you consider yourself to be a:

___  Slave

___ Submissive

___  Pet

b.  Your experience to date is:

___  In a current real life M/s relationship

___  Been in a real life M/s relationship

___  Have seen a Pro Domme at least once

___  Experimented with BDSM with significant other

___  No real life experience

___  Have had a phone Mistress

___  Other (please specify)  _______________________________________________________________________________________________

c.  Are you interested in being trained in:

___  Proper presentation

___  Slave/Sub etiquette in social situations

___  Finding a real life Mistress

___  Getting your wife/girlfriend to Dominate you

___  Other (please specify    _______________________________________________________________________________________________

___  Crossdressing/Feminization/Sissification  (if yes…complete sub-section below)

a.  I crossdress:

___  24/7

___  At home and have gone out in public

___  Only at home

___   Other (please specify)  _______________________________________________________________________________________________

b.  I like to wear fashions that are:

___  Ultra feminine, girly girl

___  Stylish

___  Businesslike

___  Slutty

___  Lingerie only

___  Other  (please specify)

c.  I want to improve my:

___  Feminine clothing style

___  Makeup

___  Voice

___   Mannerisms

___  Other  (please specify)  _____________________________________________________________________________________________

d.  My long term goal for my feminization is:

___  Becoming a woman

___  Living as a woman

___  Working as a woman

___  Passing in public

___  Other:  ______________________________________

For the options below, please elaborate here if you have preferences regarding your fantasies,  such as clothing you will wear, items/toys you would like to use, whether you desire to cum prior to session’s end, denied, etc.

9) Which is your preferred format for a session? (Please check all that apply)

___  Role-playing
___  Conversational interaction, where we simply discuss your fantasy or experiences
___  Confessional, where you tell me the naughty things you have done
___  Other:  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

10.  Depending on your response to the previous question, please outline and/or highlight how you would like our session to be developed.  I am interested in knowing if there is a specific scenario you would enjoy, a plot or idea you have.  If there are certain specifics that you absolutely want integrated into our session, please include that.  Of course, a very basic idea is also perfectly fine, as I am pleased to take a general idea and use my imagination and creativity to develop it myself or interactively with you during our session.

11.  If you have specific “trigger” words or phrases which you like emphasized during our session, please list them here:


On the other hand, if there any specific terms or phrases that you prefer not to be used, list them here:


12.  Do you enjoy dressing and/or using toys or other items during a session? (Please feel free to elaborate if you wish)

___  Yes

___  Sometimes

___  No

13.  How much time do you typically like to set aside for a session?  If you are a first-time client, how much time would you like to spend on this call?  Please feel free to indicate that you prefer to limit our time due to any time, monetary, and/or privacy constraints.  I certainly respect all possible limitations, and this awareness will enable me to pace your call so that we can make the most of our session.     ________________________________________________

14.  While I like to build a rapport and get to know each client as an individual, I am aware that some clients like to chat a bit prior and/or after a session and others do not find it necessary.  Either way, that is perfectly acceptable.  Let me know if you have a preference for either, as I want our session to be tailored to your needs and wants.


15.  Is there anything additional you feel I need to know in order to make our session one which will be entirely satisfying and memorable for you?


16.  Not really a question, but if you have not listened to a sample of my voice and would like to…click this link and then click on “Hear My Voice“.  I just updated it!

Again, when you have completed the relevant sections of this questionaire, cut & paste it into an email.  Send it to me at

Thank you for taking the time to complete this pre-call questionaire and letting me get to know you a bit before we talk.  I look forward to our first session together!

Empress Violet