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Making Slave Training More Real

Let’s Make This Intense

Feeling It

My slaves, submissives and sissies will tell you that I am all about the intensity.  I want your phone or texting slave training experience with me to feel as REAL as possible.  How do I go about that?  I have a few overall methods and I will . . . → Read More: Making Slave Training More Real

Mood Spankings

So Many Reasons

Spankings are not always a punishment.  Far from it!  I have discovered that submissives/slaves/sissies need spanking for a whole variety of reasons.  And also that each person can react very differently to the experience of being spanked.  It pleases me immensely to give a spanking of any type.  Let’s cover . . . → Read More: Mood Spankings

Sexy Office Visit…Part 3

This fantasy was written by one of my slave boys.  This is part 3.  Look at earlier postings to read the entire story.

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Feeling More Submissive

I hear her open her purse and something jingling.  Then she is putting my training collar around my neck.  It is wide, thick, and . . . → Read More: Sexy Office Visit…Part 3

My First Slave Boy

Miss Violet loves training slaves 800-601-6975

True Story

This is a true story about how I acquired my first slave boy about 7 years ago.  I had multiple submissives prior to that, but not a true slave.

I was at a lifestyle camping event deep in the woods of Pennsylvania.  It was early . . . → Read More: My First Slave Boy