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Entering the Violet Zone

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Do you Dare?

Surely you have heard about sub space.   No, it has nothing to do with online gaming.   I mean the magical head space that a submissive travels to when they let go of all of those monkey-mind thoughts zipping around in their head, and just be in the . . . → Read More: Entering the Violet Zone

Reflecting on the Season

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On the First Day of Christmas

I will be heading out of town.  Out of state actually.  Early in the morning…hot coffee and bagel in hand.  Driving through the chilly desert of Phoenix, headed out on a four day adventure.  That will give me a whole lot of time to . . . → Read More: Reflecting on the Season

The Intricacies of My Naughty Mind

Oh the Twists and Turns

When I am giving thought to what I want to say to you on your next phone call, my mind goes through a myriad of twists and turns on the journey.  Taking an idea here, a thought there, flipping them a few times to get them just right.  So . . . → Read More: Taking You

Love Fest Contest...Going on NOW!

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Play and Win In celebration of Valentine’s Day and our appreciation of you…our fabulous callers, we present The LDW Love Fest!  Look for special events and promotions on our blogs and forums leading up to the main event starting Midnight, January 13th.  Tune in to Cock Radio for . . . → Read More: Feel the LOVE

Mistletoe Meeting

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Meant for Each Other

There is a reason we found each other.  Oh certainly you were seeking to be dominated and you went looking online.  But the very fact that you found me is a miracle in the vastness of cyberspace.  You managed to find a woman who is not . . . → Read More: Mistletoe Meeting

Santa Baby

My Presence Here at LDW

This is my first Christmas with LDW.  It has been a blast getting to know all of you wonderful guys.  My romantics, my panty boys, my sweet slave boys and submissives, and my lovely sissies.  Every day I wake up tickled pink, knowing I will be talking with you.  . . . → Read More: Santa Baby

FREE 5 Minute Secret Audio!

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Free Secret Audio

From now, Monday, October 12th, 2009, through Friday, October 16th, 2009…when you call and talk with me, or do a sexy texting session for at least 60 minutes you get a FREE 5 minute audio!  What is so special about this audio?  This is a Secret Sex . . . → Read More: FREE Secret Audio

Christmas in October

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Delectable Morsels for Mistress

Yesterday I received a box in the mail from LDW headquarters.  I opened it and gasped when I saw that it contained multiple smaller packages.  First I received a stacking box of incredible gourmet chocolates from my little joe.   These are hand made dark chocolates infused . . . → Read More: Showing Mistress Your Devotion