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Cuckold Sex With Mistress

Enjoy this guest post by my good friend, Mistress Christine. I Hate It When The BBC Doesn’t Show Up!

Can you please your Mistress, cuckie?

First off, he’s never going to get a chance with me again, now is he my cuckold pet? Second, now I’m all horny and revved up . . . → Read More: Cuckold Sex With Mistress

The Dick Doesn’t Lie

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

The Mouth Will Lie

You will tell me that you have no desire to be put through your paces in front of a group of people.  I ask if men can be involved and your mouth is quick to say, “No men!”.  But then later, after you have let me . . . → Read More: The Dick Doesn’t Lie

Cum Eating and Other Excitement

Miss Violet 800-601-6975


The thought comes into your head somehow.  You hear about it, or see it.  But then the thought stays there.  Bouncing around, popping up again and again.  Causing you to wonder what it would be like to taste, or eat your own cum.  So you pick up the phone . . . → Read More: Cum Eating and Other Excitement

Keeping Your Fetish Secret

Ms Violet 800-601-6975

Shedding Some Light

It is always interesting to hear a man tell me about his fetish and then find out that he is keeping it secret from his significant other.  I am so used to discussing my sexual preferences with boyfriends, and hearing about theirs.  But I know there can . . . → Read More: Keeping Your Fetish Secret

You and Me in a 3-Way

Who I am Talking To

To begin with, I am addressing you cuckold guys.  Yes you!  I have teased you, tormented you, and forced you to do all sorts of unspeakable acts.  But there is one thing you have not done for me…yet.    That is a 2-person call with myself and Sir Mathew.

. . . → Read More: You and Me in a 3-Way

Blue Ribbon Tiny Dick

Miss Violet tied a blue ribbon around this ancient midget dick

Itty Bitty Dicks

I never knew how many men have 2 inch cocks until I came here.  Caller after caller whispers his confession of being the owner of a tiny cock.  When I ask their tiny dick, inevitably it is 2 inches . . . → Read More: Blue Ribbon Tiny Dick

Taking the Cuckold Experience to a New Level

Cuckold Fantasy

The other day one of my lovely slave boys told me about his fantasy of coming home to find me (playing his wife) and my boyfriend going at it.  Of being made to sit and watch, take verbal humiliation from both of us and then being forced to clean me up afterward.  . . . → Read More: Taking the Cuckold Experience to a New Level