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How You Become Feminized

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Gradual or Poof!

First of all, you, like every sissy, have your own fantasy of how you become feminized.  Some see it as a process that Mistress leads them through gradually.  Others envision a magical transformation with instant results.

Let’s you and I look at some of the options for . . . → Read More: How You Become Feminized

Growing Sissy Breasts

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At the end of this post, listen to a sample of my new feminization audio!

You Dream of It

You have dreamed of growing real breasts.  Not boy buds, but actual womanly, soft, enticing breasts.  You may have even had dreams so vivid that you wake . . . → Read More: Growing Sissy Breasts

Advanced Crossdresser Shopping and Fashion

Call Miss Violet forcrossdresser phone sex 800-601-6975to hear me read this post to you.

Click here to listen to me read this post to you.

I invited Mandy, a wonderful crossdresser caller of mine, to guest post today.  Enjoy her crossdresser tips on the topic of shopping and fashion!

40+ Years of CD . . . → Read More: Advanced Crossdresser Shopping and Fashion

Successful Crossdresser Shopping

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It’s All In the Preparation

Like other expeditions in life, a successful crossdressing shopping trip is based on thorough pre-trip planning.  I was discussing this subject with my highly advanced crossdressing caller, Mandy, recently.

She shared with me some of her favorite crossdresser shopping trip experiences, and I shared . . . → Read More: Successful Crossdresser Shopping

Waist Training with Corsets

Waist cinching feminizationwith Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Corset Training

Hourglass figures have been the epitome of female beauty for thousands of years.  If you were not born with you, what you need is waist training ; also known as corset training, waist cinching and waist reduction.

The reason corset training is so popular . . . → Read More: Waist Training with Corsets

LDW’s Haunted Halloween: Stirring Up Sexy Fun

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Bewitchin’ in the Kitchen

You run blindly toward a light, desperate to be away from the horrors behind you in Ms Lilly’s fiendish tv room.   Your footsteps echo down the hall.  As you get closer to the light, a pungent scent reaches your nostrils.  It is unpleasant, yet enticing . . . → Read More: LDW’s Haunted Halloween: Stirring Up Sexy Fun

My Sweet Sissy Slave Girls

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Adorable Sissy

There is something about a sissy girl slave.  Today, one in particular comes to mind.  Her name is Genevieve.  She is adorable, stylish, intelligent and so very soft spoken.  She and I have embarked on an exciting journey of her complete feminization.  This is something she has been . . . → Read More: My Sweet Sissy Slave Girls