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Sexy Audio and Photo Rewards

Princess Andi & Miss Violet 800-601-6975

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Spring is Here

Princess Andi and I were talking about how the signs of Spring are all around us.  Trees budding, flowers blooming, and we thought…why not include your cock in the fun?

We tossed around . . . → Read More: Sexy Audio and Photo Rewards

Missing Your Mistress

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Waving Goodbye

Not forever…just for 5 days.  Your favorite sensual Mistress is headed to Chicago for a family visit.  Though I will not be available for calls during this times, you can check the Schedule page of this blog for details on my availability.

What To Do

While I am . . . → Read More: Missing Your Mistress

Inspiring My Submissives

Hot Pics

That is the first, and most visible way I inspire.  First, inspiring you to look for more pics of me.  Then to read my blog and learn more about me.  Later, possibly even prompting you to pick up the     phone and give me a call.  Since our Head Mistress, . . . → Read More: Inspiring My Submissives

Enter to Win Sexy Photos

Find Out How to See More of Me

From Now Through May

I am running a special contest here on my blog.  Entering is easy and fun!  But first, I want to tell you about the prize.  Actually, prizes plural.  Because every single entry will get at least one prize.  And the prizes . . . → Read More: Enter to Win Sexy Photos

Heating Up Hell-oween

Halloween is "boo"tiful!

Special Halloween Event

The ladies of LDW/Enchantrix are hosting a Hotter than “Hell”oween Spooktacular!   We  invite all of you to join us!  It takes place Sunday, October 31st from 12 noon to 12 am EST.  We  will be having 12 hours of live Cock Radio!!  Imagine, if you can…12 full . . . → Read More: Heating Up Hell-oween

Beach Bound

Me + bikini + ocean + sun = heaven!

In case you have not heard…I am on vacation.  From now until Monday, October 4th.  I know you will miss me.  But it is time for your Princess to recharge her batteries.  I can’t think of a better place to do that than at . . . → Read More: Beach Bound

Mood Spankings

So Many Reasons

Spankings are not always a punishment.  Far from it!  I have discovered that submissives/slaves/sissies need spanking for a whole variety of reasons.  And also that each person can react very differently to the experience of being spanked.  It pleases me immensely to give a spanking of any type.  Let’s cover . . . → Read More: Mood Spankings

Owning you Mind, Body, Spirit

Being My Slave is a Spiritual Experience

The Connection

Something I have known for a long time is that for me…the connection between myself and my slaves is more than erotic and intense.  It is a spiritual one as well.  Perhaps that is a natural state to occur when two people meld on . . . → Read More: Owning you Mind, Body, Spirit

The Making of a Slave

Kneel before me slave

The slave in You

You come to me, wanting to be Dominated, but not sure of the precise form you wish that to take.  “Just take control of me Mistress“.  I smile, because I can sense your deep seated need to submit.  Smiling down at you, I look deep . . . → Read More: The Making of a slave

See Me, Hear Me...

A Taste of me Everywhere

You Are Curious

You saw my pics.  Then read my bio and became intrigued.  Then you heard my audio and were mesmerized by my sultry voice.  Now you found your way to my blog.   Either this one, or one of my others. And here you discovered a wealth . . . → Read More: See Me, Hear Me…