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Winning Sexy Ring Tones

Sexy Ringtones by Miss Violet

The Results are In

If you had a session with me on my birthday, you were entered to win a unique prize.  I gave  away three sexy (or vanilla) custom ring tones/wake up messages to three lucky winners.

The drawing has been done and the winners selected.

Who . . . → Read More: Winning Sexy Ring Tones

Heating Up Hell-oween

Halloween is "boo"tiful!

Special Halloween Event

The ladies of LDW/Enchantrix are hosting a Hotter than “Hell”oween Spooktacular!   We  invite all of you to join us!  It takes place Sunday, October 31st from 12 noon to 12 am EST.  We  will be having 12 hours of live Cock Radio!!  Imagine, if you can…12 full . . . → Read More: Heating Up Hell-oween

Mood Spankings

So Many Reasons

Spankings are not always a punishment.  Far from it!  I have discovered that submissives/slaves/sissies need spanking for a whole variety of reasons.  And also that each person can react very differently to the experience of being spanked.  It pleases me immensely to give a spanking of any type.  Let’s cover . . . → Read More: Mood Spankings

Chastity Fun for Everyone

Nothing Like a Little Denial to Rev Things Up

Preconceived Notions

Some guys think that chastity automatically means never having release again.  Being locked into a cock cage for life.  That is not the case.  Just about anybody can benefit from some type of chastity assignment or challenge.


Just because my live-in . . . → Read More: Chastity Fun for Everyone

You Have a Voice

Tell Me What you Need

So Use It

It always amazes me when people expect me to literally read their minds.  Particularly from the first phone call.  Hey, once I get to know you, you will swear I can read your mind.  But at the beginning, it is important that you communicate with . . . → Read More: You Have a Voice

Owning you Mind, Body, Spirit

Being My Slave is a Spiritual Experience

The Connection

Something I have known for a long time is that for me…the connection between myself and my slaves is more than erotic and intense.  It is a spiritual one as well.  Perhaps that is a natural state to occur when two people meld on . . . → Read More: Owning you Mind, Body, Spirit

The Making of a Slave

Kneel before me slave

The slave in You

You come to me, wanting to be Dominated, but not sure of the precise form you wish that to take.  “Just take control of me Mistress“.  I smile, because I can sense your deep seated need to submit.  Smiling down at you, I look deep . . . → Read More: The Making of a slave

My Web of Desire



I will lure you in.  Drawing you softly, sensually into my personal web of desire.  You will find me very easy to talk with.  Comfortable, you will say.  No longer so anxious, you will find yourself telling me your secrets.  Confiding to me your deep desires and needs.   Perhaps it . . . → Read More: My Web of Desire

Dirty Talk

Posing Nude

Since those new pics of me were posted on CockControl, many of you have commented on my partially nude photos.  Asking me if minded posing for them.  Or if it was fun.  Let me put that to rest right now.  No, I did not mind.  It was my idea to strip . . . → Read More: Stripping Down

New Pics & Happy Dicks

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Brand New Pics to See

In response to your many requests to see more pics of me, I have uploaded some of the very newest pics to my blog.  One can be seen on this posting, others will be found on other Pages in my blog.  Not blog postings, but . . . → Read More: New Pics & Happy Dicks